HULK versus!!! …Mr.Incredible????

Any gamers out there? Have kids? Love Disney? Then its a good bet you are familiar with Disney’s answer for Skylanders…Disney Infinity. In this game you are able to utilize small figures of your favorite Disney characters and import them into your game where you can build and interact with Disney inspired worlds. Personally my inner 5-year old is going nuts over this (and Skylanders) but the adult in me dreads the amount of money and time needed to enjoy it. Mostly money…

But I think I have found a good reason to spend a few bucks on Disney’s next iteration of their game. And of course his name is Hulk. Coming Fall 2014 (possibly September) the Avengers are coming to Infinity 2.0. Yes the Marvel Universe is further squishing itself into the Disney pantheon…which still makes me uncomfortable…but fine I will deal with it. Check out the video below and the figures to be released this Fall.
I don’t know yet if I’ll buy the game to play as Hulk…but I know I will buy the figure at least. Maybe I’ll finally get to see the Hulk wipe the floor with Mr.Incredible. What? Dreams can happen!!



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