Disney Marvel Universe PVC Hulk (2012)

disney hulk-small

This figure seems to go unnoticed but I think thats unfair since its a nice little piece. This figure is your standard Hulk in attack pose. Seems like he is about to rush in and save someone. He comes in the Disney 7-Piece  figurine playset. So unless you buy this guy off eBay (Which I did), or from a seller, you will need to buy the entire set. Other figures included are Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Ms. Marvel. This particular set was released in February 2012.

Each figure stands about 3-4 inches tall and are made of PVC plastic. The figure doesn’t have much weight. The paint job is decent, but my real gripe is where the multiple pieces of the figure snap together. They don’t quite fit well together. Also each time I look at him I cannot decide if his pants are blue or purple. I try to convince myself they are purple, but I think they are blue. Which is too bad. Why can’t they leave him with his classic colors? But I guess I can accept the blue over the tan. I’m looking at you Lego Hulk!!

The entire set retails for around $30. To buy him separately on eBay can be difficult. I was able to snatch him up for around $7.00.

Current eBay prices:

  • $15 for the whole set loose or single ornament (3/24/17)
  • $15 as a tree ornament (4/27/16)
  • $66 for the whole set (6/10/15)
  •  $14 separately (9/29/13).

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