Variant Alert: Marvel Legacy #1 (Mike McKone – Hulk)

Marvel has released its first issue of its new reboot and relaunch of the Marvel Universe, Legacy #1 (Sept 27, 2017).

While the issue has so far gotten mild to warm reviews saying its achieves the goals it set for itself, if in a bit of a bumpy way.

s-l1600My interest though is in this variant cover I discovered while browsing eBay. Seems artist Mike McKone has created a special Hulk variant cover for Legacy #1. Being sold by it’s AVAILABLE ONLY ON EBAY. You can’t even buy it from mycomicshop’s site.  As of this writing 1,800 have been sold and they are in limited availability according to the eBay listing.

As I have said before I am picky when it comes to variants. Doubly-so when people ask more then cover price for them. But this issue is currently going for around $6.00. For that price I am fine giving this my thumbs up…and my cash. My issue should be in my hands in a week or so.

The cover really does feature some very important characters who have been a big part of the jade giant’s Legacy in the Marvel Universe.


Most of these characters I am familiar with and its kinda cool seeing them all pictured together. You have (going from left to right): Red Hulk, Dr. Strange, Namor, Silver Surfer (I assume to reference Hulk being a founding member of the Defenders), Betty (Banner’s main love interest) and Thaddeus Ross (possibly his greatest enemy – pictured twice on the cover though…wink wink), The Triad (Glow, Guardian, and Goblin – protectors of Hulk’s mind), Hulk’s Warbound from Planet Hulk, Rick Jones (the Hulk’s best friend), She-Hulk (Banner’s cousin Jennifer Walters), and finally Amadeus Cho as the Totally Awesome Hulk (…you just had to include that eye sore…ugh).

That’s a pretty hefty group.

So this variant may not be a “must-have” for everyone who loves comics. But given the special significance to Hulk’s history this cover contains, and for the price, its a pretty cool bit of art for a Hulk fan.



Hulk – 10th Anniversary Edition – #002 (Heroclix)

This Hulk heroclix was released in 2012 under Marvel’s Heroclix Tenth Anniversary set. The figure is clearly in reference to the Hulk when he first changes and seeks to escape the military bunker holding him in Incredible Hulk #1.

hulk clix2The figure has decent sculpting, though the face leaves much to be desired. The pose is nice as well. The figure is a common rarity so its typically cheap and easy to find. Typically costs $2-5.

An easy addition to any Heroclix collection.



Marvel Feature #1: The Defenders

defenders1With the new Defenders series hitting Netflix soon I think it’s best to revisit the origins of the group.

The Defenders in Netflix’s show may be more down-to-Earth then their Avenger counterparts. But in the comics The Defenders began with some pretty out of this world members. It originally began with the Sub-Mariner, Dr. Strange and the Hulk. This first issue was released in December 1971.

Dr.Strange discovers that a machine of terrible power has been created meant to destroy the world (go figure…). So he enables the help of the Sub-Mariner and Hulk in order to infiltrate the bad guys base and disable the machine.

The machine is technically not disabled, but through some manipulation of time is made mostly harmless.

This book is one of the better stories I have read from an older time period. The inclusion of Strange and the Sub-Mariner also gives a little more to the plot. I also like the art in this issue as well. Hulk of course does not play nice with others and takes some convincing, but ultimately becomes a founding member of The Defenders.

Hulk was also a founding member of The Avengers, but did leave in issue #2. In keeping with that, Hulk pretty much abandons the Defenders the second it’s named. He does become a significant returning member in later issues though.

This issue not only marks the beginning of the Defenders but also the Marvel Feature lineup which lasted 12 issues. It is from this lineup that the Defenders comics splintered off from.

This issue also includes a new Dr.Strange solo story. I believe it was meant to “reboot” or reintroduce him back into the public eye after a short hiatus.

As of this writing the issue is fairly popular. A decent copy goes for around $100-150 to as high as $400. I managed to snag mine for $50, though it is a bit beat up.

In my mind it’s worth it. To own a copy of Avengers #1 is easily in the thousands of dollars. At least with this issue of The Defenders, where Hulk is a founding member, the issue is affordable.

Incredible Hulk #1 SMASHES Record


A record smashing event has occurred in the month of September 2016. A vintage comics seller, ComicConnect, sold a copy of Incredible Hulk #1 for an INCREDIBLE $375,000! Created in 1962 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby this sale sets a new record for this key issue.

This copy was appraised as a CGC 9.2 grade, making it one of only four copies in the world at this grade. Previous sales of copies at this grade reached as high as $320,000 back in 2014 and $326,000 just two months prior to this record breaker.

Only one copy exists at a higher CGC grade of 9.4 and most likely will not be up for sale for quite some time.

Typically a high grade copy of 9.0 to 7.0 sells for about $70,000. If you go to sites like eBay you can locate copies around CGC 4.0 and below for around $10,000 to maybe $4,000.

Is this record sale a sign of the Hulk’s increased popularity? Or simply a rare instance of a bidder war out of control? In any case I wish I had the funds to afford a tore up copy of this book. This book is the holy grail of my collection and most likely I’ll never have it.


Fall of the Hulks #1: Alpha (New Years Eve Variant)


Editor: Joe Quesada / Writer: Jeff Parker / Cover: Ed McGuinness / Artist: Paul Pelletier

Synopsis: The smartest villains of the Marvel Universe have teamed up to destroy all the Hulks. Once and for all!

Published in February, 2010. This comic is something I received from a friend. This book has three different variant covers. I think this one is fairly common. Referred to as the ‘New Years Eve’ variant.

Average Prices:

  • $2-10 loose / $50 CGC (5/18/16)


For more information on this comic check it out here.

Totally Awesome HULK!! – NOT!!

So I took some time this past week to visit my local comic shop and take a closer look at Totally Awesome Hulk #1. And as I expected I found it hollow, derivative, and wholly nothing special. It was obviously written for a younger audience and by younger I mean teenage boys. So one could totally chalk up my distaste to simply being the old man here.


I don’t recall most of the story except to recount Amadeus turning big and green, fighting a turtle monster on the beach, and hitting on a Mom and saving her kid. Oh and fist bumps. Basically imagine if Spiderman and the Hulk had a child…it would be this Hulk. Marvel seems to be trying to turn the Hulk into another Spiderman. A young snarky kid with superpowers. My only passing interest was to find out what happened to Bruce Banner which is hinted at near the end of the book…and though it only last a page or two…it was easily my favorite part. The art was darker, the dialogue more serious…and of course it was the real Hulk.

I have no complaints about the writing itself or the art itself. As a stand alone it was a fine comic. It just wasn’t a good Hulk comic. So as I expected, I put it back on the shelf and left the store. Which is a shame…I was hoping it would change my mind and make me buy it.

On the brighter side…I have time to read the older stories I missed or the ones I already have.

Lead Hulk Figurine (Specials Issue #1)

lead hulkThis small figure was released as part of a long series (The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection) spanning from 2007 to 2013. These figures were packaged along-side a magazine series published by Eaglemoss Publications. Each figure reflecting the magazine in question. In this case I purchased a magazine about the Incredible Hulk which included, this Hulk figure. Around 200+ magazines with figures have been released for various Marvel characters ranging from Spiderman to Blade to M.O.D.O.K.

Typically the figures stand around 9 cm tall. However some figures, such as this Hulk figure, are known as specials and are a slight bit bigger. There are even some figures known as Mega Specials which stand even bigger and include the likes of Galactus. Some are even double packs of related figures.

What makes these figures truly unique is how they were made. These figures are cast in lead, giving them some hefty weight. This hulk figure in particular is quite heavy for its size. In addition the figures are painted with a lead-based paint. The same paint known for causing cancer. So it’s best to wash your hands after handling one of these guys. In my research it seems the company responsible for these figures prohibited selling them to American buyers. The lead in these figures may be the reason why. Though I must say that this hasn’t stopped most comic stores I have visited from having any.  Tons of these guys sit in wait on shelves or still in their packages with their original magazines.

In addition to the green hulk shown here, a gray variant is also available. All the figures and magazines retailed for $20.99. I think I purchased this guy with his magazine and everything for around $20-25 back in 2011 or 2012.  The figure itself is sculpted fairly nicely, if not a bit chunky in certain spots. The paint job is somewhat detailed, but a tad sloppy in certain places. Overall a neat little addition to the collection. Hard to find. Unique production value. Comes complete with an attached base.

The green hulk is on ebay for:

  • $30-50 (3/16/17)
  • $30-50 (4/27/16)
  • $55 (6/10/15)
  • $50 (9/1/14)
  • $20-50 (9-3-13)

The gray hulk is on ebay for:

  • N/A (2017)
  • N/A (2016)
  • $40 (6/10/15)
  • $60 (9/1/14)
  • $25-45 (9-3-13)