Incredible Hulk #162


Writer: Steve Englehart / Artist: Herb Trimpe and Sal Trapani / Editor: Roy Thomas

This comic is considered a key issue within the Hulk series, as it it the first appearance of the Wendigo. Released April 1973.

The Hulk is traipsing through the great Canadian North and stumbles upon this white beast. The Wendigo quickly proves he is strong enough to take on Hulk. Though it seems strength is not the deciding factor in this issue and eventually no one wins really.

The cover would indicate the Wendigo speaks but in reality doesn’t. At least not this way. All the Wendigo does is howl it’s own name. But there is a degree of conversation between them but I won’t say how.

Overall the story is ok. I certainly enjoy later incarnations of the Wendigo in comparison to this one. The Hulk learns an important lesson regarding his strength and the writers use this opportunity to establish more parts of Hulk’s psychology. If nothing else this is a great issue for setting the stage for the appearance of another new and even more famous character, The Wolverine (Incredible Hulk #181)!

As of writing this, pricing for this book is very affordable.

Average eBay prices:

  • $50 +/- based on condition (6/13/16)

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