Marvel Legends Icon Series Hulk (2007)

big hulkIf there was a figure in my collection I would hate to come to life and be pissed off its this guy. He is HUGE! This Hulk is part of the Marvel Legends icon series. They were released in 2007. There was also a grey version I have never seen in person. I do also recall Venom also being released at the time. Massive figures. This guy stands around 12 inches tall and the weight is hefty. I think he was beautifully sculpted with an impressive amount of articulation. However, its weight combined with so much articulation makes this figure difficult to pose and keep standing straight. Its leg joints are the most difficult to manipulate. However, I was able to get him well balanced enough for standing partially crouched in my display case.

He is in excellent condition. His only real damage is in relation to his hip ball-joints. They fit incredibly snug and trying to move them has made some of the plastic on them scrape off.

Once again..a truly massive figure…even for the Icon series. If you are someone who wants a huge statuette of the Hulk, but can’t afford the high prices placed on most collectible statues, this guy is perfect. When I purchased him I believe he retailed for around $40-50.

Average eBay value:

  • $70 loose – $100 in-package (3/13/17)
  • $40 loose – $150 in-package (4/27/16)
  • $50 loose – $55-$200 in-package (6/10/15)
  • $50-100 (9/1/14)
  • $90-180 (7/15/13)

One thought on “Marvel Legends Icon Series Hulk (2007)

  1. I have both of these and they are awesome indeed. They are heavy for figures and can be a bit of a challenge to get to display but they really look great on the shelf.

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