Reassemble (New game teaser?)

Dropping today (1/27/17) a new trailer teasing a new Marvel Avengers game featuring Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk!The theme of the trailer was reassembly and needing heroes. For a brief moment you see a pair of broken glasses and hear the Hulk’s distant roar. 

What’s exciting about this is the game developers involved. We are talking the talents of studios behind Final Fantasy and Deus Ex making this game. Could it be we are getting a fully fleshed out Avengers game and not just some Lego kiddy adventure?

If so I am so pumped to play as the Hulk! I would love another stand alone Hulk game but I’ll certainly take this in the meantime. Check out the trailer below. Hopefully we get more details soon.

Incredible Hulk #6


Writer: Stan Lee / Cover: Steve Ditko / Artist: Steve Ditko


Here is one of the prize gems in my comic collection, Incredible Hulk #6. Released in March 1963, this was the last issue in the original run of the Incredible Hulk. Mean green would continue to exist in the Avengers or in Tales to Astonish until 1968 when Incredible Hulk #102 would reintroduce him. Yes, my issue is bit beat up but to own any of these old issues costs a small fortune. A beat up copy is sometimes the only way to have them all.

Sadly this comic has the weakest story of the run and some of the strangest moments I think most Hulk fans would rather forget. This issue proves that Stan Lee was really trying everything with this character and seeing what stuck.This is also the first issue where Ditko takes over the art direction from Kirby.


hulk maskFor example in these early issues Banner can only change to Hulk with the aide of a Gamma Machine (or the Moon). However, during one transformation, it isn’t completed. He is changed, except for having Banner’s physical head and face. So the Hulk has to wear a mask to disguise himself completely so no one knows he’s Banner. An interesting twist. I had never considered a disguise being an issue for someone who changed his body at the molecular level.


In addition the Hulk is much smarter and outsmarts the metal master using a gun. A gun! I won’t spoil how. But its a pretty low-tech solution.




And finally we get to see another moment that does influence the future of the character and become canon…but in reverse. In this issue Hulk becomes so mad that he actually reverts back to Banner without the use of the Gamma machine. In future issues it would be anger that would bring out the Hulk. I’m sure this moment would inspire future Hulk writer Peter David to bring this idea back and give us the ‘Savage Banner’ .

The comic ends with Metal Master defeated with the help of the Teen Brigade (First appearance) and Banner hoping to leave the Hulk behind him.


Average eBay Value:

  • $130-350+ depending on quality (8/2/16)

Tales to Astonish #60



Writer: Stan Lee / Cover: Jack Kirby / Artist: Dick Ayres

When the Hulk’s series ended in 1963 he got shuffled around a bit. Initially he showed up in the Avengers. Later in 1964 he would be injected into the Tales to Astonish series. His first appearance would be in Tales to Astonish #59 in which he would battle Giant Man. However, it is with this issue that he would begin to be a main character in the series until #101. Issue 102 would then become ‘The Incredible Hulk’.

This issue basically gives Hulk at least half his own book. It’s strange this comic isn’t more valued then it is. #59 is valued since it’s his first OFFICIAL appearance, but this issue begins the ‘Big Change’ for both TTA and for the Hulk to eventually stand on his own again.

Given that the Hulk has fewer pages the story is bit sparse and quick. Basically Banner builds super robot. Hulk fights super robot. Hulk loses. Robot gets away. It seems to be a common theme that despite the comic’s boast as to him being the strongest mortal, he gets defeated an awful lot. I wonder if this armor helped inspire the Hulkbuster armor Ironman would eventually make. It looks very similar. TTA60-intro1

I would honestly say my favorite part about this issue is the little blurb they put on the intro page next to Banner’s hand. “Can a man with green skin and a petulant personality find true happiness in today’s status seeking society?” I think we all know the answer to that one.

Average eBay Price:

  • $45 +/- depending on condition (6/17/16)

Hulk’s hidden Movie

So I think it’s easy to say us Gamma Bros and Gamma Girls have been vindicated in our love for the Green giant. Since the first Avengers movie he has exploded in popularity. I have seen more toys, blankets, clothing, animated shows, etc in recent years then in any year previously.

And still we have yet to receive a new solo Hulk film. And I can understand, the previous Hulk films did not receive enough love (at least when compared to Iron Man or Thor). I feel this is mostly due to the fact of budget and story malleability. It cost’s a lot to put the Hulk on screen in comparison to having Robert Downing Jr walk around in a costume. And it is difficult to adapt Hulk to various situations. As a purely action character he does amazingly, but its the quiet moments Hollywood is only beginning to show effectively.

Lets not also forget the Hulk is still tied up with Universal. They still hold rights to the character and I can see them not wanting to let him go just yet. But fear not, Marvel has found a loophole in this. Marvel may not have exclusive rights to Hulk…but they do have rights to the Avengers…which includes Hulk. So a solo Hulk film may not be in the works…but an Avengers film that features Hulk and another Avenger is possible (And this indeed seems to be where things are heading).

Recent news has come out stating the next Thor film will feature Hulk in a very specific way. In addition this story that begins in Thor’s film will continue into other Marvel’s film equating to a solo Hulk story. If you aren’t geeking out yet I certainly am doing it for you.

What kind of story could this be? Well there has been much clamor for a Planet Hulk and/or World War Hulk film. Since Thor tends to deal with issues outside the Earth…maybe he will meet up with Hulk in space? Maybe elements of Planet Hulk will be incorporated 86280-14791-planet-hulkinto Thor’s new film. And maybe…just maybe this could lead into a World War Hulk scenario. It’s mostly conjecture at this point. Honestly, I would be soooo happy to just see Hulk in full gladiator armor battle once in a full arena on some alien world.


Even if World War Hulk doesn’t happen, a gladiator Hulk would make the wait we have all experienced worth it. So we may not be seeing a Hulk title on the big screen anytime soon…but that doesn’t mean we can’t get angry with a smile.


It ain’t Easy…being Thirsty – and Green.

If you haven’t seen this yet then you have been living under a rock. This was probably one of the better (best, in my opinion) commercials of the Super Bowl. Any true Hulk fan knows he could just eat the can of coke whole, but this is more fun. And as a big guy with large fingers…I can relate.

SH Figurarts Hulk (2015)

sh5-smallIn late July 2015 SH Figurarts (division of Bandai – a Japanese toy company) released this brand new Hulk figure in celebration of the recent Avengers: Age of Ultron film. The only reason I learned about it was from doing extensive research into recent toy expos. I managed to capture a thumbnail of this figure and the company name. About a month later back in May 2015 I was able to pre-order one from Hong Kong. The item was slated to be released in late July. Well that time has finally come and my SH Figurarts Hulk arrived.

The thing I was most curious about was it’s size. None of the promo images I found gave me a good idea of the scale. So when I finally had the box in my hand I was a bit disappointed. This figure is touted as among the largest figures SH Figurarts it’s ever made, while certainly being the largest among the group of Avengers figures in it’s lineup. I have an image below of the figure alongside the Walmart Hulk from the previous Avengers movie for comparison.sh2-small

So yes maybe I expected something a bit bigger, but other then the size take a look at that paint job and sculpting. He is beautiful. The colors are seamless, the sculpting is sharp and defined. And the points of articulation…oh the articulation. You can pose this figure in just about any way you desire. The figure even comes with additional hands and head to change the look. The figure has a pair of fists and a pair of open hands. One head has the mouth closed, while the other is open in a roar.

sh4-smallBasically I find this figure to be a nice compromise between a low cost Marvel Select Hulk and the premium Hot Toys Hulk. You get the basic plastic figure with articulation, but with the professional paint job, sculpting, and swapped out hands and head.

My only complaint is that the articulation seems to go too far at times, especially in the shoulders. The socket joints aren’t hidden very well in certain poses.

The main reason i wanted this Hulk was because I was unimpressed with the other Hulk figures being released in response to the new film. They seemed to be remakes of the same figures released with the last movie. I wanted something different to add. This figure captures a very anime style for the Hulk. A look not seen very much. Most Hulk are very detailed and realistic looking. I wanted this one because he was stylized. He is clean, defined and sharp.


The figure retails for approx. $75 but currently he can only be found online and with shipping can bring him to around $115 to $130 depending where you look. Some comic shops may have him, but I would expect the price to stay around the $100 range or higher. So this is not a figure for everyone and this is most certainly not just a ‘toy’. If you have the money, great! You won’t regret it. But if money is tight you may want to settle for getting your hands on the Walmart Hulk as they seem very similar in design and articulation.

UPDATE (5/9/16): So in researching this figure for prices it seems the waters have become murky. There seem to be fakes or poor reproductions of this figure being sold for much, much less then some others. The “fakes” have the similar sculpt, but the paint job is terrible. I think they also use a cheaper plastic. Just be aware that if you plan to buy this you may want to set your sights higher for the more expensive ones. Because you may not like what you get if you order one of the cheaper ones around $10-20. Just a warning.

Avg. eBay Prices:

  • $90-100 / See update above (5/9/16)
  • $115-130 Brand New (8/8/15)