Infinite Series Hulk (2014)

infinity hulk-smallI usually don’t have the chance to report on a figure that was just released. But as luck would have it my moment has arrived. This is the new Hulk from the Infinity Series, and he’s sporting the new armor made for him to travel through time (Although it’s not exactly what was in the comics).

I am not a big fan of this armor since I am convinced Marvel is out to make the Hulk into some kind of suedo-Ironman. I do appreciate how different it is from previous armor iterations, but it doesn’t quite fit the character.

In any case the figure itself is nice, but not as nice as it could’ve been. He kind of hits the middle ground between the older Marvel Universe Hulks and the newer Avenger’s Hulk for the tv series.

The figure stands at 3.75 in tall, but for some reason I felt like this figure would have been better suited for the bigger Marvel Legends lineup. The armor and face is painted really well. The overall sculpt is really good but it could have been pushed further. The first thing they should have added is the same level of texture they began to add to the latest Marvel Universe Hulks (cross hatched skin). But based on how the new comics portrayed the Hulk (flatter color) this choice is forgivable.  Articulation is plentiful and makes him excellent for posing. Released March 2014.

My biggest problem with this figure is the armor, more specifically the forearm gauntlets. They are made of a soft plastic and simply wrap and rest around the arms. They are not glued down or even pegged in. In fact all of the upper body armor is removable, which I kind of like. However, how the armor on the arms was made is ridiculous. This soft plastic doesn’t hold itself around the arm effectively. It continually bends, warps and eventually falls off with any sort of use. Posing him with these loose items on him was almost impossible. So I had to resort to a few dabs of superglue to hold them in place. After that slight modification (which they should have done in production) he is fine for posing and using.  I mean I know I’m a collector and this guy will spend his life on a shelf, but how do they expect a child to actually play with this figure with such junky accessories that won’t stay on.

Overall this is a great addition to any Hulk collection that enjoys a variety of different Hulk forms. The figure is almost to Marvel Universe Standards, but lacks a few improvements that could have made him perfect.

As of this writing I have not seen one in stores so I am unsure of the retail pricing, though I assume its around $10.

Avg. eBay Price Ranges:

  • $6 loose / $10-15 in-package (7/19/17)
  • $6-10 (5/9/16)
  • Prices current (4/16/15)
  • $16 (3/10/14)



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