Thor Vs. Hulk: Champions of the Universe – Review

Thor Vs. Hulk: CoU is a six issue series released in 2017 exclusively through Comixology (a digital comicbook store). Though I have heard it plans to release as a complete physical version at a later date.


The premise is simple…pit Thor and Hulk against each other in a series of tests to find the strongest. This series actually has some fun with this and explores many facets of both characters and seeks to dig into what makes them tick. However, the way in which it’s done alongside some mediocre art lends itself to a somewhat less then impressive series.

Following on the heels of Thor: Ragnarok its a fun comic, but not nearly serious enough to gain my full attention. Something the movie did slightly better but had similar issues.

The story however is forgivable. My issue was primarily with the art style which seemed to change with each issue and go from pretty good to “meh”. In other words it was a bit too Saturday morning cartoon for me.

Also, I found the main bad “guy(s)” to be boring and trying too hard to be funny or self-aware. They never really made me feel like what Hulk and Thor were doing was really worth there’s or my time.

Overall, a fun comic but not much more then that.




New Hulk/Thor Comic Coming Soon

In the wake of Thor: Ragnarok premiering  November 3, 2017 it seems Marvel is going to keep the fires of this movie’s hype…raging. Coming in September 2017 will be a digital exclusive series premiering Hulk and Thor. There will be six issues released monthly. And if I understand correctly, eventually being released to print as a whole collection.



The series is titled ‘Thor & Hulk: Champions of the Universe‘. Not much is known of the synopsis other then an elder of the universe wants to fight Earth’s strongest hero. So, of course, Thor or Hulk cannot decide for themselves. This in turn compels them to complete a series of challenges to prove which is the strongest and worthy to fight.

The team responsible for this new comic are Jeremy Whitley, Simone Buanfantino and Alti Firmansyah.

Sure, a mashup with Hulk and Thor is great. I’m just happy I can get a new comic with the proper, true Hulk in it.

Comic Book Champions Hulk (1996)

Pewter Hulk-smallI dare say this is one of the oldest Hulk figures I own. Dating back to 1996 this figure was released in Series 1 of the Comic Book Champions Pewter lineup. Each figure was crafted out of actual pewter and placed on top of an open book in front of an iconic cover from their history. The figures for these series were a one time production which came complete with a certificate of authenticity detailing their limited run and a specific number.

The figure stands about 3 inches tall and is made of fine pewter. He stands on a metal book which may also be pewter. The base and comic display is plastic. It has some decent weight to it too. Since I bought mine used and loose online I sadly do not have my certificate of authenticity, but it does have its unique serial number written on the bottom. The figure itself isn’t exactly the ideal form of Hulk, at least in compared to the faithful renditions of other figures in the series. But it is another metal Hulk for the collection. I think he is a nice addition to any faithful Hulk collection, but I really wouldn’t pay too much for him. I managed to get mine for around $10, but remember I had no certificate or box.

Avg. eBay prices:

  • $10-25 (11/5/18)
  • $10-13 loose / $20-30 in-package (7/19/17)
  • $10-20 (5/9/16)
  • $10-20 (4/16/15)
  • $12-25 (4/18/14)