Incredible Hulk Classics War Hulk (2004)

warhulk1This is by far one of my, if not most, favorite Hulk action figure. I love the armor on this guy, especially the mask. He is definitely rocking that ‘Predator’ vibe. For a full run down of the background on why Hulk looks like this you can check out my posts on Hulk issues #456457 which feature him. But basically Hulk is recruited to be the newest Horsemen of War by Apocalypse.

The figure has a lot of armor. The mask can be taken off to reveal a grimacing Hulk underneath. The shoulder pads and arm gauntlets can also be removed. The armor is meticulously painted and even has battle damage! His skin is shaded and the veins are even colored in. And no that is not discoloration on his feet, they were actually painted that way. He also comes with a sword and whip (unfortunately the whip is not bendable). Articulation has also not been spared on this figure allowing for plenty of posing. However, with the loose armor it can be difficult.

My only real gripe with this figure is the push button on his back making the arms go up and down in a “Hulk Smash” action. Not a fan of that as it seems gimmicky for such a well constructed figure and doesn’t help in posing.

Given this level of quality this figure is fairly expensive and highly sought after. A loose one is the cheapest option as a packaged one can fetch twice as much. Hard to find too. I have only ever seen one other aside from the one I own and it was in package. I managed to nab this one for $80 bucks at a comic convention. Expensive, but I don’t regret it. You don’t see too many Hulk figures like this. Easily this Hulk lineup released in 2004 is the best made to date.

Average eBay pricing:

  • $70-$120 loose / in-package price unknown (7/19/17)
  • $80-100 loose / $150-200 in-package (8/12/16)



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