Incredible Hulk #102


Writer: Gary Friedrich / Artist: Marie Severin / Editor: Stan Lee

This issue is one of my most prized. It’s also probably the best condition older comic I own. #102 is considered a key issue within the Hulk story line. This book represents the Hulk’s return to his own solo title since Incredible Hulk #6 back in 1963.

After the Hulk was cancelled he found himself either in the Avengers (alongside Iron Man and Thor) or romping through the pages of Tales to Astonish. Typically he was either paired up with Giant Man or The Sub Mariner. This book was released in April 1968 following Tales to Astonish #101 (hence being Hulk #102 since the title was essentially just re-named).

This issue’s synopsis basically involves the Hulk shaking things up in Asgard and generally making everyone’s lives miserable. Mostly for the bad guys and gal. But eventually leads to Odin kicking his butt back to Earth.The only real notable item of the story is that the Hulk’s origin is re-told. I assume in order to bring new readers up to speed on who this guy is. Overall not the most interesting story, but it does have some nice art. I really enjoy the cover especially.

I don’t think this issue get as much love as other titles released at the same time. I only hope with the growing popularity of the Hulk people begin seeking this one out. Currently a low grade version of this comic is attainable for a reasonable price.

eBay Prices:

  • Low Grade: $40-150 / High Grade: $200-500 (6/8/16)



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