Disney Exclusive Unleashed Hulk (Marvel Select) (2012)

Well here he is boys and girl…Unleashed Hulk. Join me in drooling over all the little details. The veins…the skin…the sculpt…glorious…

hulk blue pants-small

This is an somewhat unusual thing to expect…being as this figure was a DISNEY STORE EXCLUSIVE!! You heard me right this figure…part of the Marvel Select line… is only available through a Disney Store. Nice job Disney. They are certainly making good on their purchase of Marvel. This figure is probably one of the best painted and sculpted Hulk figures out there. Now some have criticized the sculpt’s over abundance of veins (joined with the shades of green) making this figure look a little “swamp-thing” like. And perhaps I agree a little. However, this figure is a welcomed change from all the smooth sculpted, flat painted Hulk figures. This figure was meant to be faithfully adapted from the recent hulk comics. Figure was released in November 2012.

The figure is solidly constructed. The paint is incredibly layered and the sculpting is very detailed. I highly recommend this figure for any Hulk or Marvel Select collection. Articulation is aplenty (14 pts)..however the range of motion (like most Hulk figures) is limited due to his bulk. And of course…he is sporting blue..rather then the classic purple…pants.

As stated he is only available at the Disney store (although he may not be available anymore since I haven’t seen him in months). He retailed for around $25.

Avg. eBay price ranges:

  • $20 loose / $45 in-package (3/24/17)
  • $20 loose / $45 in package (4/27/16)
  • $35 in-package / $25 loose (4/16/15)
  • $35-$60 (12/7/13)

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