HULK and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Episode 2 Review

For this review I am going to keep it simple. If you want a full review please read my post for episode 1. Most if not all my thoughts on the first episode transfer to this one.  Also, until my views on this show change (which I doubt will anytime soon) I will not be posting another review.

Once again I loved the visuals…lots of Hulk yada yada.

1.) The continuity of Rick Jones transformation was incorrect. Episode 1 he was in bed. Episode 2 Hulk was carrying him. If you are going to break cannon at least keep your own facts straight!

2.) Jennifer Walters is now a stunt woman??? SHE’S A LAWYER!! Come on feminists back me up! She-Hulk is a lawyer. A brilliant woman! And this show goes and says that since she is big and green the best she can do is crash things for a living! Thanks for setting up limitations on the only female character in this show. I am sure this will be a great message for female hulk fans.

3.) Too much talking and flying jets. These are hulks, they can leap miles at a time. Why are they so dependent on jets? Or technology in general? And whats with the jet sequence. Have we wandered onto the set of Voltron?!?!  Couldn’t Jennifer fly the jet while Hulk stands on top smashing all the bugs coming nearby? And all this hulk bickering was beginning to hurt my head. They are all talking tooooo much.

Being a Hulk fan I will watch this show. But don’t for a minute believe I will consider anything in this show a true addition to the Hulk universe. I can only hope that season 2 (if it even happens) will learn from this mess and correct itself.

Guillermo Del Toro!!! We need your Hulk TV show now!!!!!


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