‘The End’ Hulk (Marvel Legends) (2008)

the end hulk-smallThis Hulk is an interesting one narratively. He can exist both as a separate storyline and as part of the original story. In the far, far future the Hulk is the last living being on the planet. All the other superheroes are dead and mankind is extinct. The Earth is an endless desert. However he isn’t quite alone. And I am not talking about Banner who on occasion is out long enough to suffer the dead Earth alone.  So does this story take place long after the Maestro‘s empire has collapsed? Or is this an entirely different story where the Maestro never existed?

This Hulk is old, but still very strong and angry. But even his anger can’t keep the Earth’s remaining wildlife from eating him apart. Thus the torn skin on this figure.

This figured was released as part of the Hulk exclusive Marvel Legends lineup back in August 2008. He was released alongside King Hulk. The figure is fairly pose-able and sculpted with a nice amount of detail. However the paint job could have been done better in my opinion. The face could also have been sculpted and painted better.  The shoulders also sport a weird kind of ratchet texture to hold the arms in place.

So perhaps this isn’t the best Hulk figure in my opinion. But as a fair representation of the Hulk in this particular story. I managed to get him for a fair price. I forget how much I paid for him but it was slightly less then online auctions. Perhaps not a must have for every Hulk collection, but its definitely nice for the collector who wants multiple Hulk forms.

Avg. eBay prices range:

  • $40 loose / in-package unavailable (7/19/17)
  • $30 loose / $200 in package (5/9/16)
  • $40 loose / $200 in-packaging (4/16/15)
  • $30.00 loose / $80.00 in-packaging  (3/31/14)



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