Variant Alert: Future Imperfect #2 -Secret Wars (Rafa Garres)

detailThis cover has been out for awhile so I doubt you’ll find one just sitting on the shelf at your local comic shop. This variant was released in July 2015 and created by Rafa Garres. Your opinion on this cover may vary, but I am a big fan of the Maestro version of the Hulk and this cover certainly captures a unique look for the character.

In the comics the fallen hero armor and weapons belong to Rick Jones, not Maestro. But he does use Captain America’s shield briefly. There are statues and toys that show the Maestro wearing the costumes of heroes as armor, but that isn’t quite cannon. In any case it is a very cool image that I myself have used in my cosplay.

Admittedly this version of Maestro does remind me of an Orc from Warcraft. Despite this it is still a visage of the Maestro that is clearly barbaric and intense. Despite the Maestro not ever wearing the heroes items as armor in the comics this cover brings it closer to reality for me. I wish they would use this design in one of his stories.

Despite it being off shelves for some time this can be good news for you! I bought my copy in 2015 by luck from a comic shop for around $20. On Ebay you can probably snag this guy for around $5. That is the problem with variants. They are even more of a gamble.

Nevertheless I still find this cover awesome and I hope you do to.


Fabrikations Hulk (2015)

hulk dollThe Hulk may be big and strong, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be cute and cuddly…right? Since the Avengers movie there as been an uptick in the amount of stuffed plush Hulk showing up. Most of these Hulk dolls seem more creepy then cool. A swear one looked just like Jay Leno. Well the trend of creepy Hulk dolls ends with this “figure”. For it is more a figure then a doll in my opinion…but a soft figure.

Fabrikations is a line of plush action figures essentially, created by Funko. They are stitched together dolls that are firm with poseable heads and sometimes arms. They are very similar in shape to another product made by the company, the Funko POP!’s. Allbeit a tad larger (it’s approx. 6 in tall). It seems in light of the huge POP! craze Fabrikations may just become the next big collectible thing.

This is the Hulk version. The head can rotate 360 degrees, but the arms are sewed to the sides. The choice of fabric and colors are nice. The hair is a bit too ‘Afro-y’ for my taste…but it’s ok. The face is easily the best part. It’s really nicely laid out and applied. As I mentioned earlier, most Hulk faces look kinda weird or creepy. This one was well done.

It’s a cute little figure. A great addition to any Hulk collection or a nice companion for your desk.

Avg. eBay Prices:

  • $10-20 (7/19/17)
  • $10-20 (5/9/16)
  •  $15 (8/26/15)

Giant-Size HULK: Wizard World 2015 Chicago

Over this past weekend I attended Wizard World 2015 in Chicago. It was an adventure. Not much Hulk news to report other then purchasing another rare figure (which will be reviewed) and seeing this beast. This Hulk statue was made by John Marks. John runs an FX studio called Brazen Monkey (website on Facebook). Very impressive work.

Created by John Marks of Brazen Monkey

Created by John Marks of Brazen Monkey

SH Figurarts Hulk (2015)

sh5-smallIn late July 2015 SH Figurarts (division of Bandai – a Japanese toy company) released this brand new Hulk figure in celebration of the recent Avengers: Age of Ultron film. The only reason I learned about it was from doing extensive research into recent toy expos. I managed to capture a thumbnail of this figure and the company name. About a month later back in May 2015 I was able to pre-order one from Hong Kong. The item was slated to be released in late July. Well that time has finally come and my SH Figurarts Hulk arrived.

The thing I was most curious about was it’s size. None of the promo images I found gave me a good idea of the scale. So when I finally had the box in my hand I was a bit disappointed. This figure is touted as among the largest figures SH Figurarts it’s ever made, while certainly being the largest among the group of Avengers figures in it’s lineup. I have an image below of the figure alongside the Walmart Hulk from the previous Avengers movie for comparison.sh2-small

So yes maybe I expected something a bit bigger, but other then the size take a look at that paint job and sculpting. He is beautiful. The colors are seamless, the sculpting is sharp and defined. And the points of articulation…oh the articulation. You can pose this figure in just about any way you desire. The figure even comes with additional hands and head to change the look. The figure has a pair of fists and a pair of open hands. One head has the mouth closed, while the other is open in a roar.

sh4-smallBasically I find this figure to be a nice compromise between a low cost Marvel Select Hulk and the premium Hot Toys Hulk. You get the basic plastic figure with articulation, but with the professional paint job, sculpting, and swapped out hands and head.

My only complaint is that the articulation seems to go too far at times, especially in the shoulders. The socket joints aren’t hidden very well in certain poses.

The main reason i wanted this Hulk was because I was unimpressed with the other Hulk figures being released in response to the new film. They seemed to be remakes of the same figures released with the last movie. I wanted something different to add. This figure captures a very anime style for the Hulk. A look not seen very much. Most Hulk are very detailed and realistic looking. I wanted this one because he was stylized. He is clean, defined and sharp.


The figure retails for approx. $75 but currently he can only be found online and with shipping can bring him to around $115 to $130 depending where you look. Some comic shops may have him, but I would expect the price to stay around the $100 range or higher. So this is not a figure for everyone and this is most certainly not just a ‘toy’. If you have the money, great! You won’t regret it. But if money is tight you may want to settle for getting your hands on the Walmart Hulk as they seem very similar in design and articulation.

UPDATE (5/9/16): So in researching this figure for prices it seems the waters have become murky. There seem to be fakes or poor reproductions of this figure being sold for much, much less then some others. The “fakes” have the similar sculpt, but the paint job is terrible. I think they also use a cheaper plastic. Just be aware that if you plan to buy this you may want to set your sights higher for the more expensive ones. Because you may not like what you get if you order one of the cheaper ones around $10-20. Just a warning.

Avg. eBay Prices:

  • $90-110 / see update above (7/19/17)
  • $90-100 / See update above (5/9/16)
  • $115-130 Brand New (8/8/15)

Hulk is a God???

So a recent posting from SDCC 2015 revealed an updated cover of the future mean green. And as you can see his new “helmet” is distinctly Asgardian-like. Could this new Hulk also be the new Odinson? Is this new Hulk a God? Not sure if I hate this idea…or if it could be an interesting direction to take. Hulk as a God I certainly like…but if he goes around speaking in ‘thou arts’ and stuff….hmmm I don’t know. I am very concerned about the future of my Hulk.

Or could this all be a joke to lead readers off the scent?…