A “Totally” New “Awesome” Hulk…..???

So today Marvel released a small peak of what to expect of the Marvel Universe for the forseeable future. And quite frankly…I’m scared. I see many positives…but also potential negatives. And this may just be my reaction to dealing with change. I only hope that’s all it is.

Currently Secret Wars is raging and has basically put the entire Marvel universe into a blender and hit ‘Frappe’. But come October 2015 Secret Wars should be over and we will be introduced to a new universe eight months after the end of Secret Wars. What comes out of the Blender will resemble the previous universe in some respects…but be radically different in others. This also applies to our green friend, Hulk.

Shown here is, I’m assuming, a cover for the first issue of this new Hulk and his series. This series will be titled “Totally Awesome Hulk”. Now…if this title indicates the tone of the new series…I shudder to think of surfer dudes or something similar to the Ninja Turtles. If that is the case..I don’t know if I can continue this blog. If this is true…then Marvel will have destroyed what I love about the character. I enjoy the pathos, the connection to the old literature like Frankenstein and Jekyll/Hyde. I love the Hulk because I identify with him. If he becomes some musclebound surfer dude…then I will most likely end my love for the character there.

However, I am only guessing and I will need more information before I judge. The writer of Planet Hulk and World War Hulks, Greg Pak, is returning to write the story. Now he did a great job in my opinion, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

In addition if you notice from the cover his face and, interestingly enough, his left arm are blacked out. Now the face is obvious…don’t want to give up the true identity of the Hulk (we already know it won’t be Banner and who it is will be revealed in the first issue right away). But at the same time they were able to hide the fact red Hulk was Ross. Could it be this new Hulk is wearing a mask or some other kind of face decoration that identifies him? And his arm his hidden just enough to make me wonder if he’s wearing some kind of gauntlet.

In any case we can gather from his pants (now apparently yellow and blue) he is probably not the rage monster we are used to. He might be part of a larger team (like the Avengers) or he’s simply a Hulk with fashion sense (that last one I hope is not the case). Not sure I can forgive throwing out the purple pants, but we will see.

All-in-all it will be interesting to see what they do…but I am upset he was among the few characters to get such a huge overhaul in his looks and personality. Spiderman is pretty much the same…he’s black both in and out of the suit, but still basically Spiderman. Ironman is still Tony Stark in a suit, but with different motivations. Doctor Strange is still…Strange.

I guess we will see if this blog remains in business come October…


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