Transformations: The Maestro w/ Fallen Hero Armor (1997)

maestro old

This is another figure of the mighty Maestro released by Toybiz in 1997 as part of the Hulk Transformations line-up. Feel free to compare and contrast the figure with that of his newer iteration here. This version does not include the trademark helmet, much less any article of clothing. The skin is an off-green color and the beard is a bright white. Overall not much effort has gone into the paint job of this figure. Also the articulation of limbs is minimal; just enough to raise/lower the arms, turn the head, and allow him to sit.

The only real notable element of this figure is the fallen hero armor that is included. He is equipped with a broken Captain America Shield, the Hammer of Thor, Dr. Strange’s cape and a chest belt displaying the helmets of a myriad of heroes/villains (Juggernaut, Ultron, Iron Man, Dr. Doom, and Nova).  This has to be one of the coolest accessories I’ve ever seen come with a toy. Honestly if he were loose I’d probably just put the armor on the newer Maestro figure and call it a day (which some have already). But due to his low availability I have decided to keep him packaged up. I was lucky enough to snag him from a collectible shop for about $20.

Current eBay prices:

$10-20 loose / $50 in package (5/13/15)

Titanium Micro Hulk (2007)

metal hulk

So this little fella stands at about 2-3 inches tall. However, being he is a die cast figure he has some weight to him. Whereas the large titanium Hulk I think is partially made of plastic, this figure is entirely solid metal. And despite the size and material is actually really well sculpted. The paint job on the skin could be better (at least in comparison to the treatment of other characters in this figure release). There is no articulation, which honestly is fine given the nature of this product. This is more of a small statuette then anything else.

This figure was released in 2007 from Hasbro and the lineup bears the same name as the larger versions from 2006. So it’s easy to confuse the two when looking for them. Also when buying online they seem to come in two flavors (in box or in a bag). I say this because I currently own two of this figure. The first I was able to snag in its box. However, I liked this figure so much I wanted to actually display it. So I was able to find a loose one, but it arrived sealed in a plastic bag with a Hulk bio pamphlet. As if this item was being given out as a Happy Meal toy or something. Perhaps it was re-sealed and sent to me, or there were extras on the assembly lines not worth properly packaging. Not sure. In any case the one in the box comes with a small dirt colored stand bearing the name ‘MARVEL’.

It’s a neat little Hulk collectible, but it doesn’t seem to be very popular (at least online). So snagging one for relatively cheap should be easy as of this writing. Its a no thrills die cast figure of the Hulk in classic pose and look. A nice addition to the collection, but not very suitable for playtime.

UPDATE: Apparently this figure has become popular if eBay is any consequence. The figure is selling much higher then when I bought it about a year ago. I spent no more then $20-25 for both figures I have. The price seems to have raised much higher.

Current eBay Prices:

$70 (5/7/15)

Hulk Runs Errands

Yep…this is pretty much every Saturday for me.

C2E2 2015: The Maestro’s Visit

Hello! Hello!

So this past weekend I attended C2E2 on Saturday and had an awesome time. This year I decided to dress up as one of favorite characters…The Maestro. Most people were not aware of him so I answered a lot of questions regarding my outfit. Those who did know of The Maestro really enjoyed seeing him walk the aisles of C2E2 this year. It was a real blast being not only the Hulk…but the Hulk wearing Iron Man’s head as armor. I think I’m one of only two or three people ever to attempt this costume. So I’m quite proud.  FullSizeRender-2  FullSizeRender-1

Aside from taking photos with people all day I scoured the floors for any new Hulk items. I managed to collect a couple new Hulk posters, the new Fabrications Hulk soft sculpture, a new Avengers Hulk heroclix, and number of other random items. I’ll be sure to do reviews as time allows. Posted below are also some images of new Hulk items to be released in the coming months. A new mini-mates Hulk and Hulkbuster in addition to a Hulk face jello mold.


All in all it was a great time and already I am excited for next year!

Get Smashed!!


While browsing the interwebs I came across something so cool…a Hulk inspired razor from Gillette. Now before you go judging just check out the photo. I would love to shave every morning with this thing. Especially if it lighted up and vibrated (or somehow got bigger for a better grip…idk). In any case I thought it was awesome and just as my credit card was beginning to slip out of my wallet in preparation for ordering one….I saw the ‘Razor not for Sale’ line.

So obviously I am quite bummed…but hopefully if enough people show interest this might become a real thing. A handful were mentioned to be given out as prizes for some contest, but nothing else at this time. There are other Avenger’s inspired razors at Gillette’s site here: .  Check them out!

The Incredible Hulk Movie Gray Hulk Action Figure (2008)

Back in 2008 the second Incredible Hulk movie came out starring Edward Norton. In addition a video game for the film was released. In October, Hasbro released a line of toys combining characters from both the movie and the game. A neat idea, but a tad confusing.

hulk grey-smallOne of these characters was the grey hulk shown here. This figure came complete with a bendable stop sign he could use as a club. I purchased this figure from a re-seller (approx $30) who unfortunately didn’t have the extra item. Which is fine since I rather not be collecting tons of extra junk along with the figures…unless they are notable.

This figure is not huge or heavy but the amount of detail is staggering for a movie promo toy. Even in comparison to the other figures in the line he is something special. The varying grays really make his muscles and veins pop.The face is also unique and very nicely sculpted. Articulation of the limbs aren’t great but better then average. His right arm has a recoil smashing action along with a spring loaded grip for holding the Stop sign. He works great as a pencil holder.

I chose to purchase this Hulk mostly to include more versions of the Grey hulk in my collection and his level of detail is notable. He is hard to find. I believe I have only ever seen two so far, one of which is the one I bought. He may not be the “iconic” grey hulk, but he is definitely unique.

Current eBay Prices:

$60 in package / $30 loose 4/16/2015

The Time has Come…

Hello and my sincerest apologies for being gone for nearly 5 months. Sometimes life gets awry and its hard to keep up with all the Hulk news. Especially in light of the new Avengers movie releasing in a couple weeks. I have already purchased my tickets for the opening night and plan to be among the first to see HULK SMASH!

In addition I will be attending C2E2 again, here in Chicago. And for this years event I have been working on my costume as, who else, but the Hulk. Though it’s not the Hulk exactly…actually one of his incarnations which is returning to the comics in near future issues. I’ll post photos from the Con afterwards.

New Hulk figures are on the horizon to be released which I am sure will be added to my collection. I plan to write reviews on any I get, in addition to the bulk I already own and have yet to post on.

For now I leave you with this blood pumping clip from The Age of Ultron. I hope Tony has insurance on that suit.



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