Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Episode 1 Review

It’s finally here!

Hulk has his own show! Having recently watched the pilot episode  here are my thoughts on the Jade Giant’s new venture. And let me tell you it was anything but boring… (WARNING! Spoilers ahead)

What I Liked:

First and foremost…it has HULK!! This episode has tons of the green giant. And we are even introduced to two other hulks..possibly even three?? I won’t go into much detail regarding the plot (I leave that to you to enjoy while actually watching).  The story is your typical bad guy is trying to invade and Hulk must stop it. The animation is a mixture of 2D and 3D animation. The colors are vibrant and I enjoyed the use of comic book-like visuals for storyboarding some scenes. Hulk does plenty of smashing and has plenty of amusing comments. As for the other hulks, we meet Skaar (who is helping the bad guy) and the Red Hulk (whose love of guns is quite apparent).  The  relationship between Hulk and Rick Jones is intact, if not a bit strained. I actually found the episode funny and exciting. Clearly Marvel wants to lighten the mood for the series with plenty of jokes and physical comedy. Overall the tone of the story was indeed for younger children and fits nicely alongside Marvel’s new series ‘Avengers Assemble’.  Plus keep your eyes out for smiling stan…its a brief but enjoyable cameo.

What I Didn’t Like:

Now before I a huge Hulk fan I expect to be more critical then most. I do understand everyone will have their own impressions which is why I highly recommend you see the episode yourself.

My first disappointment is how the Hulk himself is portrayed. But I can’t fault this show exclusively. He has been kind of heading down this road since ‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ and into ‘Avenger’s Assemble’. His personality is very toned down. He talks a lot. He acts very controlled. Do not expect a enormous green rage monster.  Even his other hulks Red Hulk and Skaar are relatively timid. Skaar was the most ferocious of the bunch I thought. Red Hulk was too busy pretending to be Johnny Storm to be considered a threat.

In regards to the whole reality TV angle…thankfully there wasn’t too much of it. With the small amount there was I was easily getting sick of it. It felt like a lot of redundancy to make sure we as the audience clearly understood what the heck was going on. This show is not that complicated. Also, even though I found parts of the show felt overdone. At times this felt like the Hulk comedy hour. Now I know this was meant for kids…but come on.


This was a fun little show to watch for current and new fans of the Hulk. The visuals are sharp. The introduction of new Hulks is refreshing. I hope they downplay the reality TV angle eventually though. Overall I am not disappointed in the episode and I look forward to future installments. Thank you Marvel for giving the Hulk another chance to smash his way into our hearts and minds.



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