Titanium Micro Hulk (2007)

metal hulk

So this little fella stands at about 2-3 inches tall. However, being he is a die cast figure he has some weight to him. Whereas the large titanium Hulk I think is partially made of plastic, this figure is entirely solid metal. And despite the size and material is actually really well sculpted. The paint job on the skin could be better (at least in comparison to the treatment of other characters in this figure release). There is no articulation, which honestly is fine given the nature of this product. This is more of a small statuette then anything else.

This figure was released in 2007 from Hasbro and the lineup bears the same name as the larger versions from 2006. So it’s easy to confuse the two when looking for them. Also when buying online they seem to come in two flavors (in box or in a bag). I say this because I currently own two of this figure. The first I was able to snag in its box. However, I liked this figure so much I wanted to actually display it. So I was able to find a loose one, but it arrived sealed in a plastic bag with a Hulk bio pamphlet. As if this item was being given out as a Happy Meal toy or something. Perhaps it was re-sealed and sent to me, or there were extras on the assembly lines not worth properly packaging. Not sure. In any case the one in the box comes with a small dirt colored stand bearing the name ‘MARVEL’.

It’s a neat little Hulk collectible, but it doesn’t seem to be very popular (at least online). So snagging one for relatively cheap should be easy as of this writing. Its a no thrills die cast figure of the Hulk in classic pose and look. A nice addition to the collection, but not very suitable for playtime.

UPDATE: Apparently this figure has become popular if eBay is any consequence. The figure is selling much higher then when I bought it about a year ago. I spent no more then $20-25 for both figures I have. The price seems to have raised much higher.

Avg. eBay Prices:

  • Prices not available (7/19/16)
  • Prices not available (5/9/16)
  • $70 (5/7/15)

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