Hulk #G004 Heroclix


It is refreshing to get a Hulk Heroclix with him actually doing something –  other then just standing there. But also to be HUGE, at least in comparison to past figures.

This is the biggest Hulk Heroclix released so far (that I am aware of). He is by no means the same size as some of the even more colossal figures released, but its noticeable. He stands about 3 inches high.

The sculpt is decent, mostly due to the larger size accommodating slightly more detail. The paint job leaves something to be desired. This probably would have been a much nicer figure if it was given more TLC in that area. The pose makes him more dynamic and thankfully the Tank is made of hard plastic and doesn’t “slump”.

Overall a nice addition to the collection. I believe this figure was released in 2018 and as of this writing is not too expensive. The figure is about $3-$10 on Ebay.


Journey into Mystery #112


Writer: Stan Lee / Artist: Jack Kirby (and others)

Who is the Strongest Avenger? What say you? Well that’s what this comic is about. Stan Lee was obviously getting lots of fan mail back in the day (published in January 1965) demanding an answer to this question.

And in typical comic fashion…the answer is….”who knows??” Or in my opinion…it’s the hammer. Let me explain.

The comic is basically a flashback told from the perspective of Thor who is trying to help a dispute among some people as to who is stronger; Hulk or Thor. Thor tells of his last run-in with the Hulk and his desire to beat Hulk in a fair fight. Thor does the honorable thing and requests Odin to disable his hammer (Mjolnir) for a short time so he can battle without the hammer, and turning into his mortal altar-ego. This way he can use his brute strength only.

Thor is allowed five minutes of fight time without his hammer. This then leads to a game of “keep away” as Hulk attempts to take Thor’s hammer and destroy it. Since the hammer is now inert anyone can pick it up, even Hulk, and potentially smash it to pieces.

Both characters get in a good hit or two, but ultimately a conclusion is not made as the terrain they are battling on becomes unstable leading to Thor losing track of the Hulk. At this point his five minutes are up and Thor is re-activated again.

This issue solidify’s my opinion that Thor is really only as strong as his weapon and without it he does not pose a huge threat. (A major plot in Avengers 3 is his need for a new weapon after Hela destroyed his hammer in Ragnarok – until his new weapon was secured he wasn’t an issue for Thanos) Though one could argue Hulk did not stick around to finish his fight with Thor, hence he was scared of being defeated.

In any case I think Hulk is strongest since his strength is imbued from within and gains in power as he becomes angry. Thor is reliant on his weapon…and as has been observed…weapons can be taken away.

The story ends with Thor unable to make the claim he is the strongest.

This issue was a fun read and the art was nice. Definitely worth checking out. In addition to the Hulk Vs Thor story is a side story titled ‘Tales of Asgard: The Coming of Loki’. The brief synopsis being this tells of Odin discovering and deciding to adopt Loki as his own.

On Ebay, at time of this writing, this issue sells for anywhere around $50 – $400 depending on condition and if it’s graded.

Incredible Hulk #340


Writer: Peter David / Cover & Artist: Todd McFarlane w/ Bob Wiacek

This is probably one of the most iconic Hulk AND/OR Wolverine covers known to mankind.

Incredible Hulk #340 was released February, 1988 with the assistance of two creative powerhouses; Peter David (writer) and Todd McFarlane (artist).

The story features Hulk colliding with Wolverine (quite literally) leading to one of the most epic showdowns (in my opinion) of these two famous characters. Peter David’s writing is solid and give the interactions between these two a ferocity rarely seen. The art provided by Todd McFarlane is equally up to the task of delivering the ‘blow by blow’ and ‘slice and dice’ as Hulk and Wolverine dish it out.

Of all the “Versus” comics I own, pitting Hulk against another famous character, this is probably my most favorite.

Coming back to the cover this art has been one of the most re-used layouts for other comics, for both Marvel and DC – not to mention many other publishers. It was even referenced quickly in the animated film ‘HULK VS Wolverine’. The use of Wolverine’s blades to reflect the approaching Hulk is inspired and easily will be a classic cover well into the future.

It is just strange how cheap this comic is. On eBay, prices for it ranges from as low $25 to as high as $130. So if you want a copy (and trust me you do_ now is the time to grab it. Who knows if/when it will go up in value?

Hot Toys Gladiator Hulk Review (VIDEO)

This is my first video for the Green Fists blog. I will be posting on Youtube and then posting them here. I encourage you to subscribe to my channel, Green Fists, on Youtube. But I intend to do most of my posts here.

Hope you enjoy my review. I tried to keep it brief. GET SMASHED!

Red Hulk #028 Heroclix



This red Hulk figure was released as part of Marvel’s Incredible Hulk set released in 2011. For the most part the figures from that line-up were pretty standard. The sculpts and paint jobs were fairly plain. I think I just bought this guy since he was cheap and I wanted another red hulk for the collection.

Honestly you would be fine passing this guy up unless you love the red hulk.

Typically his prices range from $2-5 as of this writing.

Hot Toys Gladiator Hulk – NEW PHOTOS

After many months of really no updates and continually looking at photos of the prototype – recent photos of the Gladiator Hulk (from Hot Toys) have begun surfacing.

Overall the figure looks mostly the same as the prototype…at least in general. The biggest change seems to be the head and helmet. The Hulk’s face is much closer to the movie. The hairstyle has a tighter cut. The helmet seems to have more detail (battle damage) and the mohawk is thinner. All good improvements in my opinion.

The only other noticeable change (and this I don’t like) is the body paint being silver instead of white.The silver is an interesting choice…but it doesn’t show up well. The original white paint has better contrast with his green skin.

Overall I’m happy with these recent updates to the figure. I have mine pre-ordered and been waiting for it to be released. But they keep pushing back the release date. Hopefully it shows up in the next month or so. I might even do a video review for that one.



Immortal Hulk #2 Review

Yet again Al Ewing and Joe Bennet deliver with an awesome Hulk installment. We find ourselves following Bruce Banner as he investigates a series of deaths all seemingly connected. Meanwhile the Hulk lurks in the back of his mind, waiting for night (or death) to come.

What I truly love so far is that this story, much like the last, is truly its own self contained story. No guest characters, no references to other story lines, no fluff. Just a simple (hard hitting) story of a man, a monster…and a Hulk. So far each issue has read like a mini-novella horror mystery series.

The art  by Joe Bennet continues to be amazing and really drive home the emotion of all the characters.  Alex Ross also offers another sweet piece of cover art for this issue. Reminds me of those pulpy horror story covers on older books and magazines.

This is a very different Hulk story then in previous years. This is not a superhero story…this even ain’t quite an anti-hero story. Its a tale of a monster bringing justice on other monsters.


What’s also interesting about this series so far is you never actually quite see the Hulk “SMASH” anything. You always see the lead up to it and the aftermath. But never the event itself. We have seen the Hulk destroy stuff plenty in the past. What’s new here is his motivations for smashing are the focus. Why he does it is what’s interesting. There’s no need here to see someone punched into oblivion. What’s important is to know why…and to see the results of a vengeful Hulk.

Brilliant work. Can’t wait for next month!