‘Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell’ movie announced!

UntitledSan Diego Comic Con is over but it has left us with plenty to be excited about. In addition to the super sweet Gladiator armor for the Hulk (to be featured in Thor: Ragnarok) seems a new animated Hulk movie has been announced.

Due to arrive in Fall of this year, ‘Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell’ is to feature our green goliath co-starring alongside Dr. Strange. No doubt in order to drum up excitement for the new Dr. Strange movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Given the film is releasing in November I am going to predict ‘Monsters Dwell’ will release in October to coincide with the Halloween season.


The Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D.


To further support my prediction, Strange and Hulk will be joined by the Howling Commandos. This name is attributed to a few military groups within the Marvel Universe. Most notably they were featured more or less in the first Captain America movie. However,the report given on this film details the words “monster team”. So I am assuming its the more ferocious team shown here.

If this wasn’t exciting enough it’s been promised this film will be more “adult-oriented”. In such the way it is being compared to DC’s soon to be released “Batman: The Killing Joke” movie. This alone is great because after having to deal with the absurdity that was the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. I am so ready for Hulk to go nuts!

With all this said I think we Hulk fans have something to look forward to. I know I’m excited and I’m ready to get SMASHED!

To see the full report go here. http://www.newsarama.com/30366-marvel-s-secret-wars-gets-animated.html


Incredible Hulk #457


Writer: Peter David / Artist: David Brewer / Cover: Adam Kubert

This post is a continuation of another post on Incredible Hulk #456. During the previous issue Hulk is recruited by Apocalypse to be his new Horsemen of War.

This comic features the Absorbing Man and Juggernaut. Both are no match for this new and improved Hulk. It will take the intervention of friends in order to bring the green beast back to reality. This issue was released in October 1997.

This War Hulk ends in this issue, which is a shame since (as I’ve stated before) I love this new look. And I must not be alone in thinking this as it became a featured armor in the popular MMO game, Marvel Heroes.

I would love it if this armor made a comeback.

Average eBay Price:

  • $4-8 (7/21/16)

Incredible Hulk #456


Writer: Peter David / Artist:Adam & Joe Kubert

This is a comic I’ve been excited to post on. Especially in light of the recently released X-Men: Apocalypse movie. This is issue #456 released in September 1997.

In this issue Apocalypse (the first and most powerful mutant) has set his sights on a new horseman. In the past Apocalypse has always sought out the most powerful mutants to be transformed into one of his four horsemen in order to conquer the world. Well for the first time he has chosen a non-mutant; the Hulk.

Hulk is plagued by thoughts of Banner’s abusive father, Brian Banner. His father continually yells hateful things from within his mind. Apocalypse offers Hulk a chance to finally remove this torture from his mind. So, along with new armor and a whip, the Hulk is given a helmet that suppresses these thoughts giving the Hulk peace. Which is ironic seeing as Apocalypse has dubbed Hulk the newest Horsemen of War.

The story of this new War Hulk continues into issue #457 which I’ll post on at another time. Given that the story is so short it doesn’t get much room to breathe. Which is a shame since I absolutely love the armor the Hulk wears. There was even an action figure based on this Hulk which I own. When I post the figure to my collection page I’ll add the link in here.

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  • $4-8 (7/19/16)


Arrows and Banners

It’s done. For so long and so many have attempted this. A few times before many thought they were successful. But it seems it has happened for certain this time. I won’t go into details as to not ruin it for fans. You are welcome to discover it for yourself online as it’s already being talked about.

But this means the end of an era. Serious changes are being made at Marvel and the latest news means they are serious (but of course it can be undone as it has been done before with other characters). However, if this is permanent, it is a killing blow for old fans of the Hulk as well.

I have not been particularly impressed by the “totally awesome” Hulk. I had hoped things might turn around during Civil War 2. But instead, inside issue #3 of Civil War 2, the opposite has occurred.

I will now have to rely on my hopes in Marvel’s future films and less so in their comics.

The Hulk is dead….LONG LIVE THE HULK!



The Darkness/Hulk #1


Writer: Paul Jenkins / Artist: Dale Keown

This comic is relatively unknown and somewhat regarded as more fan fiction then anything. But nonetheless I was intrigued by such a crossover.

Information on this comic is hard to come by but I believe this issue was released in July 2004.

For those of you unfamiliar with ‘the Darkness’ here is a quick recap. Jackie Estacado is a hitman for the mafia. He inherits a dark curse passed down by his Father. This curse is essentially a demonic force that plays tug of war with Jackie’s mind pushing him to become a ruthless killer. Jackie for the most part controls this force and utilizes it for his own goals. Most of which involve threatening and/or killing enemies to himself and his mob family. Sounds kinda familiar to Banner and the Hulk am I right?

Jackie’s powers are a sort of Hell-version of the Green Lantern. If you want a better idea of the character I suggest you read the comics. They ain’t bad. There are even a couple video games for PS3. The first one is very dark and has a great story. For it’s time it was amazing. The second one easily has better game play.

Anyways, back to the comic. The synopsis is less of a “versus” and more of just a crossover. Jackie and Banner just happen to bump into each other in the New York subway when Banner is attacked. Hulk comes out…and yeah…things get messy.

Not the best story involving both Hulk and Darkness, but it’s something to check out. Especially if you are a fan of both characters. I’m unsure how much crossover occurs between Marvel and Top Cow (Publisher for the Darkness) but it doesn’t seem to be very often. However, Hulk and Darkness do meet up again in another comic, but I’ll post on that one another time.

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  • $10 or less (7/12/16)


Tales to Astonish #60



Writer: Stan Lee / Cover: Jack Kirby / Artist: Dick Ayres

When the Hulk’s series ended in 1963 he got shuffled around a bit. Initially he showed up in the Avengers. Later in 1964 he would be injected into the Tales to Astonish series. His first appearance would be in Tales to Astonish #59 in which he would battle Giant Man. However, it is with this issue that he would begin to be a main character in the series until #101. Issue 102 would then become ‘The Incredible Hulk’.

This issue basically gives Hulk at least half his own book. It’s strange this comic isn’t more valued then it is. #59 is valued since it’s his first OFFICIAL appearance, but this issue begins the ‘Big Change’ for both TTA and for the Hulk to eventually stand on his own again.

Given that the Hulk has fewer pages the story is bit sparse and quick. Basically Banner builds super robot. Hulk fights super robot. Hulk loses. Robot gets away. It seems to be a common theme that despite the comic’s boast as to him being the strongest mortal, he gets defeated an awful lot. I wonder if this armor helped inspire the Hulkbuster armor Ironman would eventually make. It looks very similar. TTA60-intro1

I would honestly say my favorite part about this issue is the little blurb they put on the intro page next to Banner’s hand. “Can a man with green skin and a petulant personality find true happiness in today’s status seeking society?” I think we all know the answer to that one.

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  • $45 +/- depending on condition (6/17/16)

Incredible Hulk #162


Writer: Steve Englehart / Artist: Herb Trimpe and Sal Trapani / Editor: Roy Thomas

This comic is considered a key issue within the Hulk series, as it it the first appearance of the Wendigo. Released April 1973.

The Hulk is traipsing through the great Canadian North and stumbles upon this white beast. The Wendigo quickly proves he is strong enough to take on Hulk. Though it seems strength is not the deciding factor in this issue and eventually no one wins really.

The cover would indicate the Wendigo speaks but in reality doesn’t. At least not this way. All the Wendigo does is howl it’s own name. But there is a degree of conversation between them but I won’t say how.

Overall the story is ok. I certainly enjoy later incarnations of the Wendigo in comparison to this one. The Hulk learns an important lesson regarding his strength and the writers use this opportunity to establish more parts of Hulk’s psychology. If nothing else this is a great issue for setting the stage for the appearance of another new and even more famous character, The Wolverine (Incredible Hulk #181)!

As of writing this, pricing for this book is very affordable.

Average eBay prices:

  • $50 +/- based on condition (6/13/16)