Ultimate Grey Hulk (Marvel Select) (2011)

Even though I know this blog is called ‘Green’ fists…any true Hulk fan knows our angry friend isn’t always…green. When the Hulk first exploded onto the scene he was grey. So for the first time on this blog let me introduce Grey Hulk. But this isn’t just any grey hulk. This is the grey hulk from the ultimates universe. I figured since the new Marvel Knight’s dvd features the Hulk from the Ultimate universe we should stick with it for awhile. ultimate grey hulk-small

This Hulk is much more ferocious, clever, and incredibly deadly. In the comic, ‘The Ultimates’, Hulk is on a rampage upon which he steals the pants off a fat corpse, drinks a tanker truck full of beer, and proceeds to kill Freddie Prinze Jr. while being sexually explicit with Betty Ross.

This is not the Hulk from the Saturday morning cartoons and the Avenger’s movie. But this Hulk is not without his softer side which comes out from time to time. If you have seen the older animated film “The Ultimate Avengers” then you have an idea of the ferocity and the basic premise of the Ultimates comic.

Getting back to the figure…this guy is fairly big (but not huge). His sculpt is also mostly hollow, not lending much to weight. The sculpting is somewhat plain with relatively little detail. The paint job is decent in the shading department though.  Also his joints and points of articulation are limited. His pose is limited to variations of what you see in this image. If he weren’t the only grey hulk in the marvel select line to date I probably would not have purchased him. But since he is, and the Hulk was originally grey I could not ignore him as an addition to my collection. He is from the Marvel Select series 3 (2011).

I purchased him loose, with minimal signs of use, at around $15.

Average eBay prices:

  • $20 loose / $40 in package (3/16/17)
  • $20 (4/27/16)
  • $35 in-package / $15 loose (4/16/15)
  • $40-90 based on condition. (9/17/13)

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