Variant Alert: Immortal Hulk “Best Defense” #1 (Joe Bennett)

Attention Immortal Hulk fans! The original Defenders are coming back and that means old jade jaws is teaming up. As a prelude to this event Marvel released this short series titled under ‘The Best Defense’. Issues will be released for all members including Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer and Namor.


Recently released (12/5/18) was Hulk’s issue and I managed to grab this variant created by the main artist of the Immortal Hulk series, Joe Bennett. It includes all the Defenders together with Hulk up front and center. A sharp looking cover in my opinion. Reminds me of the first Defenders issue, though it doesn’t pay homage by matching the poses or layout of that first issue.

This issue is 1:25 if I remember correctly. So not impossible to find but still rare. Currently on Ebay its priced for around $10-15. I managed to get mine at my LCS for about $15.

I recommend adding this one to your collection if you can!



Old Man Logan versus The Maestro – Days of Anger Review (2018)

In case you weren’t aware, in 2018 Hulk and Wolverine clashed in a major way. But not exactly as they have before. In this particular series we see the future versions of them trading fists. Old Man Logan meets up with a crazed old Hulk from an alternate timeline, The Maestro. Marvel’s truly grumpy old men.

This storyline is titled ‘Days of Anger’ and is collected in two parts from within the Old Man Logan series. Part one is told in issues #25-30, while part two is completed in issues #48-50.

My overall opinion of this series is that it was intense, shocking, and glorious. Seeing these old rivals go at each other once more was entertaining as hell. Each both seasoned from life and years of battle. Both knowing exactly what they are capable of.

That being said I would say I enjoyed Part One the most. In many ways it was a sequel to the original Old Man Logan. We see the Maestro entering into Logan’s future timeline to find the Hulk clan all but extinct. He recruits the survivors promising a new world they could rule and brings them to present times where Logan is already living. Not sure how he is, but he is. This story basically deals with Maestro’s attempt to turn the world into a Hulk paradise. Of course, Logan disagrees with this course of action. I felt the art was better and five issues allowed time for the narrative to breathe and absorb the events in proper time.

Part Two dealt with Maestro controlling a small Canadian town as his own private kingdom. Logan comes along to save the day. But this doesn’t go as planned. Part two had some good art, but I felt like corners were cut at times. The story also moved along pretty quickly as it only had three issues. Which is a shame given the conclusion of this story being something totally unexpected, but ultimately badass.

So if you are wanting something to read involving the Hulk – don’t let this story pass you by. And especially if you love the Maestro – which I do – you won’t be disappointed with this. The writers took the character’s origins (created by Peter David/GeorgePerez) as the king of an apocalyptic wasteland kingdom and gave the character a more modern day environment. They made the character of Maestro a more sadistic, malicious and overall evil villain. A being whose power and malice could rival that of Thanos himself. Which made it all the more satisfying as Logan tore into him.

This story may not be a huge Marvel event, but it is definitely a huge step in the evolution of Logan and especially the Maestro.


In Memory of “The Man” – “The Legend” – “The Marvel.”

Stan Lee will be remembered as one of the great fathers of comic books. The characters he inspired are easily myths of the modern pantheon. His efforts as a writer, publisher and editor have changed the comic industry, not to mention the entire entertainment landscape, for all time. It is from what he started that we are given the gift of amazing stories and art work, from the world’s most talented people.

You will be sincerely missed.


Hulk (Spider) #049 Heroclix

hulk-spider-clixThis heroclix of Hulk was released in 2018 for the Secret Wars – BattleWorld collection. It is considered Super-Rare. I was not aware a version of the Hulk like this existed. I just happened to see a picture of it online. Now I’ve always known of the Spider-Hulk where Peter Parker gets the Hulks powers. But I did not know there was a story where Hulk gained an additional 4 arms.

It seems back in 2015 a small series of books titled ‘Spider-Island’ came out which seems to feature multiple Marvel characters turned into Spider versions of themselves. Much like the ‘Hulked-Out’ heroes that was done during ‘World War Hulks’. I have not read this story-line but I think I’m going to have to track it down so I know whats going on.

This figure is surprisingly detailed. I would say sculpting-wise its among the best Hulk heroclix out there. However, there are places where the amount of detail seems to have caused small issues in production. Little bits of plastic are sticking out from random spots on the figure. The paint job is decent.

Seeing the Hulk with six arms is quite unique so I’m glad I have it to add to my collection.

Current Ebay prices have it online for around $15 or less.

A Star is Born

So in recent news – something unpredictable occurred – seems the Hulk has gone and had a whole star constellation named after him (along with others such as Godzilla and the TARDIS). This was a way for NASA to celebrate the FERMI gamma space telescope’s 10 years in operation.

Now these constellations are more “un-official” and since they are only emitting gamma rays (get back to that shortly) they can’t be seen with the naked eye. So don’t try looking for him in the night sky.

So yeah, gamma rays. The Hulk among others were chosen to name certain constellations to match certain attributes of their namesakes. Hulk, of course, the product of Gamma rays.

Its unfortunate most of us will never see this constellation, but as a Hulk fan I think it’s cool he was added as a new myth among the heavens.

hulk star

To read more:

To explore the new constellation on NASA’s map:

Hulk #G004 Heroclix


It is refreshing to get a Hulk Heroclix with him actually doing something –  other then just standing there. But also to be HUGE, at least in comparison to past figures.

This is the biggest Hulk Heroclix released so far (that I am aware of). He is by no means the same size as some of the even more colossal figures released, but its noticeable. He stands about 3 inches high.

The sculpt is decent, mostly due to the larger size accommodating slightly more detail. The paint job leaves something to be desired. This probably would have been a much nicer figure if it was given more TLC in that area. The pose makes him more dynamic and thankfully the Tank is made of hard plastic and doesn’t “slump”.

Overall a nice addition to the collection. I believe this figure was released in 2018 and as of this writing is not too expensive. The figure is about $3-$10 on Ebay.

Journey into Mystery #112


Writer: Stan Lee / Artist: Jack Kirby (and others)

Who is the Strongest Avenger? What say you? Well that’s what this comic is about. Stan Lee was obviously getting lots of fan mail back in the day (published in January 1965) demanding an answer to this question.

And in typical comic fashion…the answer is….”who knows??” Or in my opinion…it’s the hammer. Let me explain.

The comic is basically a flashback told from the perspective of Thor who is trying to help a dispute among some people as to who is stronger; Hulk or Thor. Thor tells of his last run-in with the Hulk and his desire to beat Hulk in a fair fight. Thor does the honorable thing and requests Odin to disable his hammer (Mjolnir) for a short time so he can battle without the hammer, and turning into his mortal altar-ego. This way he can use his brute strength only.

Thor is allowed five minutes of fight time without his hammer. This then leads to a game of “keep away” as Hulk attempts to take Thor’s hammer and destroy it. Since the hammer is now inert anyone can pick it up, even Hulk, and potentially smash it to pieces.

Both characters get in a good hit or two, but ultimately a conclusion is not made as the terrain they are battling on becomes unstable leading to Thor losing track of the Hulk. At this point his five minutes are up and Thor is re-activated again.

This issue solidify’s my opinion that Thor is really only as strong as his weapon and without it he does not pose a huge threat. (A major plot in Avengers 3 is his need for a new weapon after Hela destroyed his hammer in Ragnarok – until his new weapon was secured he wasn’t an issue for Thanos) Though one could argue Hulk did not stick around to finish his fight with Thor, hence he was scared of being defeated.

In any case I think Hulk is strongest since his strength is imbued from within and gains in power as he becomes angry. Thor is reliant on his weapon…and as has been observed…weapons can be taken away.

The story ends with Thor unable to make the claim he is the strongest.

This issue was a fun read and the art was nice. Definitely worth checking out. In addition to the Hulk Vs Thor story is a side story titled ‘Tales of Asgard: The Coming of Loki’. The brief synopsis being this tells of Odin discovering and deciding to adopt Loki as his own.

On Ebay, at time of this writing, this issue sells for anywhere around $50 – $400 depending on condition and if it’s graded.