Hulk’s in a Car Commerical

Here is another random commercial featuring mean green. This time he saves a city…with the “help” of a SUV. I don’t know what’s going on. Just watch it and move on.


Anime Hulk? Yes Please!!

So it seems another Avenger’s tv series will be coming. Except this one is from…Japan. ¬†Walt Disney Studios has green-lit a Japanese based Avengers series starring Captain America, Iron Man, Thor…and HULK. Along with the other usual suspects which includes Spiderman. I don’t know about you but this is exciting. I am not a huge fan of anime but those artists know how to make anything look cool. I was incredibly jealous when an anime version of Wolverine and Iron Man was released. Where was HULK huh?!?!

The series will be called ‘Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers’ and will premier in Spring 2014. More details to be released in the coming months. What do you think? Is this exciting news? Or simply another money making, content destroying scheme by Disney?

It’s Avenger’s Time!!

Recently I was watching some episodes of MAD and happened across an episode featuring this little gem. Since I am both a huge fan of the Hulk..and Adventure Time…this had to be shared. So grab your friends…explore some distant lands…and SMASH EM’!!