Zombie Hulk (Marvel Select) (2008)

This version of the Hulk is found exclusively in the Marvel Zombie storyline. And Hulk is arguably the hungriest customer on the planet. If you don’t believe me then I cite the moment when Hulk was the only one able to bite Silver Surfer’s head off and eat it’s gooey insides. He is a super zombie if there ever was one. With the strength and anger of the Hulk combined with the ravenous determination of a zombie…this guy is not someone to run into.

Zombie Hulk-smallI recently procured this figure from an online auction.He was sold out of box making him relatively cheap. Which was fine. I was however upset that he did not have his custom base included as well. This base connected with other figures bases and included scraps of silver surfer. This figure was released April 2008 alongside other zombified heroes.

The figure has some weight to him although the torso is hollow. The articulation is aplenty but with limited range due to it’s physical size. The paint job is a tad messy but it goes along with the overall theme of the figure…so it is forgivable. For the most part though it is painted rather well. Very gory and rotten. However his hair is sculpted in a somewhat dumb manner. I would have preferred the flattened, bowl cut as seen in the comics. But I guess if that’s my only criticism then this figure is pretty sweet. Which it is. I highly recommend this figure for any collection. Just good luck getting it at a fair price.

Avg. eBay Price Range:

  • $45-$70 loose / $150 in-package (3/24/17)
  • $40-$50 loose / $150 in package (4/27/16)
  • $90 in-package / $40 loose (4/16/2015)
  • $50-100 in-package / $30 loose (2013)

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