The Time has Come…

Hello and my sincerest apologies for being gone for nearly 5 months. Sometimes life gets awry and its hard to keep up with all the Hulk news. Especially in light of the new Avengers movie releasing in a couple weeks. I have already purchased my tickets for the opening night and plan to be among the first to see HULK SMASH!

In addition I will be attending C2E2 again, here in Chicago. And for this years event I have been working on my costume as, who else, but the Hulk. Though it’s not the Hulk exactly…actually one of his incarnations which is returning to the comics in near future issues. I’ll post photos from the Con afterwards.

New Hulk figures are on the horizon to be released which I am sure will be added to my collection. I plan to write reviews on any I get, in addition to the bulk I already own and have yet to post on.

For now I leave you with this blood pumping clip from The Age of Ultron. I hope Tony has insurance on that suit.



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