Hulk Kitsch!!!

Sorry about the delay in posts. My personal life has been rocked by some dramatic events. But I felt I should share some of these earth-shattering photos. Earth-shattering in the sense they are not the Hulk you know. In case you weren’t aware my background is in the arts and one of my all time favorite artists is Jeff Koons. If you don’t know him look him up here. He is a kitsch artist. Meaning he deals in works exploring the banal, ordinary, and tasteless. And he has only grown in importance to me since discovering his Hulk series of works. Below is a small sampling. I suggest you check out his other works. Hulk smash fine art!!


One thought on “Hulk Kitsch!!!

  1. Cool. And I never would have thought the Hulk bell statue is actually a bronze statue and not several inflatables. I wonder how much one of these bad boys goes for.

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