Loot Crate: May 2016 – POWER

I don’t normally post anything regarding Loot Crate because usually it doesn’t have anything Hulk related. Well this month was completely different. Given the theme and the inclusion of Hulk in this month’s promotions I was sure something Gamma Green would be included and I was so very right.loot 1

Items included this month:

  • Dragonball Keychain plushie
  • Infinity Gauntlet Oven Mitt
  • Q Fig Hulk Figure
  • Battleborn Lootpin
  • Warcraft T-Shirt (not pictured)



While I find the Thanos Oven Mitt to be awesome and the plushie Dragonball to be cute. I think we all know the clear winner here…The Q Fig Hulk figure!!

I was so excited to lift up the T-Shirt out of the box and find this little figure staring back at me with such menace. I really enjoyed the Deadpool figure released back in the February Crate (Theme: Dead), but getting a Hulk figure was so unexpected. They look great on the shelf next to each other. In every crate also comes a magazine going into detail on each of the items along with other information related to the month’s theme. There was a section briefly exploring a handful of the Hulk’s multiple incarnations (Prof. Hulk, Grey Hulk, etc).

This figure is based on the design from ‘Age of Ultron’. He has the stylish Avenger’s pants and the more muted green skin. It stand about 4 inches tall. Check out the pictures below. Another WIN for the collection!


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