Puny Banner Makes Best Hulk Movie?

So it seems the rumor mill continues to tease me. Once again another synopsis hits the streets in wake of the San Diego Comic Con. First it was rumors of an Avengers 2 or 3 where Hulk would be sent off world…setting the stage for him in a separate film; Planet Hulk (obviously the most badass idea for Hollywood to pursue). Hulk would then return for Avengers 4 with the setting for World War Hulk. There the plan was set. I was happy. Hulk was happy. What could go wrong? Oh yeah I forgot…Hollywood wasn’t quite happy. This then began the whining about how they have Mark Ruffalo signed up for more Hulk films. However he would not be put to good use since obviously Planet Hulk and World War Hulk are pretty much devoid of Banner (Something I both enjoy and detest depending on the Hulk to Banner ratio).

Gladiator was a huge film! Hulk is more popular then ever! And if movies like Avatar and Pacific Rim can be made then a visual effects budget is not out of the question. Sadly the bean counters want to make sure Ruffalo has plenty if not most of the screen time. Now don’t get me wrong Ruffalo did a great portrayal of Banner. If they could have kept Edward Norton with a similar performance it would have been perfect. My problem is that Banner gets all the screen time and Hulk only shows his face for a quarter of the film. During the first Hulk film ( a 2 hour length film) he was only on screen for about twenty minutes. The subsequent Hulk films were similar. WTF HOLLYWOOD! I am here for HULK! Not whiny Banner! At least figure out some creative way to show Hulk within Banner without resorting to a full Hulk-out! At least during the Avengers movie you made Banner enjoyable to watch. Something that didn’t quite happen in the first two films.

So anyways back to the point. Recently a rumor has come out that the future Hulk film could be based on the current Hulk comic series; Indestructible Hulk. The basic premise of this series is that Hulk smashes and Banner fixes. For every building Hulk demolishes, Banner find a cure for a deadly disease or harnesses a new renewable energy to benefit mankind. A decent idea. Finally Banner has made peace with himself and is being proactive. Banner works for S.H.I.E.L.D. making these new inventions and as payment for resources and personnel; S.H.I.E.L.D. can use the Hulk as a weapon against their enemies.

This is a winning formula for Hollywood because they can have Ruffalo out front for most of the movie with Hulk popping in momentarily to wipe out the bad guys. It also seems a great way to make Banner more like Tony Stark. Which makes sense since at the end of the Avengers they drive off together. And with the new animated Hulk & Ironman movie coming out in December they are hoping people will become accustomed to the idea that Tony’s ideals and personality rubs off on good ol’ Brucie. And why not since IronMan has been a huge hit for Marvel studios. People love the guns and the ego. I am not an IronMan fan, but even I really enjoy those films.

So the idea is…lets make Bruce like Tony Stark..and Hulk like his iron suit. Hell, look at how the Hulk is drawn now and most of the time he is running around in an armored suit. The only difference is the guy in this suit is now green and mad. Now…the armor is not bad. I like it. But I don’t want Hulk turning into IronMan!! Hulk is a beast! A misunderstood monster! A force of nature! Now I know the Hulk has worn armor before, but that Hulk is more war-like…more gladitorial…more primitive. This armor is too much like an IronMan suit for Hulk.

I do not want to walk into a theater in three years and Hulk is zipping through the air on rocket launchers, making wise cracks, and firing hand lasers. This may sound cool…and I am sure most people will like it and Hollywood will do it to appeal to everyone except the fans…but that is not the Hulk.

The Hulk smashes through buildings. He will roar with an occasional phrase of sarcasm or anger thrown in. He will destroy everything in his path…and he will enjoy it. He is a beast with the soul of a lonely child. He is NOT an airhead with body armor.

In conclusion I approve of any Hulk movie Hollywood makes, even with this premise. This story could work. I am currently reading the comics and they are interesting. Not the Hulk at his best…but definitely an interesting direction to explore. If they do use this story I hope they keep older source material in mind when creating the script. I hope it is a winner. But until this rumor is confirmed I will hope they decide to go in a different direction.

Do us all a favor Hollywood and don’t mess this up. Keep IronMan, IronMan. Keep the Hulk….HULK!!



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