Spider-Hulk: Funko POP! #374

This is another Funko Pop! I felt would be a nice addition to the collection. Released in July 2018 – this figure represents a psuedo-Hulk much like the Hulked-Out Heroes or maybe A-Bomb. This is Peter Parker (Spider-man) after he comes in contact with Gamma radiation from the Incredible Hulk.


This causes a mutation turning him big, green and a bit dumb. From what I can tell this version of Spider-man only shows up in a single issue of ‘Web of Spiderman #70’.

Given the level of detail and the fact this POP! was made at a larger scale I felt it was worth having. But I did learn an unfortunate lesson in Supply/Demand. At the time of it’s purchase it was a hard to find item. I only came upon it as my LCS had just purchased it from Wal-Greens. Like literally the item still had a Wal-greens receipt on the box and I snatched it up right away and paid almost double for it. Nowadays the figure goes for about $20.

I’m happy to have it in the collection but maybe I should’ve waited on this one. For Spider-man fans this might be more desirable. As a Hulk fan I can say you can skip it if you wish. That being said its nice to have a big Hulk funko of this character alongside the comic (if you have…which I do :-)…)

Current Ebay prices:

  • $20 (in box) – 9/3/19

Variant Alert: Immortal Hulk #20 (Alex Ross – A/B editions & Sketch cover)

The Immortal Hulk series is really doubling down on all the variants being provided. And issue #20 is no exception. However, with this one we are treated to three different covers by Alex Ross (the main cover artist for IH to date).

Lets first begin with IH #20 second printing, this is an Alex Ross sketch cover variant. I am a huge fan of Alex Ross, and my LCS only had two issues in stock. So of course I bought both. One for bagging, the other for signing. As you can see it’s signed by Alex Ross which I accomplished by visiting him at the Dunn Museum for a second appearance at his Marvelocity exhibition (post to follow on that event).

The others are Ross cover edition A and B sold either at SDCC this year or through the Ross Art website. They sold out rather quickly. Edition A is a CGC certified version signed by Alex Ross and features the Hulk lifting a tank over his head. I was not aware this was an homage cover to Foom #2. If you have seen my earlier post you will have noticed I was able to see this original painting in person at the Dunn Museum. So it’s really special to me to own a copy of this painting signed by the man himself.

Edition B is Ross’s re-imagining of the cover of Incredible Hulk #1 after Jack Kirby. It was actually featured previously on a Hulk Omnibus book, but this is its first appearance as a comic cover. It’s also a virgin cover, my first. I make a point of collecting any comics that are an homage to Incredible Hulk #1. I’ll likely never own an Issue of #1, so I kind of make up for it by buying the ones that reference it.


As usual Alex Ross’s work is exceptional and striking. I may be biased but if you are going to buy any variants of this issue you won’t be disappointed with Ross.

That being said they are sold out on the website so you’ll have to look at the secondary market which has slightly jacked up the prices. Though last I checked was not as bad as it could be.




Marvel Legends – 80th Anniversary Wolverine Vs. Hulk

After much waiting this much anticipated 2-pack from Marvel and Hasbro has arrived. Slated for release in August 2019 I was lucky enough to receive mine a couple weeks early (writing as of July 12, 2019).


To be honest I had mixed feelings on this set. Of course I was excited by the new Hulk, but as I saw more press photos released I became concerned the quality of the released figure would not match the press photos. Also, I was not a fan of the head sculpt at first.

Well I can safely say my fears were undone upon opening the box. This Hulk is massive. Articulation a-plenty for multiple poses. The paint job is subtle, but effective. And the inclusion of extra hands and the torn shirt are an added extra bonus. (Not to mention the head sculpt has grown on me)

This level of quality and detail extends more or less to Wolverine as well. That being said Hulk is the definite winner in this 2-pack.

As soon as I got them out of the box I attempted to pose them as they were on Incredible Hulk #181. And with some assistance I was able to mostly pull it off – I would suggest the use of fake terrain or a figure stand to do this though.

This is easily the best basic Hulk figure in years. Though I am sure Wolverine fans will appreciate the look of this old-style Wolverine as well. 

As mentioned Hulk comes with 4 hands (2 open and 2 fists) along with a rubber shirt. This rubber shirt stays on pretty well. I’m still not sure if I prefer the shirt on or off yet. Though I will say the shirt helps hide some of the shoulder articulation leading to a more seamless figure when posing. The butterfly joints in the back really help give this character range of motion in the arms.

The hands and feet of Hulk are beautifully sculpted. Probably the best parts of the figure, strange as that sounds. The head sculpt isn’t bad either and is sculpted/painted really well.

Wolverine is sculpted really well, but I feel the paint job on him is a bit more basic. His muscles could have been better handled by defining some shadowed areas. He also has four hands (all fists, 2 with claws extended, 2 with no claws). 

I do feel the price point of $60 was a bit much though. If I were to break it down Hulk would be approx. $40 while Wolverine is worth $20. Even at that breakdown it would be a large price to swallow buying these sold separately. Honestly this should have been priced around $40-50 in my opinion.

That being said, overall this is a great figure set for any fans of Hulk, Wolverine, or just a toy collector in general. I highly recommend it! But if the price point is high for you (and you only want one figure) I might recommend looking at the secondary market for loose figures.



Hulk 3D Comic Standee (Loot Crate Feb 2019)

hulk-lootcrate-stand1In February of 2019 Loot Crate released their ‘Transformation” themed crate (box). Included in it was this small 3D stand-up sculpt of the Hulk bursting out from a comic cover, bricks and all.

It’s a kind of fun item to include in the collection. Nothing amazing…makes a nice small bookend for some of my smaller Hulk magazines. Most of the sculpt isn’t bad, but the right hand feels smaller then it should be. I know its supposed to simulate distance…but I feel it should have just been made bigger to match the larger fist bursting out.

You can likely buy one loose as I did from eBay for about $15 – maybe less.

Spirit of Vengeance (Red Hulk) #MP17-002 Heroclix

This is quite possibly one of the most insane Hulk transformations ever created. What you are looking at is indeed a Hulk…yes the Red Hulk…but a Hulk nonetheless. At least in part.

During the storyline titled “Circle of Four” or “Venom: Circle of Four” (I highly recommend you read this BTW – but warning its not exactly kid friendly) this form of the Hulk was revealed. He does not stick around long and only pops in near the end.


This form was brought forth due to the unlikely merging of Red Hulk, Venom…and Ghost Rider. Yep…those three. With all three put in a blender you get…Spirit of Vengeance, a large spiky flaming skull-beast complete with chains and riding a Harley straight from the 6th circle of Hell.

Easily said this whole series is metal-as-hell and can be summed up in his special catch phrase -“WE AM SMASH FOR VENGEANCE!”

As of this writing this is the only physical representation of this character. This heroclix is very well painted and sculpted. It includes many little details and is a rather fine representation of him from the comics. Released in 2017.

For a Hulk purist you might not be interested as this is barely a Hulk figure. But for those of you with darker sensibilities, or mutual fans of Ghostrider/Venom, then this figure should be part of your collection.

Average eBay Price:

  • $30-40 loose or in-package (6/24/19)


Venomized Hulk: Funko POP! #366


Personally I am not a fan of Funko Pops. Sure they are cute and I get the appeal. But I feel they are too simplistic and in most cases, poorly made (in my opinion). I see these as at best – desk clutter.

Admittedly I do own a few that I deem worthwhile. One of which being this creepily designed Venom Hulk POP. The paint job was decent and I really dug the design. Clearly its meant to reference the variant cover by Del Mundo, created for Incredible Hulk #4. (BTW that cover being one of the MOST expensive Hulk variants on the market as of this writing).

This figure was released in 2018 as part of a series of Venomized heroes; which included Iron Man and Captain America.

The figure is not hard to find or is very expensive. So if you want him it shouldn’t be a problem. If you are a Hulk or POP! fan then this one seems worth owning.

Average Ebay Prices:

  • $7-15 in-package (6/14/19)

Marvel’s Avengers: Hulking out on PS4!!

Announced at E3 2019 is a brand new game titled ‘Marvel’s Avengers’. And Yes, it is featuring the HULK!!! (We have waited a long time for a new Hulk video game)

Not too many details have been released regarding it, except that I infer from the trailer that it plays like a third-person version of Marvel Heroes. If you don’t know – Marvel Heroes was a free to play MMO for PC that operated from 2013-2017. You could purchase multiple different characters (and skins for each one > example: Hulk could look like Joe Fix-It) and fight them in giant battles alongside other players to achieve certain goals or collect special items.

Marvel’s Avengers seems to take the same concept of playing as a hero alongside others and complete a campaign. Except this time its not a top down MMO and you are closer to the action with more control over the character.

One nice perk seems to be that the developers, Square Enix, will push out new heroes and campaigns on a regular schedule and all for free (I hesitate to get excited by this as I’m sure there will be limits).

Of course, new characters is great – but for me, I doubt I will switch out much from Hulk. I just hope they offer skins so I can vary his appearance. I would love to smash as Joe or the War Hulk!

Check out the launch trailer below. Game will release May 15, 2020.