Old Man Logan versus The Maestro – Days of Anger Review (2018)

In case you weren’t aware, in 2018 Hulk and Wolverine clashed in a major way. But not exactly as they have before. In this particular series we see the future versions of them trading fists. Old Man Logan meets up with a crazed old Hulk from an alternate timeline, The Maestro. Marvel’s truly grumpy old men.

This storyline is titled ‘Days of Anger’ and is collected in two parts from within the Old Man Logan series. Part one is told in issues #25-30, while part two is completed in issues #48-50.

My overall opinion of this series is that it was intense, shocking, and glorious. Seeing these old rivals go at each other once more was entertaining as hell. Each both seasoned from life and years of battle. Both knowing exactly what they are capable of.

That being said I would say I enjoyed Part One the most. In many ways it was a sequel to the original Old Man Logan. We see the Maestro entering into Logan’s future timeline to find the Hulk clan all but extinct. He recruits the survivors promising a new world they could rule and brings them to present times where Logan is already living. Not sure how he is, but he is. This story basically deals with Maestro’s attempt to turn the world into a Hulk paradise. Of course, Logan disagrees with this course of action. I felt the art was better and five issues allowed time for the narrative to breathe and absorb the events in proper time.

Part Two dealt with Maestro controlling a small Canadian town as his own private kingdom. Logan comes along to save the day. But this doesn’t go as planned. Part two had some good art, but I felt like corners were cut at times. The story also moved along pretty quickly as it only had three issues. Which is a shame given the conclusion of this story being something totally unexpected, but ultimately badass.

So if you are wanting something to read involving the Hulk – don’t let this story pass you by. And especially if you love the Maestro – which I do – you won’t be disappointed with this. The writers took the character’s origins (created by Peter David/GeorgePerez) as the king of an apocalyptic wasteland kingdom and gave the character a more modern day environment. They made the character of Maestro a more sadistic, malicious and overall evil villain. A being whose power and malice could rival that of Thanos himself. Which made it all the more satisfying as Logan tore into him.

This story may not be a huge Marvel event, but it is definitely a huge step in the evolution of Logan and especially the Maestro.



Variant Alert: Hulk 2018 Variants

Well in terms of variants we have had a gamma bomb of them go off. Starting early February and ending in early March a steady stream of Hulk variant covers have been appearing on various other titles. List is below. Most likely to help usher in the return of the Incredible…err…Immortal Hulk.

I myself avoid most variants but on occasion a cover comes along I must have. Thankfully most of these sold for about $6 and they celebrate key moments in the Hulk’s past. So…I grabbed a few of them.  Some cause I loved the art, others cause I liked the artist.

In any case they have made me pumped for the return of mean green. GET SMASHED.

List of variants released. Bold items are ones I felt worth owning (pictures included below).

19.   VENOM #161 by RON LIM
20.   X-MEN: GOLD #21 by ADI GRANOV

Variant Alert: Old Man Logan #25 (Tom Grummett)

Here we go with an homage variant of the classic cover from Incredible Hulk #181. The very issue when Wolverine was introduced to the Marvel universe and his first act was to square off with the Hulk. Lucky guy. I typically enjoy variants that pay tribute to classic covers such as Incredible Hulk #1. But typically the internal story doesn’t reflect the cover. It’s a cash grab like most variants are. But this cover (though it doesn’t quite reflect the internal story) still resonates for me.


Here we have Wolverine, much older, taking on his new persona as just Logan meeting up with an older Hulk, who is also donning his new persona, as the Maestro. In a sense they are meeting up for the first time all over again. This cover variant actually does make sense.

Maestro and Logan are in my opinion Marvel’s grumpy old men. This cover reflects where they started, as a rivalry, and where they are today (…or in the future).

When I saw this was being made I had to try and grab it. I don’t own Hulk 181, but I hope to some day. I really think having that comic sitting next to this one really shows an interesting character arc going on 43 years! Not to mention I really love the Maestro.

I managed to go to my local comic shop on it’s release date (June 14, 2017) and I was able to snag one for $8! Which was awesome as there were only two in the store at the time. Unfortunately both seemed to have been damaged either during printing or shipping as both had white markings in the top left corner. So I picked the one that seemed to have the least damage. A small issue as the rest of the comic was pristine. I don’t intend on selling it anytime soon, but I hope if I ever do it doesn’t impact the price too much.

Currently, if you were unlucky enough to get one in stores, you can find this variant online. On eBay the prices for this variant go for around $30. Which is still affordable if you really want it. Which, of course you do!


An Incredible Resurrection

I must have missed the teaser but it seems Marvel is debuting a new series in the summer titled ‘Generations’. Recent news broke regarding the details of the story and for us Hulk fans it is very exciting news.

This new series will involve 10 one-shot issues. Each issue will be devoted to a particular character and his/her old and new incarnations. For example Wolverine and X-23 or IronMan’s Tony Stark and Riri Williams.And it’s been confirmed that Hulk will not be left out of this event. An issue is promised to team up both Hulks; the incredible Bruce and the awesome Amadeus. Hence the title of ‘Generations’.c4znvg8xuaelh8s-720x506

It has not been revealed how characters like Logan or Bruce will be resurrected for this event except the Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso is quoted mentioning an “ingenious device”. Is this time travel? An alternate dimension?

In any case I am excited to see the old Hulk back (and not just as a samurai zombie). I unfortunately will have to endure the new Hulk being present. But perhaps this issue will help me appreciate him a bit more. We will see.

Keep your ears open for more news in the coming months. The first issue should drop in July 2017 and wrap up the series in September.


Batch H: Secrets Revealed

So its been recently announced what the deal is with the teaser image of a supposed Hulk/Wolverine hybrid in the green tank.

Well it seems a new crossover titled “Weapons of Mutant Destruction” will be created and feature casts from Weapon X and Totally Awesome Hulk. Amadeus Cho (the “awesome” Hulk) will team up with characters like Old Man Logan, Sabretooth and Lady Deathstrike. They will work together to stop a secret project meant to create hybrid mutants much like the Hulk/Wolverine creature teased in the earlier photo.

Now this does sound pretty cool, but I am TOTALLY not a fan of this new Hulk. So right off the bat I am sadly dismissing this series. If this was the old, more intense rage -filled Hulk you would be having me throw money at you. But alas Marvel…I will keep my money.

What also pisses me off is in reference to IGN’s coverage of this. They mention this is a “natural fit, given the long rivalry between Wolverine and Hulk..” THIS IS NOT THE SAME HULK! The rivalry is not there! At least I am not aware of Amadeus having issues with Logan.In any case it’s not the same thing. Old Man Logan and Amadeus are not in the same ballpark as far as I’m concerned.

But I can see what they are doing by making old and new characters match up. Doesn’t change my mind on this though.

Grumpy Old Men

Don’t you hate it when the elderly get angry about something? Get off my lawn. My food is cold! My back hurts! Well what if they could throw a bus or cut you in half before you could blink? Well that’s what’s happening. Marvel’s grumpiest old men are going to duke it out. And who other could they be then Old Man Logan and the Maestro.


That’s right. It’s been confirmed that in the future issue of Old Man Logan #25 the scrapper with claws will encounter the green king himself. The Maestro decides to journey back in time to present day and take over the Hulk clan that Logan had decimated in his earlier adventure. This should prove to be a challenge for the retired Wolverine as the Maestro has even given the original Hulk issues on multiple occasions.

This story is also meant to begin the start of a new creative team taking over the title going forward. Being a Maestro fan this is definitely a comic I’ll be picking up when it comes out.

The issue should be released in June 2017.

Marvel Knights: Ultimate Wolverine Versus Hulk DVD review

So after much patience the new Marvel Knights installment of Ultimate Wolverine VS Hulk dropped on DVD yesterday. After checking at least five stores I was able to snatch a copy from Wal-Mart. DVD released September 10, 2013.

The case it comes in is very thin and light. Don’t expect a typical DVD case. 

Anyone familiar with the Marvel Knights series knows that essentially this is an animated comic book with voice overs and music. This is not an animated film like the older HULK VS or Planet Hulk. So some of the animations are a bit weird. However the voiceover work is solid and the music/sound effects really solidify the drawings as a living world.

Hulk is pure-smashing Hulk. Which I truly appreciate after having to deal with Agents of SMASH these past few weeks. Logan is also the tough a$$hole we have all come to love. If you are familiar with the series of comics this is pulled from then you know what the story is about and its emotional tone. The hulk is vicious and a killer. Logan is not much better. However, both characters have their moments of morality. An animal and a monster…but deep down there is a human being in each of them. Hulk rips things apart and keeps some rather erotic company up in the mountains. Logan is ripped to pieces throughout and keeps coming back for more fun.

I do have a few reservations regarding the story…but that’s mostly since I am not familiar with that era of Hulk. When did Betty Ross become a green she-hulk?? Why is Jennifer Walters a doctor?  If anyone can answer these questions I would greatly appreciate it.

Additionally the story unfolds in six 10 minute episodes. Which is kind of annoying if you want to watch all six straight through. So be prepared to fast forward through credits and the intro video six times. Why couldn’t they have simply made a merged option?

The single featurette is kind of nice. Basically exploring a little back story on the making of the comic and animated version. Not much more then that. No other special features are included.

The DVD retails for around $10 so it is well worth the money.