Thor Vs. Hulk: Champions of the Universe – Review

Thor Vs. Hulk: CoU is a six issue series released in 2017 exclusively through Comixology (a digital comicbook store). Though I have heard it plans to release as a complete physical version at a later date.


The premise is simple…pit Thor and Hulk against each other in a series of tests to find the strongest. This series actually has some fun with this and explores many facets of both characters and seeks to dig into what makes them tick. However, the way in which it’s done alongside some mediocre art lends itself to a somewhat less then impressive series.

Following on the heels of Thor: Ragnarok its a fun comic, but not nearly serious enough to gain my full attention. Something the movie did slightly better but had similar issues.

The story however is forgivable. My issue was primarily with the art style which seemed to change with each issue and go from pretty good to “meh”. In other words it was a bit too Saturday morning cartoon for me.

Also, I found the main bad “guy(s)” to be boring and trying too hard to be funny or self-aware. They never really made me feel like what Hulk and Thor were doing was really worth there’s or my time.

Overall, a fun comic but not much more then that.




Cosmic Hulk #045 Heroclix

You have seen him gray, you have seen him green. But I bet you never knew he was BLUE!

Yep, that is correct. There was a blue Hulk for all of one issue, and no it was not within the normal Hulk story run.


During a five issues series titled ‘Captain Universe: Secrets and Origins’ the Hulk encountered a unique entity. This entity is known as Captain Universe, and is less of a person and more of a sentient energy. In any case it ends up on Earth and bonds with Bruce Banner for assistance. This leads to the creation of a Blazin’ Blue Hulk!

This rare transformation only lasts for the first issue and sadly has not reappeared at anytime after in the Marvel universe. This heroclix figure (released in 2011) is also the only representation of this Hulk form that has ever been made. I personally really liked the idea of a blue hulk (with white pants by the way). I wish they would bring that form back.

The figure is rather generic and seems to be re-purposing an older model. However, it captures the basic idea of the concept and I like they included him wielding two energy balls on his hands.

The figure is considered ‘Super-rare’ but it doesn’t appear to be highly sought after. Ebay prices seem to range around $5-10. If you are a Hulk fan trying to collect one of each different transformation, then this one is a no-brainer.

New Hulk/Thor Comic Coming Soon

In the wake of Thor: Ragnarok premiering  November 3, 2017 it seems Marvel is going to keep the fires of this movie’s hype…raging. Coming in September 2017 will be a digital exclusive series premiering Hulk and Thor. There will be six issues released monthly. And if I understand correctly, eventually being released to print as a whole collection.



The series is titled ‘Thor & Hulk: Champions of the Universe‘. Not much is known of the synopsis other then an elder of the universe wants to fight Earth’s strongest hero. So, of course, Thor or Hulk cannot decide for themselves. This in turn compels them to complete a series of challenges to prove which is the strongest and worthy to fight.

The team responsible for this new comic are Jeremy Whitley, Simone Buanfantino and Alti Firmansyah.

Sure, a mashup with Hulk and Thor is great. I’m just happy I can get a new comic with the proper, true Hulk in it.

Marvel Universe Hulk / Green (2012) Gray (2013)

Well I consulted my magic eight ball and decided to tackle these guys today. MU Hulk 2 pair-smallThese are the very latest Hulks from the soon to be extinct Marvel Universe line (a series of figures standing at about 3-4 in. tall). The green version was released as part of Series 4, Wave 18 in August 2012. Gray version was part of Wave 23 in September 2013. As you can see this Hulk looks pretty damn good. If you are familiar with the earlier Hulk versions then you know what I am talking about.

This figure is perfectly sculpted with plenty of detail. I mean, even his skin has cross hatching to give it texture. The paint job is nearly perfect and the articulation is plentiful. I bought these online since they were difficult in the beginning to find. But if you do a little searching you should still be able to find them on the hook at your local comic book shop or Target.

My only issue is that the figure is rather slim. Not much thickness to his torso. But this must be a winning design since it has been used at least four other times in similar Hulk lines. There is also a red version included in a figure 4 pack.

Snatch them up now before , as I stated, the Marvel Universe line vanishes…


Avg. eBay prices:

  • $10-16 in package / loose unavailable (11/5/18)
  • $12 loose / $30 in-package (7/19/17)
  • $20 (4/27/16)
  • Prices still current (4/16/15)

Disney Marvel Universe PVC Hulk (2012)

disney hulk-small

This figure seems to go unnoticed but I think thats unfair since its a nice little piece. This figure is your standard Hulk in attack pose. Seems like he is about to rush in and save someone. He comes in the Disney 7-Piece  figurine playset. So unless you buy this guy off eBay (Which I did), or from a seller, you will need to buy the entire set. Other figures included are Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Ms. Marvel. This particular set was released in February 2012.

Each figure stands about 3-4 inches tall and are made of PVC plastic. The figure doesn’t have much weight. The paint job is decent, but my real gripe is where the multiple pieces of the figure snap together. They don’t quite fit well together. Also each time I look at him I cannot decide if his pants are blue or purple. I try to convince myself they are purple, but I think they are blue. Which is too bad. Why can’t they leave him with his classic colors? But I guess I can accept the blue over the tan. I’m looking at you Lego Hulk!!

The entire set retails for around $30. To buy him separately on eBay can be difficult. I was able to snatch him up for around $7.00.

Current eBay prices:

  • $12 for whole set (7/16/18)
  • $15 for the whole set loose or single ornament (3/24/17)
  • $15 as a tree ornament (4/27/16)
  • $66 for the whole set (6/10/15)
  •  $14 separately (9/29/13).

NYCC 2011- Compound Hulk (Marvel Universe)

compositeFor todays collection addition I give you the infamous Compound Hulk. He was featured in Hulk #30, or to be more accurate “they” were featured. For you see it was in this issue the Impossible Man visited Earth, and to help it, merged both the Red and Green Hulk. This way they kept the strength of the green hulk and the tactics of the Red Hulk. Along with certain psychic blocking abilities of the Green Hulk.

Anyways this figure was featured exclusively at New York Comic-Con back in 2011. It came complete with its unique, stand, packaging, and a collectible box. I purchased this figure for around $35 on eBay. Thankfully the collector I bought it from had already put the figure (still in original packaging) in a plastic case and kept the original box. This figure was a limited production. I was unable to find the exact number that were made for this event.  He retailed for $11 at the booth.

Essentially the figure is the Marvel Universe’s Red Hulk toy, except it was produced  as a green hulk and half of it was painted red and black. Thus the quality and articulation are exactly the same to the Red Hulk. Please refer to my post on the red hulk here for further details. Due to this and its rare availability it is one of the few hulk figures I have deemed worthy to remain packaged.

Overall the paint job is nice…however a few spots could have been touched up more ( a little green is showing through the red). The card itself is unique and has the Impossible man plastered on the back and front. The stand reads #50/50. Probably not the best hulk figure based on it similarity to the red hulk figure. Nonetheless this is a unique and important addition to any hulk collection, in my opinion. 

eBay prices:

  • $50-100 (7/10/18)
  • $40 loose / $50-100 in package (3/16/17)
  • $50-$100 (4/27/16)
  • $55 in-package (6/10/15)
  • $50-110 (9/1/14)
  • $40-100 (8/16/13)

World War Hulk (2010) / Red Hulk (2009) (Marvel Universe)

For today I have decided to do a two-for-the-price-of-one. These two figures are part of the Marvel Universe Toy line. They stand roughly 3-3/4 in. tall, much like the rest of the line up. Both retail for around $10.

World War Hulk (Wave 12/003)

This figure was released in December 2010. This figure’s sculpt includes detailed skin markings and wrinkles. The armor is also wonderfully rendered. I originally purchased this because at the time the only other Hulk figure in the line up was the original green hulk. And that figure was, quite frankly, a disappointment. This hulk was leaps and bounds above that other one. And I may be wrong but I think this figure influenced all later sculpted hulk figures for this toy series. The articulation is very nice and he comes with detachable armor and weaponry. Heck, even his sword can be unsheathed and held by the green warrior. A nice base is also included to assist in posing the figure. Overall a very nice specimen.

Average eBay value:

  • $15 loose – $20 in package (7/10/18)
  • $15 loose – $20 in package (3/13/17)
  • $10-15 (4/27/16)
  • $15 (6/10/15)
  • $10-20 (9/1/14)
  • $8-20 (7-22-13)

hulk 2 pair

Red Hulk  (Wave 4/028)

Released in May 2009 this figure was created around the same time the original green hulk figure was on shelves. So this figure borrowed heavily from the same sculpt and source material. And as I mentioned earlier I was not a fan of that figure of hulk. However, this figure was in some ways sculpted better and especially the head was better modeled on the comics. I also should mention, being this is my first mention of Red Hulk, he is not Bruce Banner. Thus he is a different character entirely. I am not a fan of the Red Hulk, but I do like the way he looks and he happens to work closely with the green hulk from time to time. And sometimes it can be quite interesting (compound hulk). Getting back to the figure…he is better sculpted then the other hulks at this time. His articulation leaves something to be desired. Mostly his legs are a problem. They don’t move quite well and are difficult to pose. Honestly it seems the figure is too bulky to move pose properly. The other hulks had the same issues. They improved their designs with slimmer figures able to better adjust to their joints. And I also learned that their were two different red hulks at this time…sculpted the same except one had a matte finish and the other glossy. I seem to have the glossy version.

Average eBay value:

  • $15 (7/10/18)
  • $15 loose – $20 in package (3/13/17)
  • $10 loose – $15-25 in package (4/27/16)
  • $15 (6/10/15)
  • $12-20 (9/1/14)
  • $5-25 (7-22-13)