What if? Planet Hulk

WhatifPHMost Hulk fans know about the events after Hulk was jettisoned into space. The events known as Planet Hulk. This story is arguably one of the best written for the Hulk. But I think even fewer people know of a small book that was released detailing a few ‘What if’ scenarios after the Hulk left Earth.

This comic known as ‘What If? Planet Hulk’ (October 2007) is comprised of three stories. Each titled in such a way that you can kind of gather the basic idea of each one. The first is ‘What if Hulk Died and Caiera Lived?’ The second being ‘What if Hulk landed on a Peaceful world?’ and the third lastly titled ‘What if Bruce Banner Landed on Sakaar?’

Without going into too much detail I’ll just say a few quick blurbs. First story, Caiera makes Earth pay…big time. Let’s just say she sets up house here. The second story is probably my favorite because it gives the Hulk a happy ending. Maybe not Banner, but certainly the Hulk. Hulk finds himself in a new role as protector rather then destroyer. Finally the third story, well it doesn’t quite go well for Bruce.

All in all a nice compendium of alternate stories for any fan of Planet Hulk. Be sure to check it out.

Loot Crate: May 2016 – POWER

I don’t normally post anything regarding Loot Crate because usually it doesn’t have anything Hulk related. Well this month was completely different. Given the theme and the inclusion of Hulk in this month’s promotions I was sure something Gamma Green would be included and I was so very right.loot 1

Items included this month:

  • Dragonball Keychain plushie
  • Infinity Gauntlet Oven Mitt
  • Q Fig Hulk Figure
  • Battleborn Lootpin
  • Warcraft T-Shirt (not pictured)



While I find the Thanos Oven Mitt to be awesome and the plushie Dragonball to be cute. I think we all know the clear winner here…The Q Fig Hulk figure!!

I was so excited to lift up the T-Shirt out of the box and find this little figure staring back at me with such menace. I really enjoyed the Deadpool figure released back in the February Crate (Theme: Dead), but getting a Hulk figure was so unexpected. They look great on the shelf next to each other. In every crate also comes a magazine going into detail on each of the items along with other information related to the month’s theme. There was a section briefly exploring a handful of the Hulk’s multiple incarnations (Prof. Hulk, Grey Hulk, etc).

This figure is based on the design from ‘Age of Ultron’. He has the stylish Avenger’s pants and the more muted green skin. It stand about 4 inches tall. Check out the pictures below. Another WIN for the collection!

The Maestro of Art

m1In my area a group has been setting up an event know as a Drink n’ Draw. People come to a local bar and drink while drawing life models of people in cosplay. Each month is a different theme. Well this month was Marvel Vs DC. But unfortunately (or fortunately) no one came out as anyone DC. So it was all Marvel characters: Captain America, Psylocke, The Wasp, Jean Grey, and me as The Maestro.

I have an image of me in costume from C2E2 last year but I have since upgraded certain parts of it. Namely the head and arms. I think it’s much better. Below I have posted some of the photos taken along with an amazing drawing from a local artist, Mario Tokarzewski. Check out his other work HERE and HERE. He made me look really good.



Art by Mario Tokarzewski

Fall of the Hulks #1: Alpha (New Years Eve Variant)


Editor: Joe Quesada / Writer: Jeff Parker / Cover: Ed McGuinness / Artist: Paul Pelletier

Synopsis: The smartest villains of the Marvel Universe have teamed up to destroy all the Hulks. Once and for all!

Published in February, 2010. This comic is something I received from a friend. This book has three different variant covers. I think this one is fairly common. Referred to as the ‘New Years Eve’ variant.

Average Prices:

  • $2-10 loose / $50 CGC (5/18/16)


For more information on this comic check it out here.

Incredible Hulk #309 : The Triad


Editor: Jim Shooter / Writer: Bill Mantlo / Cover: Mike Mignola / Penciler: Sal Buscema


This is Incredible Hulk #309, printed in July 1985. The issue itself is not highly desired or very memorable in Hulk lore. You can buy it for pretty cheap.

Which leads to asking not only why I own a copy, but also one signed by Stan Lee. Well, prior to this comic I had never desired to get a comic signed by anyone, let alone Stan Lee. So this whole world of comic collecting was unknown to me. I noticed Stan Lee would be at C2E2 in Chicago. So I figured I would try to get at least one autograph from him. I would regret missing out on the signature from the creator of my most favorite character, The Hulk. Stan is not exactly a spring chicken right now.

Months prior my brother had given me a stack of old Hulk comics. This was one of them. I leafed through them..unaware of which would be the best. This comic was the only one with the Hulk green and in purple pants (the classic look). All the rest were of the grey Hulk. Also, it actually said Stan Lee’s name on the first page, “Stan Lee Presents”. So I settled on this one.

At C2E2 I would briefly set eyes upon the great Stan Lee, who was surrounded by big guys I might add. So my view was limited. He signed my comic and a figure and I was on my way. Oh Happy Day! I have a signature. It was at this moment I discovered CGC grading. Two hours of standing in line later my comic was submitted for CGC grading. My first!

Two to three months later it would be mailed back to me as you see here. My first autograph from Stan Lee.

So the book may not be as revered as others in the Hulk series (though it does tackle some of Bruce’s psych issues via the Triad – pictured on the cover), but mine is possibly the ONLY Incredible Hulk #309 signed by Stan Lee in the world. So that’s gotta count for something, right?

For more information on this book and synopsis check out this review here.

Average Price:

  • $2-6 loose / $40-50 CGC / $150 CGC SS (5/17/16)


Hulked-Out LootCrate!

Attention Hulk lovers and general geeks! If you have (or have not ever) done a subscription box before, you may want to check this out. Loot Crate is potentially doing something Gamma-mazing! This service, each month, will send you a small box of about ten items based around a common theme. The theme for May 2016 is POWER. And Loot Crate has not forgotten who has ultimate power… THE HULK!


Typically when Loot Crate advertises a new theme they feature character or characters most likely to be represented in some form within the box. Hulk is one of those such characters. So I am obviously excited for some Hulked-out loot. Especially when the items enclosed are typically exclusive (though not always exclusive forever, so it seems).

So be sure to take a look at the site and decide if maybe this month you’ll give it a shot. You can easily sign up for a one month subscription and then cancel. I’ll be sure to post a review on this month’s crate when I receive it.


Disclaimer: I make no money from this nor am I endorsed by Loot Crate.

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