Totally Awesome HULK!! – NOT!!

So I took some time this past week to visit my local comic shop and take a closer look at Totally Awesome Hulk #1. And as I expected I found it hollow, derivative, and wholly nothing special. It was obviously written for a younger audience and by younger I mean teenage boys. So one could totally chalk up my distaste to simply being the old man here.


I don’t recall most of the story except to recount Amadeus turning big and green, fighting a turtle monster on the beach, and hitting on a Mom and saving her kid. Oh and fist bumps. Basically imagine if Spiderman and the Hulk had a child…it would be this Hulk. Marvel seems to be trying to turn the Hulk into another Spiderman. A young snarky kid with superpowers. My only passing interest was to find out what happened to Bruce Banner which is hinted at near the end of the book…and though it only last a page or two…it was easily my favorite part. The art was darker, the dialogue more serious…and of course it was the real Hulk.

I have no complaints about the writing itself or the art itself. As a stand alone it was a fine comic. It just wasn’t a good Hulk comic. So as I expected, I put it back on the shelf and left the store. Which is a shame…I was hoping it would change my mind and make me buy it.

On the brighter side…I have time to read the older stories I missed or the ones I already have.

Incredible Hulk Classics Joe Fix-It Hulk (2004)

Joe Fix-it is easily one of my favorite Hulk incarnations. He is street smart, tough, and takes advantage of his abilities. Many would suggest he represents Bruce Banner’s teenager personality. Though not as strong or tough as the green version he still makes quite a name for himself as a heavy working for the mob in Las Vegas.fixit

This figure is probably the best Joe Fix-it out to date. It captures him in full detail. And unlike most Hulks this one is fully dressed, and well dressed I might add.

He comes complete with shirt, tie, dress pants and shoes. Even a hat and a coat made of real fabric. Everything looks good and has nice detailing. My only issue is the hat being too small for his head. A bit bigger for a nicer fit would be appreciated.

The figure can be easily posed with the jacket off. Though with the jacket it limits movement a bit. The gun is also a nice addition for the character.

But since this is a much older figure and not too many Joe Fix-its have been made its kind of expensive. Plan to either buy it loose or missing pieces such as the jacket, hat and/or gun. Getting it in the package can run you into the hundreds.

Current e-Bay Prices:

$40 loose / $80-100 in package

The Hulk Revealed…

So it’s been confirmed the new Hulk will be Amadeus Cho. The whiz kid seen before hanging around Bruce Banner. I am not really surprised by this since the idea was offered weeks ago. Honestly, I don’t like it. And it’s not even the fact that this is a kid or he’s Korean. It’s the fact they have removed all the pathos and depth of the original character. They also seem to have given him a device that allows him to change at will. So no more anger. They have basically stripped him of the things that attracted me to the character in the first place. 

Now I know this is Marvel re-inventing itself and they are trying to be more diverse and make the Hulk more marketable. But they seem to have butchered this character more then any of the others. I’m actually pretty disappointed.

However, I will reserve final judgement till after I read a couple issues. I will at least plan to buy the first issue and go from there. I know the Hulk has gone through many iterations in order to keep the story fresh and this isn’t the first time people have been upset with Marvel’s direction with the character. Banner isn’t gone and things could always switch back to him in time.

So I will wait, but as of now I am very concerned.

Fabrikations Hulk (2015)

hulk dollThe Hulk may be big and strong, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be cute and cuddly…right? Since the Avengers movie there as been an uptick in the amount of stuffed plush Hulk showing up. Most of these Hulk dolls seem more creepy then cool. A swear one looked just like Jay Leno. Well the trend of creepy Hulk dolls ends with this “figure”. For it is more a figure then a doll in my opinion…but a soft figure.

Fabrikations is a line of plush action figures essentially, created by Funko. They are stitched together dolls that are firm with poseable heads and sometimes arms. They are very similar in shape to another product made by the company, the Funko POP!’s. Allbeit a tad larger (it’s approx. 6 in tall). It seems in light of the huge POP! craze Fabrikations may just become the next big collectible thing.

This is the Hulk version. The head can rotate 360 degrees, but the arms are sewed to the sides. The choice of fabric and colors are nice. The hair is a bit too ‘Afro-y’ for my taste…but it’s ok. The face is easily the best part. It’s really nicely laid out and applied. As I mentioned earlier, most Hulk faces look kinda weird or creepy. This one was well done.

It’s a cute little figure. A great addition to any Hulk collection or a nice companion for your desk.

He currently retails for $15 (8/26/15)

Giant-Size HULK: Wizard World 2015 Chicago

Over this past weekend I attended Wizard World 2015 in Chicago. It was an adventure. Not much Hulk news to report other then purchasing another rare figure (which will be reviewed) and seeing this beast. This Hulk statue was made by John Marks. John runs an FX studio called Brazen Monkey (website on Facebook). Very impressive work.

Created by John Marks of Brazen Monkey

Created by John Marks of Brazen Monkey

SMASH UP – Big Guy Problems

big guy problems

Yeah, we need a new and better Hulk movie. Get it together Hollywood! Oh and if he could fight Ben Grimm that would be greeeeeaaattt….thanks.


I am so happy they did a second installment of this.


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