C2E2 2015: The Maestro’s Visit

Hello! Hello!

So this past weekend I attended C2E2 on Saturday and had an awesome time. This year I decided to dress up as one of favorite characters…The Maestro. Most people were not aware of him so I answered a lot of questions regarding my outfit. Those who did know of The Maestro really enjoyed seeing him walk the aisles of C2E2 this year. It was a real blast being not only the Hulk…but the Hulk wearing Iron Man’s head as armor. I think I’m one of only two or three people ever to attempt this costume. So I’m quite proud.  FullSizeRender-2  FullSizeRender-1

Aside from taking photos with people all day I scoured the floors for any new Hulk items. I managed to collect a couple new Hulk posters, the new Fabrications Hulk soft sculpture, a new Avengers Hulk heroclix, and number of other random items. I’ll be sure to do reviews as time allows. Posted below are also some images of new Hulk items to be released in the coming months. A new mini-mates Hulk and Hulkbuster in addition to a Hulk face jello mold.


All in all it was a great time and already I am excited for next year!

Get Smashed!!


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