Indiana Comic Con 2016

From April 29 to May 1st, 2016  Indiana Comic Con was in full swing. I typically only attended conferences in the Chicago Land area (notably C2E2 and Wizard World). Well this year I was able to visit Indianapolis to take part in how they handle geekdom in Indiana.

Right off the bat I should mention the convention center is smaller then what I am used to in Chicago. I would say the convention was about 1/3 the size of C2E2. Half of it was artist alley and the other half was primarily comic dealers with other assorted shops in-between.

13094197_10153665259326347_2359242949373238280_nBut I did not come here for shopping. I came to meet and get autographs from some legendary artists. The first being George Perez. His work spanning both DC and Marvel in various books including Hulk, Wonder Woman, and The Avengers to name a few. His specific contributions to Hulk is his collaboration with Peter David on the Future Imperfect story line. Perez did the art for the comic. He also did illustrations for the novel ‘What Savage Beast’ written by Peter David (I highly recommend this book by the way). I was able to secure a signature for both copies of Part 1 and 2 of Future Imperfect. They were sent out to also be co-signed by Peter David. So if all goes well I will be the proud owner of Future Imperfect signed by both creators.

The second artist I was interested in was Bernie Wrightson. Though admittedly he did not do much regarding the Hulk. He is responsible for the cover for Incredible Hulk #197 and he did do the art for a Hulk Vs Thing graphic novel #29. I was there more for my interest in his Frankenstein work.

13124600_10153665259386347_691506686194382328_nIn addition to these I planned to submit a comic to a CGC partner to attain a Stan Lee signature. I had a comic in mind, but then a miracle happened. While going through each of the comic vendors at the show I noticed a lot of interesting comics. But nothing truly amazing within my price range. I decided to check out one last vendor, just about to give up, and I discovered a gem. I located an Incredible Hulk #105! An early issue from the series rebooted years after the initial release was cancelled. I always loved the cover. I even own a canvas print I have hung in my room. Not only was it rare, it was only $17! Yes, the comic was a bit beaten up, but for that price (when most places online were asking easily $50) I couldn’t walk away. So I bought it!

13077092_10153665259441347_7095572322158604044_nI then had to decide which I would send out to get signed. That is until I looked at the first page of the comic and noticed who the editor was. My decision was made then and there. So the comic is now set to be signed by Stan (the man) Lee at the convention in Florida.

I will not see my comics for quite some time, but I am excited. I wish I could’ve attended to see Stan Lee or Peter David in person. But time and money being what it is this is the best I could do. I am happy I got to meet Stan Lee briefly a couple years back. And hopefully Peter David will return to Chicago in the future. I have plenty more comics he can sign for me.


In the meantime I shall wait patiently for an amazing day when my comics shall return.

Get smashed!


The ads in this comic, being from 1968, were very interesting. Especially this ad offering autographed photos of Stan Lee for only a $1.00



Ripped Pants

So I found this while scouring the YouTubes. Not recommended for anyone under 18. I found the ending funny. There are two other parts on the creators channel if you are interested.

Mecha-Hulk (Hulk Classics Series 2)(2003)

This figure has been one of the most sought after Hulk figures by many people. I myself purchased one when it originally hit stores in 2003, but stupid younger me decided to get rid of a robo hulkbunch of stuff which sadly included this guy (but I will admit he was pretty roughed up from playing with). I had to re-purchase this guy at a comic convention many years later for much more.

This is the Mecha-Hulk and before you ask, No, there isn’t a comic featuring this guy. It was made specifically for the toy line. If I am incorrect please feel free to comment. There are robotic Hulks in the comics, but none that look like this guy.

The idea behind this guy seems to be what-if the Hulk was a Terminator/Gundam. He also seems to be the creation of the Gargoyle (who indeed pilots the behemoth via an internal compartment). The figure’s back actually opens up and inside is a tiny Gargoyle figure (not pictured).

This figure is surprisingly well designed, sculpted, and painted. He is huge in comparison to the other Hulks in his lineup. His articulation is not lacking as well. He can be posed just about any way you wish, but his bulk can make that difficult. I also recommend going easy on his head because the little cables on the neck can break (learned from experience with the first one I owned).

The detail in this figure is staggering. You can see the individual wires and cables in both hands and feet. The paint job also gives this figure the feeling of real metal. Very little is ignored in its creation. There are numerous little cables hanging off the legs and neck making it truly feel like a machine.

As an added bonus his chest opens up ‘Guyver style’ and launches missiles from each pectoral. Which is cool, but these missiles are easily lost and the little doors can break off just as easily (another thing I learned from my first one). In fact, it is hard to find this figure with both doors still attached. Aside from the one I originally bought and the one I currently own I have never seen another figure fully intact.

In short, if you see this guy and if he’s within your price range…buy him. He is hard to find, and even harder to find fully intact. In the package he is usually worth twice as much, or more, as loose.

Avg. eBay prices:

  • $150 in package / $80-90 loose (2/19/16)

Hulk’s hidden Movie

So I think it’s easy to say us Gamma Bros and Gamma Girls have been vindicated in our love for the Green giant. Since the first Avengers movie he has exploded in popularity. I have seen more toys, blankets, clothing, animated shows, etc in recent years then in any year previously.

And still we have yet to receive a new solo Hulk film. And I can understand, the previous Hulk films did not receive enough love (at least when compared to Iron Man or Thor). I feel this is mostly due to the fact of budget and story malleability. It cost’s a lot to put the Hulk on screen in comparison to having Robert Downing Jr walk around in a costume. And it is difficult to adapt Hulk to various situations. As a purely action character he does amazingly, but its the quiet moments Hollywood is only beginning to show effectively.

Lets not also forget the Hulk is still tied up with Universal. They still hold rights to the character and I can see them not wanting to let him go just yet. But fear not, Marvel has found a loophole in this. Marvel may not have exclusive rights to Hulk…but they do have rights to the Avengers…which includes Hulk. So a solo Hulk film may not be in the works…but an Avengers film that features Hulk and another Avenger is possible (And this indeed seems to be where things are heading).

Recent news has come out stating the next Thor film will feature Hulk in a very specific way. In addition this story that begins in Thor’s film will continue into other Marvel’s film equating to a solo Hulk story. If you aren’t geeking out yet I certainly am doing it for you.

What kind of story could this be? Well there has been much clamor for a Planet Hulk and/or World War Hulk film. Since Thor tends to deal with issues outside the Earth…maybe he will meet up with Hulk in space? Maybe elements of Planet Hulk will be incorporated 86280-14791-planet-hulkinto Thor’s new film. And maybe…just maybe this could lead into a World War Hulk scenario. It’s mostly conjecture at this point. Honestly, I would be soooo happy to just see Hulk in full gladiator armor battle once in a full arena on some alien world.


Even if World War Hulk doesn’t happen, a gladiator Hulk would make the wait we have all experienced worth it. So we may not be seeing a Hulk title on the big screen anytime soon…but that doesn’t mean we can’t get angry with a smile.


It ain’t Easy…being Thirsty – and Green.

If you haven’t seen this yet then you have been living under a rock. This was probably one of the better (best, in my opinion) commercials of the Super Bowl. Any true Hulk fan knows he could just eat the can of coke whole, but this is more fun. And as a big guy with large fingers…I can relate.

Totally Awesome HULK!! – NOT!!

So I took some time this past week to visit my local comic shop and take a closer look at Totally Awesome Hulk #1. And as I expected I found it hollow, derivative, and wholly nothing special. It was obviously written for a younger audience and by younger I mean teenage boys. So one could totally chalk up my distaste to simply being the old man here.


I don’t recall most of the story except to recount Amadeus turning big and green, fighting a turtle monster on the beach, and hitting on a Mom and saving her kid. Oh and fist bumps. Basically imagine if Spiderman and the Hulk had a child…it would be this Hulk. Marvel seems to be trying to turn the Hulk into another Spiderman. A young snarky kid with superpowers. My only passing interest was to find out what happened to Bruce Banner which is hinted at near the end of the book…and though it only last a page or two…it was easily my favorite part. The art was darker, the dialogue more serious…and of course it was the real Hulk.

I have no complaints about the writing itself or the art itself. As a stand alone it was a fine comic. It just wasn’t a good Hulk comic. So as I expected, I put it back on the shelf and left the store. Which is a shame…I was hoping it would change my mind and make me buy it.

On the brighter side…I have time to read the older stories I missed or the ones I already have.

Incredible Hulk Classics Joe Fix-It Hulk (2004)

Joe Fix-it is easily one of my favorite Hulk incarnations. He is street smart, tough, and takes advantage of his abilities. Many would suggest he represents Bruce Banner’s teenager personality. Though not as strong or tough as the green version he still makes quite a name for himself as a heavy working for the mob in Las Vegas.fixit

This figure is probably the best Joe Fix-it out to date. It captures him in full detail. And unlike most Hulks this one is fully dressed, and well dressed I might add.

He comes complete with shirt, tie, dress pants and shoes. Even a hat and a coat made of real fabric. Everything looks good and has nice detailing. My only issue is the hat being too small for his head. A bit bigger for a nicer fit would be appreciated.

The figure can be easily posed with the jacket off. Though with the jacket it limits movement a bit. The gun is also a nice addition for the character.

But since this is a much older figure and not too many Joe Fix-its have been made its kind of expensive. Plan to either buy it loose or missing pieces such as the jacket, hat and/or gun. Getting it in the package can run you into the hundreds.

Current e-Bay Prices:

$40 loose / $80-100 in package


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