Ragnarok Reveals: Hulk Lego and Art

Each day brings us closer and closer to November 3rd.The day of Ragnarok. And slowly details and photos are leaking regarding the film. Recently images surfaced of the new Lego mini figs. In fact it seems loose figures have begun making it onto eBay with large prices from China.

rafnarok artFeel free to look online for more photos regarding Thor and whatnot. Our focus here is the Hulk. Looking at the Gladiator Hulk mini-figure I realized I missed out on another new feature of this Hulk. His tattoos/body paint. If you see the artwork leaked some months back you can kind of see the marks but they blend in with the highlights. I missed them. But with this latest figure it confirms the basic new look for the Hulk. The armor, of course, being expected given the photos from SDCC.hulkragnarok-lego




Each new reveal makes me even more pumped for the new movie. Given there is so much Hulk in this it actually makes me sad this movie doesn’t have the dual title of Thor & Hulk: Ragnarok! Alas, we Hulk fans will take what we can get. I just hope they do the character justice. Especially if they plan for him to open his mouth in this installment.

Get Smashed!!


Batch-H: Will Hulk pop some claws?

So its been revealed by Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso that a new character is being cooked up…literally. He tweeted the photo shown below stating ‘Under Construction’. The figure appears big, muscular, and green; but with the inclusion of some very recognizable claws.


We must first ask if this is indeed a Hulk. Well the green liquid and large size certainly attribute as such. And the fact its referred to as Batch “H” well that can only stand for Hulk right? Unless that’s Hawkeye in there or something.

Which then leads to the next question; which Hulk is this? Is he a NEW Hulk? The Totally Awesome Hulk? Or could this be our beloved INCREDIBLE HULK back from the dead (again) somehow?

If it’s not Bruce Banner then I at least hope this is a new Hulk to help wash the bad taste of the Amadeus Hulk out of my mouth. Imagine a Hulk with the mind and tools of Wolverine…and unleashed! Now that would be awesome.

Yes, Yes, I do recall Wolverage from the Hulked out Heroes storyline. But also what if this Hulk has an Adamantium skeleton? What if he has other powers not revealed here? Is he the first batch of many? Could there be other characters on the horizon with hybrid abilities? Captain America with Spidey sense? Black Panther with lazer eyes?

Things could get very interesting. We will have to wait and see.

Reassemble (New game teaser?)

Dropping today (1/27/17) a new trailer teasing a new Marvel Avengers game featuring Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk!The theme of the trailer was reassembly and needing heroes. For a brief moment you see a pair of broken glasses and hear the Hulk’s distant roar.

What’s exciting about this is the game developers involved. We are talking the talents of studios behind Final Fantasy and Deus Ex making this game. Could it be we are getting a fully fleshed out Avengers game and not just some Lego kiddy adventure?

If so I am so pumped to play as the Hulk! I would love another stand alone Hulk game but I’ll certainly take this in the meantime. Check out the trailer below. Hopefully we get more details soon.

‘Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell’ Movie Announced!

UntitledSan Diego Comic Con is over but it has left us with plenty to be excited about. In addition to the super sweet Gladiator armor for the Hulk (to be featured in Thor: Ragnarok) seems a new animated Hulk movie has been announced.

Due to arrive in Fall of this year, ‘Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell’ is to feature our green goliath co-starring alongside Dr. Strange. No doubt in order to drum up excitement for the new Dr. Strange movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Given the film is releasing in November I am going to predict ‘Monsters Dwell’ will release in October to coincide with the Halloween season.


The Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D.


To further support my prediction, Strange and Hulk will be joined by the Howling Commandos. This name is attributed to a few military groups within the Marvel Universe. Most notably they were featured more or less in the first Captain America movie. However,the report given on this film details the words “monster team”. So I am assuming its the more ferocious team shown here.

If this wasn’t exciting enough it’s been promised this film will be more “adult-oriented”. In such the way it is being compared to DC’s soon to be released “Batman: The Killing Joke” movie. This alone is great because after having to deal with the absurdity that was the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. I am so ready for Hulk to go nuts!

With all this said I think we Hulk fans have something to look forward to. I know I’m excited and I’m ready to get SMASHED!



Latest Update – RELEASE DATE AND SNEAK PEEK – 10/10/16 (first released clip)


To see the full report go here. http://www.newsarama.com/30366-marvel-s-secret-wars-gets-animated.html


Book Review: What Savage Beast

Though the Hulk was born of the comics and continues to rampage within the Marvel cinematic universe, he does on occasion make it into the world of novels.

103078One such novel is ‘What Savage Beast’ by Peter David. In case you don’t recognize that name Peter David is an award winning writer who worked on the Incredible Hulk over the course of 13 years. Many would argue his stories infused the Hulk with new life and breadth. There is probably not a single Hulk fan who doesn’t have at least one favorite comic written by this man. Much of what the Hulk is today is influenced by Peter David.

That being said it’s not a surprise that Marvel commissioned him to write a novel based on the Hulk. More specifically a story based around arguably Peter David’s lasting contribution to the Hulk, his future. I won’t go into too much detail except to say a fair bit of the story revolves around the events that occurred during the ‘Future Imperfect’ story line. This includes an old nemesis with a beard. I’m sure you can guess who at this point.

The story tackles a number of subjects including family relationships, friendships, and doing what is right in the face of cold logic and deep hate. David brings is many various incarnations of the Hulk so don’t be surprised to see some old favorites. Not to mention Hulk will re-visit some iconic locations. The ending was a bit anti-climatic for me, but of course it couldn’t exactly end on a happy ending. This is the Hulk we are talking about.

Don’t think this story is for kids. The story does explore some deep issues and in some cases very disturbing ones. David is an amazing writer and he doesn’t hold back here. This book is in many ways his love letter to the Hulk, and to the fans. If you are a Hulk fan I truly doubt you will go away from this disappointed. However, if you are a newer fan you may find yourself a bit lost in what is occurring. If you are in this situation I suggest you at least read ‘Future Imperfect’ beforehand.

Another little treat is that despite the book’s cover (which I really hate) each chapter is prefaced by an illustration by George Perez. Perez is a legendary Marvel and DC artist who also just so happened to do the art for ‘Future Imperfect’ along with David. I truly believe the book would have done better had Perez done the cover. The one used makes Hulk look kinda goofy.

Overall I truly enjoyed this book and I think any Hulk fan will as well. New fans may have to brush up a bit, but it’s still a fun ride. The ending is a bit weak, but the rest of the story is strong. Very strong. And green.

Get Smashed!

Hulk Solo Film: History Repeating Itself??

The Hulk is missing in action. No one seems to know where he is… BUT this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Hulk may just be going through a phase, one he’s been through before. So lets talk about the jade giants rough upbringing and how he has always been a problem child for Marvel. And what the future might hold.


Few could argue that the Hulk has become much more popular and mainstream since hitting the screen with his fellow Avengers. Prior to this success the Hulk was barely scraping by with two satisfactory films. The second one arguably more faithful and enjoyable then the previous one.

Thankfully the Hulk found his place when assembled alongside other Marvel heroes. But unless you have been collecting comics since the 60’s you probably wouldn’t know that this all happened once before. The Hulk wasn’t a success when he first appeared in comics either.

detailThe Hulk debuted in Incredible Hulk #1 released in 1962. By 1963 he would be cancelled with a whopping six issues total. Just six! The Hulk was seemingly dead, at least until later that year he would show up with friends.The Avengers

detail1Alongside the Avengers would the Hulk stay for roughly 5 years. Also during this time he would show up in the pages of ‘Tales to Astonish’ where he would either fight other heroes or team up for a short time. However, in 1968, the jade giant would explode onto the scene again in his own exclusive magazine, Incredible Hulk #102. This would begin the Hulk’s legacy anew and despite later “re-imaginings” of the character he would continue to SMASH more or less well into the new millennium.

So what does this say about ol’ greenie? Well it means that the Hulk is finding his audience again. He is finding himself again. The Hulk is a notoriously hard character to sell to people because of his literary heritage. The Hulk is literally the son of Frankenstein and Jekyll n’ Hyde (even Stan Lee admits this). Both are very deep, nuanced stories about not so very good people. So trying to sell the hybrid of these two as a superhero is a hard thing to pull off. It was difficult back in the 1960’s and its difficult now in the early 2000’s. It’s relatively easy to write and explain a story about Captain America or Iron Man. Their motivations and quirks can be more enjoyable and easier to understand. The Hulk is a loose cannon and can be the greatest hero or the worst enemy depending on the situation. Not to mention the whole dark psychology of Banner.

The Hulk endured two decent, but not really catchy movies (much like his 6 initial comic issues). The Hulk was then teamed up with the Avengers (just like how he was transferred to the Avengers in the comics when his magazine ended). And in the near future it is confirmed Hulk and Thor will be teamed up in Thor: Ragnarok (much like in Tales to Astonish).

If this pattern continues then one could infer the Hulk is only beginning to make his mark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A solo film could very well be on the horizon. And not just one film but many. He and Marvel just need time to find his green groove.

Get Smashed!



Hulk’s hidden Movie

So I think it’s easy to say us Gamma Bros and Gamma Girls have been vindicated in our love for the Green giant. Since the first Avengers movie he has exploded in popularity. I have seen more toys, blankets, clothing, animated shows, etc in recent years then in any year previously.

And still we have yet to receive a new solo Hulk film. And I can understand, the previous Hulk films did not receive enough love (at least when compared to Iron Man or Thor). I feel this is mostly due to the fact of budget and story malleability. It cost’s a lot to put the Hulk on screen in comparison to having Robert Downing Jr walk around in a costume. And it is difficult to adapt Hulk to various situations. As a purely action character he does amazingly, but its the quiet moments Hollywood is only beginning to show effectively.

Lets not also forget the Hulk is still tied up with Universal. They still hold rights to the character and I can see them not wanting to let him go just yet. But fear not, Marvel has found a loophole in this. Marvel may not have exclusive rights to Hulk…but they do have rights to the Avengers…which includes Hulk. So a solo Hulk film may not be in the works…but an Avengers film that features Hulk and another Avenger is possible (And this indeed seems to be where things are heading).

Recent news has come out stating the next Thor film will feature Hulk in a very specific way. In addition this story that begins in Thor’s film will continue into other Marvel’s film equating to a solo Hulk story. If you aren’t geeking out yet I certainly am doing it for you.

What kind of story could this be? Well there has been much clamor for a Planet Hulk and/or World War Hulk film. Since Thor tends to deal with issues outside the Earth…maybe he will meet up with Hulk in space? Maybe elements of Planet Hulk will be incorporated 86280-14791-planet-hulkinto Thor’s new film. And maybe…just maybe this could lead into a World War Hulk scenario. It’s mostly conjecture at this point. Honestly, I would be soooo happy to just see Hulk in full gladiator armor battle once in a full arena on some alien world.


Even if World War Hulk doesn’t happen, a gladiator Hulk would make the wait we have all experienced worth it. So we may not be seeing a Hulk title on the big screen anytime soon…but that doesn’t mean we can’t get angry with a smile.