Disney Exclusive Planet Hulk (Marvel Select) (2017)

Attention Hulk fans…this is one figure you DO NOT want to miss out on.

Released in October 2017 is the Disney Store Exclusive Planet Hulk figure. And boy is he gorgeous.


Admittedly I have not collected many Marvel Select figures, but this has got to be the best Marvel Select Hulk figure, if not the best general Marvel Select figure, ever. The attention to detail is amazing. The paint job is awesome (with some slight exceptions). The sculpting is almost spot-on as well.


It IS the definitive Planet Hulk (Green Scar) figure we have been waiting for. This makes the Marvel Legends Planet Hulk figure look like a cheap knock-off by comparison.
This figure looks like an almost exact copy to the Hulk in the comics. Some small design changes are present, but its amazing nonetheless. The sculpting is near perfect. My only gripe is the eyes. They seem a bit doe-eyed to me, but easily remedied by lowering his head down and letting the visor cover them. It’s really more bad-ass this way.

The paint job captures so many little details and really brings this character to life. Only in a few spots on the armor is it a bit sloppy.PH4

The figure’s armor is amazing. I especially love his silver plated arm, complete with spikes. The shield is thankfully included, along with an wicked axe! I think this is the first Hulk figure to include weapons or any sort of add-ons.

This figure is also huge! And heavy. He commands quite a presence when displayed. This does lead to my only other big issue which is the articulation. Due to his bulk and the armor he is limited in his movements. But the poses you can pull off are really cool. This Hulk is quite a display piece. From a distance it looks more like a statue rather then a “toy”.

This figure is only available from the Disney store for $30. So forget asking your local comic shop for it. If you are unlucky enough to not be near a Disney store you will have to shell out $45 or more on Ebay, but other options may exist.



In short, if you are a Hulk fan…BUY THIS! You will be so happy with it guarding your comics.

Get Smashed!



‘Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell’ Review

The Hulk’s latest animated outing falls flat, but makes up for it with character development that hints at the Hulk’s big screen future.


**Warning – slight spoilers ahead***

While we Hulk fans wait patiently for Thor:Ragnarok to hit theatres, we hoped to satisfy ourselves with this newest animated feature made under the Marvel/Disney umbrella. And in some ways it did, but mostly it showed how differently Disney is pulling the strings now.

Since the earliest reports this was being made I was put under the impression this film would be “more adult” and even had it compared to Batman’s ‘The Killing Joke’ animated film. The final product barely sneezed in that direction. This film could easily be described as a Halloween gimmick meant to promote both the new Dr.Strange film and keep kids interested in the Hulk until Ragnarok releases.

The animation was passable and the story was cliche. This basically felt like something that could fit into the Hulk and Agents of SMASH series. Which may be what they wanted. The Hulk in this is a chatterbox and seems more annoyed then angry most of the time. Strange reminded me of his character from the 90’s Hulk cartoon series, so no complaints there. The Howling Commandos were slightly interesting, but we received very little back story on them. The zombie guy was probably the creepiest (and I’m stretching that term) and is most likely the closest to a ‘mature theme’ in this story.

I won’t delve into the stories details; I found it boring for the most part. The main villain in this is Nightmare who offers very little to the plot.

Now I will give it credit where credit is due. At times the Hulk’s fighting scenes are fun to watch. I always enjoy seeing him smash things. But what caught my attention is how they are transitioning and changing the rules slightly on how Banner and Hulk work together. It seems Banner has control of Hulk and can change at will. Hulk is still no fan of Banner though. But near the end it does seem like the two are beginning to work as a team more. Also the stories ability to incorporate Banner into more of it hints at ways Marvel might utilize Mark Ruffalo on screen for future Hulk films.

This was obviously a film with influence from Disney, as previous animated films like ‘Planet Hulk’ or ‘Hulk Vs.’ were much, much better in my opinion.

My final thoughts are as follows. This film is great for kids and young children as a Halloween family film. For adults it is definitely lacking. I would recommend this as a rent not a buy (Which Marvel seems aware of since its only available for digital download at the time of this writing). This is a perfect film to watch while counting candy on Halloween night.



Disney Infinity Hulk (2014)

disney infinity hulk I look at games like Disney Infinity or Skylanders and my wallet cries, but the kid in me goes nuts. I have done well to avoid these games and consequently can still afford to eat. However, in this case I was weak. Disney Infinity recently released (Oct.28th) the Hulk figure for its new Disney Infinity 2.0. Yes the figure was released a month early in the PS4 special edition, but I was not ready to drop $200 bucks for ONE figure. So I waited.

This figure is among the largest of all the figures. The second biggest probably being Venom (which was pretty cool I must admit). I love the simpliefied, animated style of this Hulk (a look you do not see often with this guy). He is made out of solid plastic and has some weight to him. His sculpting is basic but defined. His face could have used a bit more work and mass produced figures like this can get some really odd eye paint jobs (cross-eyed Hulk anyone?) My biggest gripe is the color scheme. The pants are too dark and the skin was too light. The pants look more brown then purple and the skin color is so light you can just barely tell he is green. Why couldn’t they have gone a shade or two darker on the skin and a tad lighter on the pants? He has no articualtion so the pose you see is what you get. Which isn’t bad.

So overall I like this figure. I just wish the color design had been more developed. I mean how hard is it to perfect TWO colors?


Avg. eBay prices:

  • $5-12 (7/19/17)
  • $10-15 (5/9/16)
  • $10-20 (11/7/14)

New Savage Hulk Figure Released

As of now a new Hulk figure is available for purchase through Marvel.com, exclusively until July 7th.

This figure is sculpted by Gabriel Marquez and released by Diamond Select Toys. Hulk is portrayed still wearing his torn clothes, hearkening back to his origins when Bruce first transformed into the green goliath.

I kind of like the sculpt, but I wish the paint job had more detail in the skin. He really does look like a modern day Frankenstein’s monster in this form.

The figure will only be available at Marvelshop.com until July 7th. After which it will slowly be released to Disney Stores nationwide. When I see it in person I will decide if he’s worthy for my collection. Till then enjoy the pics and check out the site!



HULK versus!!! …Mr.Incredible????

Any gamers out there? Have kids? Love Disney? Then its a good bet you are familiar with Disney’s answer for Skylanders…Disney Infinity. In this game you are able to utilize small figures of your favorite Disney characters and import them into your game where you can build and interact with Disney inspired worlds. Personally my inner 5-year old is going nuts over this (and Skylanders) but the adult in me dreads the amount of money and time needed to enjoy it. Mostly money…

But I think I have found a good reason to spend a few bucks on Disney’s next iteration of their game. And of course his name is Hulk. Coming Fall 2014 (possibly September) the Avengers are coming to Infinity 2.0. Yes the Marvel Universe is further squishing itself into the Disney pantheon…which still makes me uncomfortable…but fine I will deal with it. Check out the video below and the figures to be released this Fall.
I don’t know yet if I’ll buy the game to play as Hulk…but I know I will buy the figure at least. Maybe I’ll finally get to see the Hulk wipe the floor with Mr.Incredible. What? Dreams can happen!!


Disney Exclusive Unleashed Hulk (Marvel Select) (2012)

Well here he is boys and girl…Unleashed Hulk. Join me in drooling over all the little details. The veins…the skin…the sculpt…glorious…

hulk blue pants-small

This is an somewhat unusual thing to expect…being as this figure was a DISNEY STORE EXCLUSIVE!! You heard me right this figure…part of the Marvel Select line… is only available through a Disney Store. Nice job Disney. They are certainly making good on their purchase of Marvel. This figure is probably one of the best painted and sculpted Hulk figures out there. Now some have criticized the sculpt’s over abundance of veins (joined with the shades of green) making this figure look a little “swamp-thing” like. And perhaps I agree a little. However, this figure is a welcomed change from all the smooth sculpted, flat painted Hulk figures. This figure was meant to be faithfully adapted from the recent hulk comics. Figure was released in November 2012.

The figure is solidly constructed. The paint is incredibly layered and the sculpting is very detailed. I highly recommend this figure for any Hulk or Marvel Select collection. Articulation is aplenty (14 pts)..however the range of motion (like most Hulk figures) is limited due to his bulk. And of course…he is sporting blue..rather then the classic purple…pants.

As stated he is only available at the Disney store (although he may not be available anymore since I haven’t seen him in months). He retailed for around $25.

Avg. eBay price ranges:

  • $20 loose / $45 in-package (3/24/17)
  • $20 loose / $45 in package (4/27/16)
  • $35 in-package / $25 loose (4/16/15)
  • $35-$60 (12/7/13)