What if? Planet Hulk


Writer: Greg Pak / Cover: Carol Pagulayan / Artist: Kirk, Sandoval and Hembeck

Most Hulk fans know about the events after Hulk was jettisoned into space. The events known as Planet Hulk. This story is arguably one of the best written for the Hulk. But I think even fewer people know of a small book that was released detailing a few ‘What if’ scenarios after the Hulk left Earth.

This comic known as ‘What If? Planet Hulk’ (October 2007) is comprised of three stories. Each titled in such a way that you can kind of gather the basic idea of each one. The first is ‘What if Hulk Died and Caiera Lived?’ TheĀ second being ‘What if Hulk landed on a Peaceful world?’ and the third lastly titled ‘What if Bruce Banner Landed on Sakaar?’

Without going into too much detail I’ll just say a few quick blurbs. First story, Caiera makes Earth pay…big time. Let’s just say she sets up house here. The second story is probably my favorite because it gives the Hulk a happy ending. Maybe not Banner, but certainly the Hulk. Hulk finds himself in a new role as protector rather then destroyer. Finally the third story, well it doesn’t quite go well for Bruce.

All in all a nice compendium of alternate stories for any fan of Planet Hulk. Be sure to check it out.


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