Comic Book Champions Hulk (1996)

Pewter Hulk-smallI dare say this is one of the oldest Hulk figures I own. Dating back to 1996 this figure was released in Series 1 of the Comic Book Champions Pewter lineup. Each figure was crafted out of actual pewter and placed on top of an open book in front of an iconic cover from their history. The figures for these series were a one time production which came complete with a certificate of authenticity detailing their limited run and a specific number.


The figure stands about 3 inches tall and is made of fine pewter. He stands on a metal book which may also be pewter. The base and comic display is plastic. It has some decent weight to it too. Since I bought mine used and loose online I sadly do not have my certificate of authenticity, but it does have its unique serial number written on the bottom. The figure itself isn’t exactly the ideal form of Hulk, at least in compared to the faithful renditions of other figures in the series. But it is another metal Hulk for the collection. I think he is a nice addition to any faithful Hulk collection, but I really wouldn’t pay too much for him. I managed to get mine for around $10, but remember I had no certificate or box.

Current eBay prices: $12-25 (4/18/14)


‘Disassembled’ Marvel Parody

This has a little bit of Hulk, but overall this is just a damn funny short. Enjoy.

‘The End’ Hulk (Marvel Legends) (2008)

the end hulk-smallThis Hulk is an interesting one narratively. He can exist both as a separate storyline and as part of the original story. In the far, far future the Hulk is the last living being on the planet. All the other superheroes are dead and mankind is extinct. The Earth is an endless desert. However he isn’t quite alone. And I am not talking about Banner who on occasion is out long enough to suffer the dead Earth alone.  So does this story take place long after the Maestro‘s empire has collapsed? Or is this an entirely different story where the Maestro never existed?

This Hulk is old, but still very strong and angry. But even his anger can’t keep the Earth’s remaining wildlife from eating him apart. Thus the torn skin on this figure.

This figured was released as part of the Hulk exclusive Marvel Legends lineup back in August 2008. He was released alongside King Hulk. The figure is fairly pose-able and sculpted with a nice amount of detail. However the paint job could have been done better in my opinion. The face could also have been sculpted and painted better.  The shoulders also sport a weird kind of ratchet texture to hold the arms in place.

So perhaps this isn’t the best Hulk figure in my opinion. But as a fair representation of the Hulk in this particular story. I managed to get him for a fair price. I forget how much I paid for him but it was slightly less then online auctions. Perhaps not a must have for every Hulk collection, but its definitely nice for the collector who wants multiple Hulk forms.

eBay prices: $30.00 loose / $80.00 in-packaging  3/31/14

Hulk is no longer Indestructible!

So it seems in April the Hulk series will begin a new ongoing series that will drop the “incredible” or “indestructible” from the Hulk title. Going forth the series will be called simply ‘HULK’. The premise thus far does seem exciting, promising revelations as to who the Hulk really is and Banner’s hidden motives. I personally love some of the art that has been released in preparation. Here are a couple I just have to share. GET SMASHED!

Infinity Series Hulk (2014)

infinity hulk-smallI usually don’t have the chance to report on a figure that was just released. But as luck would have it my moment has arrived. This is the new Hulk from the Infinity Series, and he’s sporting the new armor made for him to travel through time (Although it’s not exactly what was in the comics).

I am not a big fan of this armor since I am convinced Marvel is out to make the Hulk into some kind of suedo-Ironman. I do appreciate how different it is from previous armor iterations, but it doesn’t quite fit the character.

In any case the figure itself is nice, but not as nice as it could’ve been. He kind of hits the middle ground between the older Marvel Universe Hulks and the newer Avenger’s Hulk for the tv series.

The figure stands at 3.75 in tall, but for some reason I felt like this figure would have been better suited for the bigger Marvel Legends lineup. The armor and face is painted really well. The overall sculpt is really good but it could have been pushed further. The first thing they should have added is the same level of texture they began to add to the latest Marvel Universe Hulks (cross hatched skin). But based on how the new comics portrayed the Hulk (flatter color) this choice is forgivable.  Articulation is plentiful and makes him excellent for posing. Released March 2014.

My biggest problem with this figure is the armor, more specifically the forearm gauntlets. They are made of a soft plastic and simply wrap and rest around the arms. They are not glued down or even pegged in. In fact all of the upper body armor is removable, which I kind of like. However, how the armor on the arms was made is ridiculous. This soft plastic doesn’t hold itself around the arm effectively. It continually bends, warps and eventually falls off with any sort of use. Posing him with these loose items on him was almost impossible. So I had to resort to a few dabs of superglue to hold them in place. After that slight modification (which they should have done in production) he is fine for posing and using.  I mean I know I’m a collector and this guy will spend his life on a shelf, but how do they expect a child to actually play with this figure with such junky accessories that won’t stay on.

Overall this is a great addition to any Hulk collection that enjoys a variety of different Hulk forms. The figure is almost to Marvel Universe Standards, but lacks a few improvements that could have made him perfect.

As of this writing I have not seen one in stores so I am unsure of the retail pricing, though I assume its around $10. I purchased mine on eBay for $16.00 (3/10/14)

The Avenger’s Hulk (Marvel Select) (2012)

Avengers hulk-smallThis Hulk needs no introduction since he is probably the one Hulk most people in America, if not the world, know. He is the Hulk that proves he is worthy of the big screen and can kick butt in the box office. Personally I felt the second Hulk movie was really good and deserving of more praise then it got…but he definitely rocked in The Avengers. And my spider sense tells me we will get plenty more of him in the next Avenger’s film.

This figure stands tall alongside his other Marvel Select figures. Taller in some cases. He is around 8-9 inches tall and is somewhat heavy. A fair amount of articulation but due to how he is sculpted it has either limited range or it doesn’t look good in certain poses. The paint job could have been better, but it will do. There appears to only be a single dark wash to bring out the veins and subtle details in the muscles. Not much else. The pants are a single dark color (purplish brown kinda). The face is also well sculpted though I’m not sure it’s exactly the same face we see in the movie.

Despite my reservations with this figure I really do like it and its among my favorites from the Marvel Select Line. This figure is easily first place of all the Avenger’s Hulk figures, with the Walmart exclusive being a second place. As of this writing he is fairly easy to find online and at comic shops.

He currently retails for $25. I purchased mine for around the same price.

eBay has him for between $25-30. (3/3/14)

Titanium Hulk (2006)

titanium hulk-smallI figure lets tackle something Hulk related that’s not exactly an action figure. For today I decided to look at the Hulk from the Hasbro Titanium series.

This figure is about 4 inches tall (6-7 inches top to base). The figures in this titanium series were not meant to be posed or removed from their “chambers”. So as you see him is how he is meant to be. His pose is static. His feet are secured to the floor with screws. A clear glass cylinder covers the green giant. The base is grey plastic.

Now the figures are advertised as die cast figures and this is partially true. The figure is fairly heavy. However, without touching it I can’t be sure. The upper torso and arms appear genuinely to be metal. However, his legs seem to be shiny plastic. This does not necessarily detract from the look of the figure. but if it was fully metal I might be more impressed. The sculpting is very nice and the paint job pretty simple. This figure was made to show off it’s metal sheen, not a realistic depiction of the character.

The plastic dome has kept the figure in near perfect condition. But since mine was purchased used I have noticed slight scuffing on the arms where the dome has rubbed against him. Overall this is a neat piece and a nice option for anyone who wants a statue of the hulk without shelling out for a huge maquette. But he is quite small in comparison. If you want a colored metal hulk…this is your guy.

The figure was released back in 2006 or thereabouts and retailed for around $25.

I was able to purchase mine on eBay for around $20. Currently on eBay he is going for between $15-50 (2/4/14).


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