Marvel Select Red Hulk (2008)

red hulk-small

As I stated the last time I featured this guy…no he is not THE hulk. He is A hulk. This red hulk is an entirely different person. I will not divulge his secret identity although I am sure you already know by now…and I will end with saying I don’t agree with Marvel’s choice. This Hulk is very strong, very smart, and very red. He has given the real Hulk a challenge. But unlike Hulk who gets stronger as he gets angrier (which is entirely how the red hulk is defeated) this Hulk simply gets….hot. Yes he heats up. If he gets too hot his body shuts down. The only real edge this hulk has is his keen intellect and his use of tactics. One could say this hulk is military trained. I collect certain red hulks ,which include this figure, because he does look cool as a red hulk…and he is part of the hulk in a sense. And he does do some smashing.

The figure itself is huge. One of the biggest in my  collection. Due to his short supply when I got him he hasn’t left his packaging. Although in recent months there seem to be more of him cropping up at comic stores and such. He has a limited paint job, but his muscles are fairly well sculpted. The face seems kind of scrunched…which brings me to the complaint of his head.Its tiny. In comparison to the rest of him his head is really small. He also comes with a sculpted smashed ground base for posing. He sports 14 points of articulation. Since he is still in the packaging I cannot comment as to his pose-ability limits and issues with weight distribution. All-in-all a cool figure. I certainly think he’s sculpted better then the Marvel Select green hulk. Figure was released December 2008.I purchased him for $20 bucks from a friend about two years ago. At the time I got him his price had been near $50 online.

Current Avg. eBay prices:

  • $25-30 (3/24/17)
  • $25 (4/27/16)
  • $30 in-package / $15 loose (4/16/15)
  • $25 (2013)

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