NYCC 2011- Compound Hulk (Marvel Universe)

compositeFor todays collection addition I give you the infamous Compound Hulk. He was featured in Hulk #30, or to be more accurate “they” were featured. For you see it was in this issue the Impossible Man visited Earth, and to help it, merged both the Red and Green Hulk. This way they kept the strength of the green hulk and the tactics of the Red Hulk. Along with certain psychic blocking abilities of the Green Hulk.

Anyways this figure was featured exclusively at New York Comic-Con back in 2011. It came complete with its unique, stand, packaging, and a collectible box. I purchased this figure for around $35 on eBay. Thankfully the collector I bought it from had already put the figure (still in original packaging) in a plastic case and kept the original box. This figure was a limited production. I was unable to find the exact number that were made for this event.  He retailed for $11 at the booth.

Essentially the figure is the Marvel Universe’s Red Hulk toy, except it was produced  as a green hulk and half of it was painted red and black. Thus the quality and articulation are exactly the same to the Red Hulk. Please refer to my post on the red hulk here for further details. Due to this and its rare availability it is one of the few hulk figures I have deemed worthy to remain packaged.

Overall the paint job is nice…however a few spots could have been touched up more ( a little green is showing through the red). The card itself is unique and has the Impossible man plastered on the back and front. The stand reads #50/50. Probably not the best hulk figure based on it similarity to the red hulk figure. Nonetheless this is a unique and important addition to any hulk collection, in my opinion. 

eBay prices:

  • $40 loose / $50-100 in package (3/16/17)
  • $50-$100 (4/27/16)
  • $55 in-package (6/10/15)
  • $50-110 (9/1/14)
  • $40-100 (8/16/13)

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