Nul (Fear Itself – Hulk) #032 Heroclix

This is heroclix #032 of the Fear Itself set released in 2012. He is Nul – Breaker of Worlds (AKA the Hulk).


Hulk would come to possess one of the mighty hammers meant to destroy the world and thus turn him into Nul. I am not too familiar with all the details except he goes on a pretty kick-ass attack of Dracula and his castle of Vampires.

I wanted this figure for the obvious being the Hulk, but also it is the only physical representation of this Hulk form to date. I wish they would make a large scale figure. He looks awesome!

This heroclix is a rare chase figure and commanded a pretty high price in the beginning. I had to wait some time to get him for a price I could live with myself for. Currently he ranges in price around $10. 

I’m not a big fan of the pose and especially don’t like how his hammer is held up. the materials used to make him were poorly chosen. As you can see from the photo his hammer is a tad limp and becomes even more so when left standing for a long time. Recently I found a home fix to keep it straight…pretty sure my fix affects its re-sale cost…but oh well. It was annoying me. Paint job is ok. Not bad, but not great. Sculpt job isn’t bad.

Overall a neat addition to the collection. If you see him for cheap go ahead and grab him. Just keep an eye on that limp hammer.


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