Maestro Hulk (Marvel Legends) (2005)

Figured I would mix it up with this review. I present a future (possible) incarnation of jade jaws. Meet…The Maestro.

Maestro-smallIn case your not familiar with who this guy is here is a little backstory. Far in the future the world has pretty much gone to hell. Through war and overpopulation only a small percentage of the human population remains. The Earth is pretty much a desert. All the superheroes are dead. Yes…even Wolverine. Yet one remains…the Maestro. Few people know that this being is actually the Hulk. Surviving the chaos of humanities destruction, the loss of most of his friends, in conjunction with actually becoming the last super-being on the planet…he kind of went insane.  But that didn’t stop him from becoming the ruler of a small kingdom in a dead corner of Earth.

This new hulk is intelligent, methodical, and diabolical. He has all the power and he makes it known he is in charge. From his throne room he is entertained by a harem of women comprised of both the daughters of subjects who owe him money and genetic clones of Betty Ross. If this small backstory peaks your interest I suggest you read the comic.

Getting back to the figure.  The figure was part of the Marvel Legends Apocalypse series which was released in 2005. He is really well sculpted with plenty of articulation. The paint job on it is better then many hulk figures. The removable crown is also a nice touch. I only wish they would have included his cape or necklace. The face is also a bit too neutral. I would have appreciated a more expressive face. He stands at about 6 inches and has some weight to him.  Another recommended addition to any hulk collection.

I purchased him loose on ebay for around $11.

Current ebay prices:

  • $20 loose – $50 in package (3/13/17)
  • $20 loose – $50 in package (4/27/16)
  • $20 loose – $50 in package (6/10/15)
  • $20 loose -$40 in package (9/1/14)
  • $10 loose -$60 in package (9/8/13)

2 thoughts on “Maestro Hulk (Marvel Legends) (2005)

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