While browsing the interwebs I came across something so cool…a Hulk inspired razor from Gillette. Now before you go judging just check out the photo. I would love to shave every morning with this thing. Especially if it lighted up and vibrated (or somehow got bigger for a better grip…idk). In any case I thought it was awesome and just as my credit card was beginning to slip out of my wallet in preparation for ordering one….I saw the ‘Razor not for Sale’ line.

So obviously I am quite bummed…but hopefully if enough people show interest this might become a real thing. A handful were mentioned to be given out as prizes for some contest, but nothing else at this time. There are other Avenger’s inspired razors at Gillette’s site here: .  Check them out!

The Incredible Hulk Movie Gray Hulk Action Figure (2008)

Back in 2008 the second Incredible Hulk movie came out starring Edward Norton. In addition a video game for the film was released. In October, Hasbro released a line of toys combining characters from both the movie and the game. A neat idea, but a tad confusing.

hulk grey-smallOne of these characters was the grey hulk shown here. This figure came complete with a bendable stop sign he could use as a club. I purchased this figure from a re-seller (approx $30) who unfortunately didn’t have the extra item. Which is fine since I rather not be collecting tons of extra junk along with the figures…unless they are notable.

This figure is not huge or heavy but the amount of detail is staggering for a movie promo toy. Even in comparison to the other figures in the line he is something special. The varying grays really make his muscles and veins pop.The face is also unique and very nicely sculpted. Articulation of the limbs aren’t great but better then average. His right arm has a recoil smashing action along with a spring loaded grip for holding the Stop sign. He works great as a pencil holder.

I chose to purchase this Hulk mostly to include more versions of the Grey hulk in my collection and his level of detail is notable. He is hard to find. I believe I have only ever seen two so far, one of which is the one I bought. He may not be the “iconic” grey hulk, but he is definitely unique.

Current eBay Prices:

$60 in package / $30 loose 4/16/2015

The Time has Come…

Hello and my sincerest apologies for being gone for nearly 5 months. Sometimes life gets awry and its hard to keep up with all the Hulk news. Especially in light of the new Avengers movie releasing in a couple weeks. I have already purchased my tickets for the opening night and plan to be among the first to see HULK SMASH!

In addition I will be attending C2E2 again, here in Chicago. And for this years event I have been working on my costume as, who else, but the Hulk. Though it’s not the Hulk exactly…actually one of his incarnations which is returning to the comics in near future issues. I’ll post photos from the Con afterwards.

New Hulk figures are on the horizon to be released which I am sure will be added to my collection. I plan to write reviews on any I get, in addition to the bulk I already own and have yet to post on.

For now I leave you with this blood pumping clip from The Age of Ultron. I hope Tony has insurance on that suit.


Disney Infinity Hulk

disney infinity hulk I look at games like Disney Infinity or Skylanders and my wallet cries, but the kid in me goes nuts. I have done well to avoid these games and consequently can still afford to eat. However, in this case I was weak. Disney Infinity recently released (Oct.28th) the Hulk figure for its new Disney Infinity 2.0. Yes the figure was released a month early in the PS4 special edition, but I was not ready to drop $200 bucks for ONE figure. So I waited.

This figure is among the largest of all the figures. The second biggest probably being Venom (which was pretty cool I must admit). I love the simpliefied, animated style of this Hulk (a look you do not see often with this guy). He is made out of solid plastic and has some weight to him. His sculpting is basic but defined. His face could have used a bit more work and mass produced figures like this can get some really odd eye paint jobs (cross-eyed Hulk anyone?) My biggest gripe is the color scheme. The pants are too dark and the skin was too light. The pants look more brown then purple and the skin color is so light you can just barely tell he is green. Why couldn’t they have gone a shade or two darker on the skin and a tad lighter on the pants? He has no articualtion so the pose you see is what you get. Which isn’t bad.

So overall I like this figure. I just wish the color design had been more developed. I mean how hard is it to perfect TWO colors?

He is available in stores now for $14.99.

eBay prices range from $10-20 (11/7/14)

Hulk Smash Bullies

There are kids today who are still being treated like garbage by their classmates and peers. This is not something to be overlooked or discounted. This kind of treatment can affect a person for the rest of their life. I am happy that Marvel is addressing it for this round of variant covers. And since this is a Hulk site…we gotta feature mean green. Watch out bullies….Hulk will give you a taste of your own medicine.

‘House of M’ Hulk (Marvel Legends) (2006)

It has been awhile since my last post. So I thought I would come back with a somewhat unique of M hulk-small This Hulk was featured during the House of M storyline. An alternate universe where mutants dominate the world and humans are the second class citizens. During this time Bruce Banner is seeking peace in the outback of Australia with a group of natives. He almost achieves it, that is until people come looking for him. I do not want to ruin the story for you suffice it to say he becomes President. A really neat story and great artwork. I recommend it! The tattoos on this figure don’t exactly reflect the tattoos in the comic, but they have their own appeal.

This figure is very much like other Hulk figures. The sculpt is most likely reused from other versions. However the bald head is unique and I actually like the facial features. The real seller for this figure is of course the tattoos, which are painted really well. The rest of the figure has some shading but for the most part it’s really flat color. Articulation is aplenty on him and he is constructed very well. He also comes with a special stand for posing.

This figure was released in November 2006 as part of the House of M figure set along with The Inhuman Torch and The IT. I managed to buy this guy loose, but if you want him still in packaging you will need to get the whole set. If you can get him do it! He is not an easy one to find anymore.

Avg. eBay prices:

$150 for the whole set in box / $40-60 loose (9/1/14)

$70-90 for whole set in box / $30-50 loose (4/16/15)

Hulk Hate Big Crowds!!

So this poster was finally revealed during SDCC this weekend. I can honestly say it feels good to finally have two movies where the Hulk is looking the same. The whole poster can be found online, but I think I’ll just stick with featuring this beauty. I am hearing so much about Hulk coming out of SDCC. It’s getting me pumped for next May! I cannot wait till mean green gets another shot at the big screen…and this time….he’s got some competition. If Ultron wasn’t enough…Tony Stark’s got a Hulkbuster armor he’s just itching to try out.  GET SMASHED!!


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