Ragnarok Reveals: Hulk Lego and Art

Each day brings us closer and closer to November 3rd.The day of Ragnarok. And slowly details and photos are leaking regarding the film. Recently images surfaced of the new Lego mini figs. In fact it seems loose figuresĀ have begun making it onto eBay with large prices from China.

rafnarok artFeel free to look online for more photos regarding Thor and whatnot. Our focus here is the Hulk. Looking at the Gladiator Hulk mini-figure I realized I missed out on another new feature of this Hulk. His tattoos/body paint. If you see the artwork leaked some months back you can kind of see the marks but they blend in with the highlights. I missed them. But with this latest figure it confirms the basic new look for the Hulk. The armor, of course, being expected given the photos from SDCC.hulkragnarok-lego




Each new reveal makes me even more pumped for the new movie. Given there is so much Hulk in this it actually makes me sad this movie doesn’t have the dual title of Thor & Hulk: Ragnarok! Alas, we Hulk fans will take what we can get. I just hope they do the character justice. Especially if they plan for him to open his mouth in this installment.

Get Smashed!!


Lego Hulk (2012)

This is another unique Hulk figure you won’t find easily…or in most comic shops. This figure was released in a Lego set called ‘Hulk’s Helicarrier Breakout’. He came complete with the actual Helicarrier and figures of Hawkeye, Loki, and Thor. The set was released in April 2012 and retailed for $50. So unless you want the whole set you will need to pursue sites like eBay for a Hulk sold separately.

Lego Hulk-smallThe figure itself is about 4 in tall making it bigger then most Lego mini-figures. There are apparently two variants of this figure…the version pictured here from the Helicarrier set and an Avenger’s Assemble version which has purple pants. I have never seen the purple pants version and will see if I can get my hands on it.

His arms can rotate at the shoulder and the hands can turn at the wrist. Other then that the figure is pretty static. Being a Lego figure he has a minimal paint scheme and design. However, he is still a neat little cartoonish version of the Hulk and a great addition to the collection. He is especially important if you are a fan of the latest Lego Marvel Superheroes Game which features this green beast. The best part of the game involved this guy in my opinion.

If you check out my earlier posts I have a video posted that Marvel made featuring this version of Hulk. So check it out.

I managed to get mine for $22.

Avg. eBay price ranges:

  • $10-20 (3/24/2017)
  • $20 (4/27/16)
  • $20-30 (4/16/15)
  • $20-40 (12/26/13)


Don’t Cheese Off Hulk!

This video is the fourth episode in a series of five episodes created by Lego and Marvel. I am featuring it since it features an epic Lego battle between Hulk and Abomination. I recommend you watch the other episodes first to understand the plot. There is also some Hulk in the fifth episode. I think these are very cute…but surprisingly I find this better then Agents of SMASH. Get SMASHED!