Hulk #027 / Hulk Robot #006 Heroclix

hulk006-027I decided to handle both these figures at the same time since they are pretty much the same sculpt. As you can see the one on the left is a normal looking Hulk and the one on the right has robotic components.

The Robot Hulk figure was released first in 2011 in the Incredible Hulk set. The normal Hulk was later released in 2012 as part of the Galactic Guardians Set.

These probably represent the most detailed Green Hulk heroclix you will find with few exceptions. They have nicely sculpted muscles with a very basic paint job. The robotic parts seem more or less glued on extras which is why it’s odd the robot sculpt was released prior to the normal one. Their faces are kinda squished in there to handle so much detail.

The Robot Hulk is a common item while the normal Hulk is rated as ‘Rare’. Both are fairly cheap to buy ranging around $2-4 dollars.

Hulk – 10th Anniversary Edition – #002 (Heroclix)

This Hulk heroclix was released in 2012 under Marvel’s Heroclix Tenth Anniversary set. The figure is clearly in reference to the Hulk when he first changes and seeks to escape the military bunker holding him in Incredible Hulk #1.

hulk clix2The figure has decent sculpting, though the face leaves much to be desired. The pose is nice as well. The figure is a common rarity so its typically cheap and easy to find. Typically costs $2-5.

An easy addition to any Heroclix collection.



Marvel Disk Wars: Hulk (2014)

Before we even begin talking about this figure we need to briefly address the background on it. If you are not aware, Toei Animation and Disney have partnered in Japan to produce a Marvel anime titled ‘Marvel: Disk Wars’. The basic premise is that a bunch of supervillains in addition to some heroes have become trapped in these special “disks’. The supervillain disks have been shuffled around to some bad people on the planet wanting to use them. In turn a handful of kids have the superhero disks and travel the world stopping the bad guys by releasing the superheroes from their disks for a short time.

diskhulkTLDR: basically imagine Marvel superheroes as Pokemon. Except instead of poke’balls, they are stuck in disks.

With that in mind, lets continue. The packaging is mostly in Japanese as this is mainly geared towards Japanese boys. The art reflects the Hulk as shown in the Anime and the figure seems to follow suit pretty closely. Bushy eyebrows and crew cut included. The sculpting of the figure is smooth with minimal detail. It’s best feature is the articulation. You can pose this guy pretty much any way you want.

In many ways it is like the Marvel universe Hulk in terms of articulation and basic shape. But it is smaller then the Marvel universe version with much less detail. This is very much a stylized Hulk, even down to his belt. This figure also includes a Hulk Disk sitting in a green holder. The disk can be removed.

That being said I find this interpretation interesting, but definitely not a favorite of mine. Though I do find the disk kinda cool to have as part of the collection. If you can grab it cheap then go for it, but I wouldn’t consider it a MUST HAVE.

Average eBay Prices:

  • $10-20 (3/16/17)



Incredible Hulk Classics War Hulk (2004)

warhulk1This is by far one of my, if not most, favorite Hulk action figure. I love the armor on this guy, especially the mask. He is definitely rocking that ‘Predator’ vibe. For a full run down of the background on why Hulk looks like this you can check out my posts on Hulk issues #456457 which feature him. But basically Hulk is recruited to be the newest Horsemen of War by Apocalypse.

The figure has a lot of armor. The mask can be taken off to reveal a grimacing Hulk underneath. The shoulder pads and arm gauntlets can also be removed. The armor is meticulously painted and even has battle damage! His skin is shaded and the veins are even colored in. And no that is not discoloration on his feet, they were actually painted that way. He also comes with a sword and whip (unfortunately the whip is not bendable). Articulation has also not been spared on this figure allowing for plenty of posing. However, with the loose armor it can be difficult.

My only real gripe with this figure is the push button on his back making the arms go up and down in a “Hulk Smash” action. Not a fan of that as it seems gimmicky for such a well constructed figure and doesn’t help in posing.

Given this level of quality this figure is fairly expensive and highly sought after. A loose one is the cheapest option as a packaged one can fetch twice as much. Hard to find too. I have only ever seen one other aside from the one I own and it was in package. I managed to nab this one for $80 bucks at a comic convention. Expensive, but I don’t regret it. You don’t see too many Hulk figures like this. Easily this Hulk lineup released in 2004 is the best made to date.

Average eBay pricing:

  • $80-100 loose / $150-200 in-package (8/12/16)


Loot Crate: May 2016 – POWER

I don’t normally post anything regarding Loot Crate because usually it doesn’t have anything Hulk related. Well this month was completely different. Given the theme and the inclusion of Hulk in this month’s promotions I was sure something Gamma Green would be included and I was so very right.loot 1

Items included this month:

  • Dragonball Keychain plushie
  • Infinity Gauntlet Oven Mitt
  • Q Fig Hulk Figure
  • Battleborn Lootpin
  • Warcraft T-Shirt (not pictured)



While I find the Thanos Oven Mitt to be awesome and the plushie Dragonball to be cute. I think we all know the clear winner here…The Q Fig Hulk figure!!

I was so excited to lift up the T-Shirt out of the box and find this little figure staring back at me with such menace. I really enjoyed the Deadpool figure released back in the February Crate (Theme: Dead), but getting a Hulk figure was so unexpected. They look great on the shelf next to each other. In every crate also comes a magazine going into detail on each of the items along with other information related to the month’s theme. There was a section briefly exploring a handful of the Hulk’s multiple incarnations (Prof. Hulk, Grey Hulk, etc).

This figure is based on the design from ‘Age of Ultron’. He has the stylish Avenger’s pants and the more muted green skin. It stand about 4 inches tall. Check out the pictures below. Another WIN for the collection!

Incredible Hulk Classics Mecha-Hulk (2004)

This figure has been one of the most sought after Hulk figures by many people. I myself purchased one when it originally hit stores in 2003, but stupid younger me decided to get rid of a robo hulkbunch of stuff which sadly included this guy (but I will admit he was pretty roughed up from playing with). I had to re-purchase this guy at a comic convention many years later for much more.

This is the Mecha-Hulk and before you ask, No, there isn’t a comic featuring this guy. It was made specifically for the toy line. If I am incorrect please feel free to comment. There are robotic Hulks in the comics, but none that look like this guy.

The idea behind this guy seems to be what-if the Hulk was a Terminator/Gundam. He also seems to be the creation of the Gargoyle (who indeed pilots the behemoth via an internal compartment). The figure’s back actually opens up and inside is a tiny Gargoyle figure (not pictured).

This figure is surprisingly well designed, sculpted, and painted. He is huge in comparison to the other Hulks in his lineup. His articulation is not lacking as well. He can be posed just about any way you wish, but his bulk can make that difficult. I also recommend going easy on his head because the little cables on the neck can break (learned from experience with the first one I owned).

The detail in this figure is staggering. You can see the individual wires and cables in both hands and feet. The paint job also gives this figure the feeling of real metal. Very little is ignored in its creation. There are numerous little cables hanging off the legs and neck making it truly feel like a machine.

As an added bonus his chest opens up ‘Guyver style’ and launches missiles from each pectoral. Which is cool, but these missiles are easily lost and the little doors can break off just as easily (another thing I learned from my first one). In fact, it is hard to find this figure with both doors still attached. Aside from the one I originally bought and the one I currently own I have never seen another figure fully intact.

In short, if you see this guy and if he’s within your price range…buy him. He is hard to find, and even harder to find fully intact. In the package he is usually worth twice as much, or more, as loose.

Avg. eBay prices:

  • $150 in package / $80-90 loose (2/19/16)

Incredible Hulk Classics Joe Fix-It Hulk (2004)

Joe Fix-it is easily one of my favorite Hulk incarnations. He is street smart, tough, and takes advantage of his abilities. Many would suggest he represents Bruce Banner’s teenager personality. Though not as strong or tough as the green version he still makes quite a name for himself as a heavy working for the mob in Las Vegas.fixit

This figure is probably the best Joe Fix-it out to date. It captures him in full detail. And unlike most Hulks this one is fully dressed, and well dressed I might add.

He comes complete with shirt, tie, dress pants and shoes. Even a hat and a coat made of real fabric. Everything looks good and has nice detailing. My only issue is the hat being too small for his head. A bit bigger for a nicer fit would be appreciated.

The figure can be easily posed with the jacket off. Though with the jacket it limits movement a bit. The gun is also a nice addition for the character.

But since this is a much older figure and not too many Joe Fix-its have been made its kind of expensive. Plan to either buy it loose or missing pieces such as the jacket, hat and/or gun. Getting it in the package can run you into the hundreds.

Current e-Bay Prices:

  • $50 loose / $60-80 in package (5/9/16)
  • $40 loose / $80-100 in package (12/9/15)