Incredible Hulk #309 : The Triad


Editor: Jim Shooter / Writer: Bill Mantlo / Cover: Mike Mignola / Penciler: Sal Buscema


This is Incredible Hulk #309, printed in July 1985. The issue itself is not highly desired or very memorable in Hulk lore. You can buy it for pretty cheap.

Which leads to asking not only why I own a copy, but also one signed by Stan Lee. Well, prior to this comic I had never desired to get a comic signed by anyone, let alone Stan Lee. So this whole world of comic collecting was unknown to me. I noticed Stan Lee would be at C2E2 in Chicago. So I figured I would try to get at least one autograph from him. I would regret missing out on the signature from the creator of my most favorite character, The Hulk. Stan is not exactly a spring chicken right now.

Months prior my brother had given me a stack of old Hulk comics. This was one of them. I leafed through them..unaware of which would be the best. This comic was the only one with the Hulk green and in purple pants (the classic look). All the rest were of the grey Hulk. Also, it actually said Stan Lee’s name on the first page, “Stan Lee Presents”. So I settled on this one.

At C2E2 I would briefly set eyes upon the great Stan Lee, who was surrounded by big guys I might add. So my view was limited. He signed my comic and a figure and I was on my way. Oh Happy Day! I have a signature. It was at this moment I discovered CGC grading. Two hours of standing in line later my comic was submitted for CGC grading. My first!

Two to three months later it would be mailed back to me as you see here. My first autograph from Stan Lee.

So the book may not be as revered as others in the Hulk series (though it does tackle some of Bruce’s psych issues via the Triad – pictured on the cover), but mine is possibly the ONLY Incredible Hulk #309 signed by Stan Lee in the world. So that’s gotta count for something, right?

For more information on this book and synopsis check out this review here.

Average Price:

  • $2-6 loose / $40-50 CGC / $150 CGC SS (5/17/16)



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