Marvel Knights: Ultimate Wolverine Versus Hulk DVD review

So after much patience the new Marvel Knights installment of Ultimate Wolverine VS Hulk dropped on DVD yesterday. After checking at least five stores I was able to snatch a copy from Wal-Mart. DVD released September 10, 2013.

The case it comes in is very thin and light. Don’t expect a typical DVD case. 

Anyone familiar with the Marvel Knights series knows that essentially this is an animated comic book with voice overs and music. This is not an animated film like the older HULK VS or Planet Hulk. So some of the animations are a bit weird. However the voiceover work is solid and the music/sound effects really solidify the drawings as a living world.

Hulk is pure-smashing Hulk. Which I truly appreciate after having to deal with Agents of SMASH these past few weeks. Logan is also the tough a$$hole we have all come to love. If you are familiar with the series of comics this is pulled from then you know what the story is about and its emotional tone. The hulk is vicious and a killer. Logan is not much better. However, both characters have their moments of morality. An animal and a monster…but deep down there is a human being in each of them. Hulk rips things apart and keeps some rather erotic company up in the mountains. Logan is ripped to pieces throughout and keeps coming back for more fun.

I do have a few reservations regarding the story…but that’s mostly since I am not familiar with that era of Hulk. When did Betty Ross become a green she-hulk?? Why is Jennifer Walters a doctor?  If anyone can answer these questions I would greatly appreciate it.

Additionally the story unfolds in six 10 minute episodes. Which is kind of annoying if you want to watch all six straight through. So be prepared to fast forward through credits and the intro video six times. Why couldn’t they have simply made a merged option?

The single featurette is kind of nice. Basically exploring a little back story on the making of the comic and animated version. Not much more then that. No other special features are included.

The DVD retails for around $10 so it is well worth the money.



2 thoughts on “Marvel Knights: Ultimate Wolverine Versus Hulk DVD review

  1. I was hoping it might be fully animated, but knowing it was a Marvel Knights release, yes, I pretty much expected it to be a “motion comic”. Overall I enjoyed it, but if you have read the miniseries it was based on, there’s not much difference between the two aside from the “animation”.

    Your confusion with the characters may come from the fact that this was an Ultimate Marvel Universe story versus the regular Marvel Universe. Ultimate is an alternate universe where you have all the characters from the MU, but they played with many of the origins and roles of the characters compared to what they are in the regular MU, which is why you get a larger, cannibal Hulk, a Betty Ross She-Hulk, and a Jen Walters scientist. I have to say, outside of this storyline, I never did care much for how the Hulk has been used in the Ultimate comics.

  2. Hey Jeff,

    Thank you for the clarification of the characters in this story. It was awfully confusing for me. And I also agree in wishing this had been fully animated. But if they had then it would have been toned down for a younger audience. Marvel has this habit nowadays of catering to the much younger folk. Might have something to do with being owned by Disney. In any case it was refreshing to see a more gritty tale of the Hulk. I hope the success of this DVD influences Hollywood’s decision to make a hulk vs wolverine live action movie!

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