Incredible Hulk Classics Joe Fix-It Hulk (2004)

Joe Fix-it is easily one of my favorite Hulk incarnations. He is street smart, tough, and takes advantage of his abilities. Many would suggest he represents Bruce Banner’s teenager personality. Though not as strong or tough as the green version he still makes quite a name for himself as a heavy working for the mob in Las Vegas.fixit

This figure is probably the best Joe Fix-it out to date. It captures him in full detail. And unlike most Hulks this one is fully dressed, and well dressed I might add.

He comes complete with shirt, tie, dress pants and shoes. Even a hat and a coat made of real fabric. Everything looks good and has nice detailing. My only issue is the hat being too small for his head. A bit bigger for a nicer fit would be appreciated.

The figure can be easily posed with the jacket off. Though with the jacket it limits movement a bit. The gun is also a nice addition for the character.

But since this is a much older figure and not too many Joe Fix-its have been made its kind of expensive. Plan to either buy it loose or missing pieces such as the jacket, hat and/or gun. Getting it in the package can run you into the hundreds.

Current e-Bay Prices:

  • $30-50 loose / $50-$70 in-package (7/19/17)
  • $50 loose / $60-80 in package (5/9/16)
  • $40 loose / $80-100 in package (12/9/15)

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