Marvel Universe Hulk / Green (2012) Gray (2013)

Well I consulted my magic eight ball and decided to tackle these guys today. MU Hulk 2 pair-smallThese are the very latest Hulks from the soon to be extinct Marvel Universe line (a series of figures standing at about 3-4 in. tall). The green version was released as part of Series 4, Wave 18 in August 2012. Gray version was part of Wave 23 in September 2013. As you can see this Hulk looks pretty damn good. If you are familiar with the earlier Hulk versions then you know what I am talking about.

This figure is perfectly sculpted with plenty of detail. I mean, even his skin has cross hatching to give it texture. The paint job is nearly perfect and the articulation is plentiful. I bought these online since they were difficult in the beginning to find. But if you do a little searching you should still be able to find them on the hook at your local comic book shop or Target.

My only issue is that the figure is rather slim. Not much thickness to his torso. But this must be a winning design since it has been used at least four other times in similar Hulk lines. There is also a red version included in a figure 4 pack.

Snatch them up now before , as I stated, the Marvel Universe line vanishes…


Avg. eBay prices:

  • $12 loose / $30 in-package (7/19/17)
  • $20 (4/27/16)
  • Prices still current (4/16/15)

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