The Avenger’s Hulk (Marvel Select) (2012)

Avengers hulk-smallThis Hulk needs no introduction since he is probably the one Hulk most people in America, if not the world, know. He is the Hulk that proves he is worthy of the big screen and can kick butt in the box office. Personally I felt the second Hulk movie was really good and deserving of more praise then it got…but he definitely rocked in The Avengers. And my spider sense tells me we will get plenty more of him in the next Avenger’s film.

This figure stands tall alongside his other Marvel Select figures. Taller in some cases. He is around 8-9 inches tall and is somewhat heavy. A fair amount of articulation but due to how he is sculpted it has either limited range or it doesn’t look good in certain poses. The paint job could have been better, but it will do. There appears to only be a single dark wash to bring out the veins and subtle details in the muscles. Not much else. The pants are a single dark color (purplish brown kinda). The face is also well sculpted though I’m not sure it’s exactly the same face we see in the movie.

Despite my reservations with this figure I really do like it and its among my favorites from the Marvel Select Line. This figure is easily first place of all the Avenger’s Hulk figures, with the Walmart exclusive being a second place. As of this writing he is fairly easy to find online and at comic shops.

He currently retails for $25. I purchased mine for around the same price.

Avg. eBay price ranges:

  • $40-50 (7/19/17)
  • $25 loose / $50 in package (5/9/16)
  • $40 in-package / $20 loose (4/16/15)
  • $25-30. (3/3/14)

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