Marvel’s Legacy is Incredible CRAP

If you are not aware Marvel is introducing a new  series called Legacy in order to “honor” the characters of the past with the use of their newer counterparts. 

I am not reading the other titles, but in the case of the Hulk they are crapping all over his legacy in my opinion. They have decided with the introduction of the TA (totally awesome) Hulk visiting the Planet Hulk storyline to renumber the issue and rename it Incredible Hulk 709. 

This is clearly another attempt to make this character “a thing”. Frankly I find this move confusing for any new Hulk fans coming onboard after seeing the Avengers movies. This is NOT THE SAME HULK. He is a poser.

I was willing to be ok with this new Hulk in operating under his own title, but for Marvel to come along and give him the moniker of “incredible” is a huge load of crap. 

They never tried doing this with the Red Hulk. I am not a huge fan of the Red Hulk but he is his own character. He operates fine on his own and was never used to muscle in one the original Hulks position. I actually enjoy the Red Hulk more then this TA Hulk. 

I am not reading the other titles with the new characters so I don’t know how they are ripping on their Legacy characters with this new series. But speaking as a Hulk fan I am truly disappointed with Marvel. Once again you have lost out on money from me.  I have since even given up on their new She-Hulk series. Seems the only good Hulk story is Old Man Logan at this time.

Get your act together Marvel. Seriously. 


Tales to Astonish #91


Writer: Stan Lee / Cover Artist: Gil Kane / Artist: Bill Everett

Released in May 1967 was Tales to Astonish #91. This issue is notable for featuring, for the first time on the cover, the Abomination. However, the Abomination’s first appearance is actually in TTA #90. The Abomination has been a long time foe of the Hulk and one of the most recognized bad guys in the Marvel universe.

As is the structure of Tales to Astonish this comic hold two stories. The first is dedicated to Namor. I am not a fan of Namor so I will not go into detail on his story.

For the Hulk’s story titled “Whomsoever Harms the Hulk…!” we find Abomination has defeated the Hulk and gone into hiding. The Hulk is revived by General Ross and turned back into Banner. Banner then lures Abomination back for a re-match in which the Hulk actually proves victorious. However, the Abomination is abducted by a stranger in hopes of making him any ally. Hulk then runs off to be alone.

The story isn’t amazing and its short. But it is the second encounter between Hulk and Abomination, so its historical if nothing else. Also, you see the Abomination very little. I was kind of surprised by that. Honestly, my only interest was in the the cover. It shows the two giants clashing for the first time ever. For me this was a special event. A rivalry on the same level as Spiderman and Doc Ock.

Good news is this comic is not that expensive right now. You can nab it for $30 or more depending on quality. I think I got mine for less due to the wear and tear on it.

eBay Prices:

  • $30-150 depending on condition (9/13/16)

Incredible Hulk #6


Writer: Stan Lee / Cover: Steve Ditko / Artist: Steve Ditko


Here is one of the prize gems in my comic collection, Incredible Hulk #6. Released in March 1963, this was the last issue in the original run of the Incredible Hulk. Mean green would continue to exist in the Avengers or in Tales to Astonish until 1968 when Incredible Hulk #102 would reintroduce him. Yes, my issue is bit beat up but to own any of these old issues costs a small fortune. A beat up copy is sometimes the only way to have them all.

Sadly this comic has the weakest story of the run and some of the strangest moments I think most Hulk fans would rather forget. This issue proves that Stan Lee was really trying everything with this character and seeing what stuck.This is also the first issue where Ditko takes over the art direction from Kirby.


hulk maskFor example in these early issues Banner can only change to Hulk with the aide of a Gamma Machine (or the Moon). However, during one transformation, it isn’t completed. He is changed, except for having Banner’s physical head and face. So the Hulk has to wear a mask to disguise himself completely so no one knows he’s Banner. An interesting twist. I had never considered a disguise being an issue for someone who changed his body at the molecular level.


In addition the Hulk is much smarter and outsmarts the metal master using a gun. A gun! I won’t spoil how. But its a pretty low-tech solution.




And finally we get to see another moment that does influence the future of the character and become canon…but in reverse. In this issue Hulk becomes so mad that he actually reverts back to Banner without the use of the Gamma machine. In future issues it would be anger that would bring out the Hulk. I’m sure this moment would inspire future Hulk writer Peter David to bring this idea back and give us the ‘Savage Banner’ .

The comic ends with Metal Master defeated with the help of the Teen Brigade (First appearance) and Banner hoping to leave the Hulk behind him.


Average eBay Value:

  • $130-350+ depending on quality (8/2/16)

Incredible Hulk #457


Writer: Peter David / Artist: David Brewer / Cover: Adam Kubert

This post is a continuation of another post on Incredible Hulk #456. During the previous issue Hulk is recruited by Apocalypse to be his new Horsemen of War.

This comic features the Absorbing Man and Juggernaut. Both are no match for this new and improved Hulk. It will take the intervention of friends in order to bring the green beast back to reality. This issue was released in October 1997.

This War Hulk ends in this issue, which is a shame since (as I’ve stated before) I love this new look. And I must not be alone in thinking this as it became a featured armor in the popular MMO game, Marvel Heroes.

I would love it if this armor made a comeback.

Average eBay Price:

  • $4-8 (7/21/16)

Tales to Astonish #60



Writer: Stan Lee / Cover: Jack Kirby / Artist: Dick Ayres

When the Hulk’s series ended in 1963 he got shuffled around a bit. Initially he showed up in the Avengers. Later in 1964 he would be injected into the Tales to Astonish series. His first appearance would be in Tales to Astonish #59 in which he would battle Giant Man. However, it is with this issue that he would begin to be a main character in the series until #101. Issue 102 would then become ‘The Incredible Hulk’.

This issue basically gives Hulk at least half his own book. It’s strange this comic isn’t more valued then it is. #59 is valued since it’s his first OFFICIAL appearance, but this issue begins the ‘Big Change’ for both TTA and for the Hulk to eventually stand on his own again.

Given that the Hulk has fewer pages the story is bit sparse and quick. Basically Banner builds super robot. Hulk fights super robot. Hulk loses. Robot gets away. It seems to be a common theme that despite the comic’s boast as to him being the strongest mortal, he gets defeated an awful lot. I wonder if this armor helped inspire the Hulkbuster armor Ironman would eventually make. It looks very similar. TTA60-intro1

I would honestly say my favorite part about this issue is the little blurb they put on the intro page next to Banner’s hand. “Can a man with green skin and a petulant personality find true happiness in today’s status seeking society?” I think we all know the answer to that one.

Average eBay Price:

  • $45 +/- depending on condition (6/17/16)

Incredible Hulk #162


Writer: Steve Englehart / Artist: Herb Trimpe and Sal Trapani / Editor: Roy Thomas

This comic is considered a key issue within the Hulk series, as it it the first appearance of the Wendigo. Released April 1973.

The Hulk is traipsing through the great Canadian North and stumbles upon this white beast. The Wendigo quickly proves he is strong enough to take on Hulk. Though it seems strength is not the deciding factor in this issue and eventually no one wins really.

The cover would indicate the Wendigo speaks but in reality doesn’t. At least not this way. All the Wendigo does is howl it’s own name. But there is a degree of conversation between them but I won’t say how.

Overall the story is ok. I certainly enjoy later incarnations of the Wendigo in comparison to this one. The Hulk learns an important lesson regarding his strength and the writers use this opportunity to establish more parts of Hulk’s psychology. If nothing else this is a great issue for setting the stage for the appearance of another new and even more famous character, The Wolverine (Incredible Hulk #181)!

As of writing this, pricing for this book is very affordable.

Average eBay prices:

  • $50 +/- based on condition (6/13/16)

Incredible Hulk Classics Mecha-Hulk (2004)

This figure has been one of the most sought after Hulk figures by many people. I myself purchased one when it originally hit stores in 2003, but stupid younger me decided to get rid of a robo hulkbunch of stuff which sadly included this guy (but I will admit he was pretty roughed up from playing with). I had to re-purchase this guy at a comic convention many years later for much more.

This is the Mecha-Hulk and before you ask, No, there isn’t a comic featuring this guy. It was made specifically for the toy line. If I am incorrect please feel free to comment. There are robotic Hulks in the comics, but none that look like this guy.

The idea behind this guy seems to be what-if the Hulk was a Terminator/Gundam. He also seems to be the creation of the Gargoyle (who indeed pilots the behemoth via an internal compartment). The figure’s back actually opens up and inside is a tiny Gargoyle figure (not pictured).

This figure is surprisingly well designed, sculpted, and painted. He is huge in comparison to the other Hulks in his lineup. His articulation is not lacking as well. He can be posed just about any way you wish, but his bulk can make that difficult. I also recommend going easy on his head because the little cables on the neck can break (learned from experience with the first one I owned).

The detail in this figure is staggering. You can see the individual wires and cables in both hands and feet. The paint job also gives this figure the feeling of real metal. Very little is ignored in its creation. There are numerous little cables hanging off the legs and neck making it truly feel like a machine.

As an added bonus his chest opens up ‘Guyver style’ and launches missiles from each pectoral. Which is cool, but these missiles are easily lost and the little doors can break off just as easily (another thing I learned from my first one). In fact, it is hard to find this figure with both doors still attached. Aside from the one I originally bought and the one I currently own I have never seen another figure fully intact.

In short, if you see this guy and if he’s within your price range…buy him. He is hard to find, and even harder to find fully intact. In the package he is usually worth twice as much, or more, as loose.

Avg. eBay prices:

  • $80-$90 loose / $170 in-package (7/19/17)
  • $150 in package / $80-90 loose (2/19/16)