Hulk (Marvel Legends 2-Pack) (2010)

hulk variant-smallThis Hulk was released in 2010 as part of Toys-R-Us exclusive 2-pack set. Included with this guy was Valkyrie. Being this is a Hulk site we will ignore her for this review. Just bare in mind if you wish to purchase this guy still in his packaging then you will be owning a Valkyrie as well.

The figure is very much like the Red Hulk BAF (Build-a-figure). In fact I would say they used the same body mold with a green hulk variant head. Nevertheless I bought him for this sculpt. It is very flat, shiny, and with defined muscles. For me the sculpt reminded me of a sort of animated representation (a cartoon), and this I felt was unique. The paint job is very simple and varies from figure to figure. Mostly just black paint sprayed in-between certain muscle groups for shadows.Overall not the best Hulk figure in my opinion, but still a nice addition.Unless you really want him I wouldn’t sweat it.

That being said he is somewhat expensive on eBay and especially when he’s in his original packaging with Valkyrie. I believe he originally retailed for $24.99, but his pricing went up to $34.99 when he hit shelves. So depending on where or when you bought him determined his price at the time. I got mine loose on eBay for around $20.

Avg. eBay pricing:

  • $60-70 loose / $90-100 in-package (7/19/17)
  • $130-200 in packaging / $40-60 loose (5/9/16)
  • Price N/A in-packaging / $40-80 loose (4/16/15)
  • $90-500 still in packaging / $20-50 Loose (6/4/14)



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