Ultimate Hulk versus Wolverine on DVD

Feeling a bit dry on Hulk media? Comics not doing it for you? Can’t wait for the new Hulk animated series? Well until that show smashes onto the air, and the Hulk and IronMan team up in December, Marvel is releasing more Hulk in September. From the Marvel Knights comes Ultimate Hulk versus Wolverine. The highly rated comic will become animated and voiced over. This is truly a fan favorite for both Hulk and Wolverine fans. The DVD is expected to be released September 10th, 2013. It will include bonus content and collectible packaging.

This is truly the best time to become (or continue to be) a Hulk fan. For years I walked about as a fan with only one or two subpar Hulk films, an old 90’s animate series, and the fairly popular (though not exactly canon, and cheesy) live action tv series. However, since the Avengers ,and the runaway success of the Hulk, more and more appearances are being made of the green rage monster. This is both great, though potentially a headache, for the die-hard fans. As everyone should know by now that once something is loved enough by millions…Hollywood will work to cash in on it…and in doing so will most likely ruin it. Plenty of times I have smacked my forehead in frustration. Why? Why would you have him do that!?!?! Thats not how it is!! RAARRRHHHHH!!!


However, with this new film being essentially an animated port of the comic…the true spirit of both characters will probably stay true to their fans. I can also only hope that this move by Marvel is a way to test audience’s interest in a potential live action Marvel cross over of Hulk and Wolverine. With word of a Batman/Superman movie in the works…Marvel better get in on this..and fast!



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