The Darkness/Hulk #1


Writer: Paul Jenkins / Artist: Dale Keown

This comic is relatively unknown and somewhat regarded as more fan fiction then anything. But nonetheless I was intrigued by such a crossover.

Information on this comic is hard to come by but I believe this issue was released in July 2004.

For those of you unfamiliar with ‘the Darkness’ here is a quick recap. Jackie Estacado is a hitman for the mafia. He inherits a dark curse passed down by his Father. This curse is essentially a demonic force that plays tug of war with Jackie’s mind pushing him to become a ruthless killer. Jackie for the most part controls this force and utilizes it for his own goals. Most of which involve threatening and/or killing enemies to himself and his mob family. Sounds kinda familiar to Banner and the Hulk am I right?

Jackie’s powers are a sort of Hell-version of the Green Lantern. If you want a better idea of the character I suggest you read the comics. They ain’t bad. There are even a couple video games for PS3. The first one is very dark and has a great story. For it’s time it was amazing. The second one easily has better game play.

Anyways, back to the comic. The synopsis is less of a “versus” and more of just a crossover. Jackie and Banner just happen to bump into each other in the New York subway when Banner is attacked. Hulk comes out…and yeah…things get messy.

Not the best story involving both Hulk and Darkness, but it’s something to check out. Especially if you are a fan of both characters. I’m unsure how much crossover occurs between Marvel and Top Cow (Publisher for the Darkness) but it doesn’t seem to be very often. However, Hulk and Darkness do meet up again in another comic, but I’ll post on that one another time.

Average eBay Prices:

  • $10 or less (7/12/16)



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