Walmart Exclusive Avengers Hulk (2012)

hulk walmart smallI am not a fan of Walmart, but occasionally they have something worth venturing into one of their stores for. This action figure is one of those rare reasons. I happened into one of their stores late at night and saw this guy sitting alone on the shelf. I have not seen one before that time or since. So I am happy to have grabbed it. According to Ratchet’s post they were distributed in low quantities (one per box shipped). It retailed for $15.99 at the time. Released in 2012.

The sculpt is unique. It has Ruffalo’s features but the head is slimmer. The overall musculature is slimmer then the beefier, thicker form of the Hulk in the Marvel Select Avenger’s line. Articulation is plentiful on this figure and includes a base which would lock into the bases included with the other Avengers figures.  The figure itself is surprisingly light with a hollow chest.

The paint job is somewhat flat with minimal (to no) shading. Nonetheless its one of the better Hulk figures I have seen that is not directly related to the Marvel Universe or Select lines. It’s especially nice for a Walmart exclusive. 

Average eBay value:

  • $15 loose / $45 in package (3/16/17)
  • $10 loose / $20-30 in package (4/27/16)
  • $25-50 in package / $10-20 Loose (9/1/15)
  • $22-45 (9/1/14)
  • $20- $60 (8/26/13)

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